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Review: PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Car Seat Cover & Cargo Liner


I love bringing my dogs for rides in the car, but I hate what this does to my vehicle's upholstery. Discovering dog car seat covers saved me a lot of money and time, and I didn't have to spend time cleaning my vehicle after every adventure. The new PetSafe Happy Ride line of products is designed for pet owners that want to take their dogs along in the car without ruining the interior of their vehicle.

Using Car Seat Covers

To be clear, it's not the dirt from my dogs that ends up on my car seats that bothers me the most; it's the pet hair that gets stuck in the upholstery and is extremely hard to get out. Car seat covers to protect the material covering your vehicle seats and also trap all of the loose dog hair that is shed during the ride.

I've tested a number of different dog car seat covers over the years here on Top Dog Tips. When evaluating for the best car seat cover, there are a few features that I focus on:

  1. Quality of the materials used
  2. Ease of installation
  3. Ease of cleaning
  4. Aesthetically pleasing

PetSafe Happy Ride Car Seat CoverThis is what I've been looking for in this PetSafe Dog Car Seat Cover review. And if you're looking for a new piece, and want to see how the popular PetSafe Happy Ride Car Seat Cover and the additional cargo liner measure up in these categories, keep reading or watch the video above. I've evaluated these products on the four factors above, as well as their value for the money spent. I'll give you all the details in this product honest review.

PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Car Seat Cover & Cargo Liner Review

PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Car Seat Cover & Cargo Liner ReviewThe new Happy Ride line offers products from doggy booster seats to car seat belt tethers. I tested the Bucket Seat Cover and the Cargo Liner with my pack. Both products are machine washable and waterproof, which are must-have features in my opinion.

The bucket seat cover is designed to fit in most cars, trucks, and SUVs. It measures 52″L x 22″W. As you will see in my video review above, it's also very easy to install.

There are 3 adjustable straps that secure around the back of the seat. There are also elastic panels around the base of the seat to hold the cover securely in place. I was impressed with the hard plastic anchor that you stuff between the top and bottom of the seats. Most bucket seat covers have foam anchors that lose shape over time.

The material isn't soft, but it is durable and waterproof – which is my preference. You can buy 1 bucket seat on Amazon right now for $24.99. That means a pair would cost you a little more than $50 after taxes and shipping. They're more expensive than seat covers made with cheaper materials, but they are comparable in price to similar products that are waterproof.

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bucket seat coverThe PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Cargo Liner is designed to protect the cargo area of SUVs. My dogs usually ride in the back of my vehicle, so I was very excited to try this product. The cargo area of my SUV is covered with carpeting, and the dogs are also in contact with the upholstery of the back of the rear seat.

The upholstery is hard to clean, but it's virtually impossible to get dog hair out of the carpeting. I am very happy to say that the cargo liner has made it exceptionally easy to keep the back of the vehicle clean. You can see all of the muddy paw prints on the liner in my photo above. One quick cycle through the washing machine and it came out completely clean and hair-free!

The liner measures 70″L x 50″W. It should fit most SUVs. I have a 2016 Nissan Pathfinder. It's a little bit too long, but it's easy to secure with the attached Velcro strips and fold so that it fits properly.

You can purchase the PetSafe Happy Ride Cargo Liner on Amazon for $34.99 at the time of this review. That's actually cheaper than some similar products. I definitely believe that this product is a good value for the money spent.

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