If you're looking to relocate your family, or you simply want to get away with your dog for a few days, one of these dog friendly cities would make a great place for you and your pooch to explore. Finding a landlord or a dog-friendly hotel that will allow your furry friend is only half the battle. It takes a lot more than that to make a dog-friendly city.

The below cities on this list offer dog parks, dog friendly restaurants and beaches that allow pups to swim and explore. The law and authorities are also more pet-friendly and will allow you to do more than in most other places. They aren't just dog friendly either; you'll be able to enjoy far more doggy adventures in these cities as well.

The most dog friendly cities of the world have to be fun for both pets and their owners. There needs to be plenty of things for the two of you to do together without breaking laws or constantly running into inconveniences of “being with a dog.” If you've been to a dog friendly city before and you see it didn't make our list, be sure to leave a comment with information about it below.

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15 Most Dog Friendly Cities in the World

Toronto among Most Dog Friendly Cities in the World
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1. Toronto, Canada

Rumor has it that Toronto is one of the most dog-friendly cities in North America. Boasting countless parks that allow for both on and off-leash activities, dogs won’t realize they’re living in a concrete jungle.

Toronto is also home to the Purina PawsWay, a unique learning and discovery center that holds exhibitions and entertainment for pet owners. Here’s a fun fact: it’s also home to the Purina Animal Hall of Fame where dogs, cats, and even a horse are honored for saving human lives.

Most Dog Friendly Cities in the World

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Dutch are known to be extremely dog-friendly. Pups are generally allowed in most establishments, except museums and galleries. This means you don’t have to look for the approval of a “dogs welcome” sign.  Instead, you and your pooch can stroll right in unless there is a sign stating otherwise.

Dogs of all sizes, from Great Danes to Chihuahuas are also welcome on public transport for free, except for trains which charge three euros for a doggy day pass. Amsterdam isn’t a country that’s warm all year round, however when things start to defrost in Spring, there are numerous outdoor terraces, off-leash and impeccably kept parks, and even a swimming area at Flevopark where dogs can paddle away.

Most Dog Friendly Cities in the World

3. Paris, France

Paris adores their canine counterparts, whether you’re exploring Montmartre or sitting in a café, you’ll be sure to meet several cute dogs who are enjoying the city just as much as you. Parisians welcome dogs in their boutiques and brasseries as they would any human being.

Some businesses even supply a chair for your dog and a water bowl to ensure they’re receiving a warm welcome. As with Amsterdam, museums and galleries are less welcoming when it comes to doggy guests.

For a taste of the Parisian air and a chance to explore paths lined with flowers instead of boutiques, Bois de Boulogne and Bois de Vincennes are two parks that your dog will love. They’re so large that they dwarf New York’s Central Park.

Geneva, Switzerland

3. Geneva, Switzerland

The Swiss take owning a dog very seriously. In this country, owners have to pass a written and practical test before they can even think about bringing a dog home.

Some might see this as strict, but above all, it’s there to protect a dog’s rights. Beside this law, the city has no shortage of places that allow your four-legged friends to jump, leap and run off-leash.

One of the largest fenced-off dog parks in Geneva is located in Parc Bertrand. The park has plenty of trees, benches, paths and open spaces, you’ll spot lots of dogs and owners enjoying the space all year round. Geneva also plays host to 55 pet-friendly hotels, so accommodations for you and your pup won’t ever be an issue.

Most Dog Friendly Cities in the World

4. San Francisco, USA

San Francisco is considered one of the world’s greatest dog cities, hosting nearly 200 dining choices for you and your four-legged friend. There are also plenty of off-leash parks and beaches for walks.

Golden Gate Park has 1,000 acres of green space to explore, including four off-leash areas for playing fetch. Playing tourist with your pup is so easy in this city. Take a stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge and visit Fisherman’s Wharf, Coit Tower and the Embarcadero.

You can even take a cable car ride with your buddy if you’re fed up of walking the steep streets. Also, San Francisco is home to the DogFest and Pet Pride Day Festival, which are celebrations of the city’s canine and furry residents. If you’re looking for a city that loves dogs, this is it!

Most Dog Friendly Cities in the World

5. London, United Kingdom

In a city housing the Queen’s most royal Corgis, London is bound to be home to numerous dogs who live a pretty cosmopolitan life. There are several large parks across the city, such as Holland Park and Hyde Park, offering opportunities to fetch and run off-leash.

The public transport is also pretty laid back. When it comes to bringing your dog on the train (underground or bus), as long as your pup isn’t occupying a seat when it’s busy, you’re all good.

While the shops and restaurants are more strict than other European cities, you can’t forget the Great British pubs, most of which are dog-friendly. Many of them also have beer gardens, so you and your four-legged friend can soak up the rare sunshine over a pint.

Most Dog Friendly Cities in the World

6. Rome, Italy

If we’re being honest, Lady and the Tramp has us all enamored with the image of dogs sharing a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. While spaghetti isn’t good food for your pup, the dog-friendly restaurants in Rome will be happy to put together a couple of meatballs for your pooch to enjoy.

Besides restaurants, most cafes and businesses are extremely dog-friendly too. For when your dogs need to blow off steam, you can definitely walk them off-leash in the parks, however they are also free to frolic in the public fountains and monuments.

