Keep Your Dog Visible With The Ruffwear Beacon

When your dog is off leash it is important to keep him visible at all times. With The Beacon from Ruffwear you'll never have to worry about finding him in the dark again. This bright LED dog light is designed to keep your pet visible in the dark or when there is dim lighting. It is equipped with a dispersing lens that provides a hemisphere of light around the animal.

Th Beacon has been dog-tested and is proven to be sturdy, compact, and lightweight. Your dog won't even notice it's there. The device can easily clip onto dog collars, dog backpacks, virtually any dog apparel, canine life jackets, or dog harnesses. It's also water resistant, so it can go almost anywhere your dog goes.

You could use this versatile product for other pets, children, or even yourself. It can clip to almost anything, keeping your whole family safe when they are outside at night. The Beacon has three light modes: slow flash, fast flash, and always on.

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