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Traveling with dogs is a way of life for many pet parents! Read the best advice on how to travel with dogs, how to fly a dog, camping with dogs, hiking with dogs, reviews of best dog travel crates, most essential dog travel supplies, safety tips and how-to videos to ensure a fun and safe trips.
How To Help A Dog Get Into A Vehiclevideo

3 Techniques for How to Help a Dog Get Into a Vehicle

Even if your dog can jump up into your car, truck or SUV by himself, you should still know how to help a dog...
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6 Important Tips for Long Distance Traveling with Your Dog

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Traveling With Dogs In Cars

15 Clever Tips for Traveling with Dogs in Cars

Some dogs and their owners definitely come as a pair. They always want to be together. If your dog enjoys going for a ride, traveling...
traveling with dogs

4 Essential Tips For Traveling With Dogs That Will Keep Them Safe

Sometimes, you have to take your dog for a trip in the car. Whether it's down the street or across the country, it can...
Shipping a Dog by Air

Shipping a Dog: Using Ground vs Air Transportation

Traveling today is very common. Many Americans are traveling more and more every year. But having a reason for shipping a dog doesn't necessarily have...