Just on the outskirts of Rome there’s also Baubeach, a sandy oasis that was created as a living space for people accompanied by dogs. Here dogs can play freely with one another, swim in the sea and join in yoga classes with their owners.

Most Dog Friendly Cities in the World

7. Berlin, Germany

This cultural hub is probably one of the most dog–friendly destinations in Europe.You can explore the city’s historical sites on foot with your pooch by your side, or for a relaxing steamer cruise trip, dogs are welcome on the Stern und Kreisschiffahrt boats.

There are also numerous restaurants, cafes, as well as hotels that are welcoming to your pup. A few hotels even offer a dog bed and bowl to make your dog’s stay as comfortable as possible.

Unlike most European cities, all public transport in Berlin is pet-friendly, allowing you to visit the farthest reaches of the city. You can even purchase a doggy train ticket so your best friend can accompany you on travels further afield in Germany.

Most Dog Friendly Cities in the World

8. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague hasn’t traditionally been sought out as a pet-friendly destination, however the city has drastically changed over the years. Dogs are welcome to explore all the sites and join you as you dine in the restaurants. Some places are even kind enough to provide a small meal for your pup.

Prague’s Letna Park also allows your pup to wander and play off-leash while you indulge in the numerous beer gardens en route. For a unique experience, you can bring your pooch along to see the latest blockbuster at the dog-friendly Aero cinema. They even host a film festival for dogs named, ‘Aero Pes Fest’ every year.

Most Dog Friendly Cities in the World

10. Seattle, USA

In Seattle there are twice as many dogs as there are children, making this city a Mecca for dog lovers. There are 14 off-leash parks inside the city and around ten in the surrounding areas, giving your pup numerous options for each day’s walkie.

The best off-leash park in Seattle however is the nine-acre Magnuson Park. With dogs in mind, the park is fully fenced, has a separate area for small dogs, and provides access to a portion of beach along Lake Washington.

For the dogs that love to hike, there are also mountain trails not far outside the city, giving you the perks of a more natural exploration environment, but not too far from a city housing numerous dog-friendly restaurants, hotels and shops.

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Most Dog Friendly Cities in the World

11. Tokyo, Japan

Whether you’re looking to spend the day shopping, or plan to explore the sites of Tokyo, your four-legged friend is more than welcome to join the trip! There are lots of cute and unusual dining experiences for you and your pup to try – one would be Snobish Babies, a café and clothing store that offers a separate doggy menu, as well as cool clothing if you’re looking to jazz up your dog’s style.

Dogs in cute attire is not unusual in Tokyo, so your pup might as well join the canine runway. There are also lots of beautiful parks to explore with your furry friend. Dogs are generally welcome in parks on lead, but a great place to explore is Yoyogi Koen in Shibuya-ku. This park has so much to keep your pup interested, fountains, forest areas, open fields to relax in, or the designated dog run areas.

Sydney, Australia
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12. Sydney, Australia

For doggies looking to live that surfer-beach life, then Sydney is the place to be. Although dogs are banned from many of Sydney’s most famous beaches, there are many more that offer than chance for your pup to splash around in the ocean and try and catch the waves.

Rowland Reserve is one of Sydney’s most popular dog beaches, with an exercising area plus a coffee cart, dog wash business and a pub to keep you interested. Another example is Flora and Richie Roberts Reserve.

While the latter isn't directly on the beach, there are grassy dunes which are great for running and off-leash playtime is permitted at all times. For dogs that don’t handle the heat well, there’s a lagoon that’s good for dogs to go for a dip.

Most Dog Friendly Cities in the World

13. New York, USA

New York City is an exciting city for four-legged visitors all year-round. Hotels such as the London NYC, the W hotels and the Loews Regency all welcome furry visitors, and for those who want to travel to New York for the shopping, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue are all pet-friendly department stores.

It gets better! New York has the massive Central Park for dogs that are tired of walking the concrete pavements and are looking for leafier adventures, as well as plentiful restaurants and cafés that will serve you and your pup.

Tel Aviv, Israel

14. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv calls itself the world’s most “dog friendly city”. The city has everything for your pooch, there are beaches for dogs, parks for dogs, and even film nights for dogs.

They’ve even launched a municipal digital service for dogs. This is a membership card system that gives dog owners access to important information and special offers, including reminders about vaccinations, lists of nearby veterinarians, all the way down to directions to the nearest dog park.

Most Dog Friendly Cities in the World

15. Vancouver, Canada

With more than 27,000 registered dogs living within the city limits of Vancouver, the Canadians have built a pretty luxurious doggy lifestyle for its canine residents. In Vancouver there are plentiful pet-friendly accommodations and a public transport system that allows small dogs to travel with you.

Although bringing your pup to join you inside restaurants, patios across the city are more than welcoming if you and your dog want to chill out for a bite to eat or for a quick drinks. One of the main charms of Vancouver, however, is the ease of getting into nature with your four-legged friend. There are lots of dog-friendly hiking trails just outside the city, from novice trails to the mountaineer pup and owner.

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15 Best Rated and Most Dog Friendly Cities in the World

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