Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs for Cars

Most dogs love riding in cars, but this can result in your car's upholstery suffering badly.

Car seat covers for dogs can save money and time on cleaning the vehicle's interior from dirt, debris, stains, your dog's nails, and dog hair during short or long trips.

While a little dirt may not be too much trouble, pet hair is actually difficult to remove from the car.

Dog car seat covers (also known as car dog hammocks) not only protect the interior but trap all that loose shedding hair.

They're easy to clean and easy to install.

Pairing one of these with a doggy seat will result in the ultimate vehicle oasis for your pet that's comfortable and safe for them and easy for you to clean and manage.

Over the years, we've tested and done reviews of many dog car hammocks to pick out the seven best car seat covers for dogs that are affordable and cost-effective.

Picking the Best Dog Car Seat Covers

After testing many different dog car seat covers with our dogs, other than the overall quality, we've come to prioritize these factors for ranking the below products:

  1. Easy to install
  2. Heavier material and sturdy straps prevent movement
  3. Durable and waterproof (for spills, scratches, etc.)
  4. Good padding that's comfortable for our dogs
  5. Easy to clean with just a wet rag
  6. Looks good and luxurious in the car

Many of these dog car seat covers listed below we've tested over summer and autumn. We usually had two to three dogs in the backseat. This means plenty of shedding hair and dirt from dogs' paws – not fun for the car, but a good way to test these pet seat covers.

Picking the Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs with dog on car seat cover

Dog Hammock Vs Non-Hammock

We've managed to pick hammock and non-hammock dog car seat covers among both styles because of their advantages and disadvantages.

The hammock style is attached to the headrests and stretched across the bottom of the seat. While its style was great in one way, it's not without flaws.

But as long as you measure your car first, most will do the trick! And it keeps that hair and dirt away from your car's upholstery.

The essentials for a good dog car seat cover were easy installation and keeping it in place on every ride without adjusting it.

Padding and comfort for the dogs are crucial as well, and some seat covers provide extra layers for this.

The waterproof aspect is, of course, crucial, and so is durability for dogs that may scratch or chew on it.

Extra features on a dog car seat cover

Some of the unique features we enjoyed having are extra flaps to prevent dogs from pawing at the seat (something you don't find on most car seat covers for dogs), added pockets for dog supplies or treats, which is also rare for most products, and a few others that we'll mention in the below car seat covers for dogs reviews.

Do Dog Car Seat Covers Work?

Quality car seat covers for dogs will do the job and protect your car's upholstery. It protects your car seat from dog hair, barf, or pee.

The cover also provides a comfortable spot for your dog during long car travels.

The best thing about it is that it comes off easily and can be readily washed.

As long as you have the one, there is basically nothing to worry about!

The Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs

14Knines Rear Seat Cover for Cars, Trucks, SUVs

4Knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock for Cars and SUVs - Heavy Duty, Non Slip, Waterproof (Regular, Black) This back dog car seat cover by 4Knines has an excellently thought-out design. It keeps dogs comfortably positioned in the car, and it's particularly well-designed to contain all of the dog hair pets shed onto seats and car surfaces.

It comes in two sizes and three colors: black, gray, and tan. The material used is rated 190 GSM, which measures the material's density, quality, and weight.

What You Need To Know 

Best value: The popular 4Knines dog car seat covers are water-resistant with 3 layers of protective PU, and they do not bleed (unlike other options we've reviewed), making it the first of best car seat covers for dogs on this list.

Sturdy and adjustable straps attach to the headrest to keep the seat in position, and they actually feel sturdy and secure (some others felt more flimsy).

Straps for the front headrest are also added should the seat be used as a hammock. There are latch openings as well.

After testing this dog car hammock, we've also reviewed other pet owners' opinions, and many agree that this is one of the best car seat covers for dogs.

The design isn't only reliable and sturdy but looks luxurious and fits well in most vehicles.

Unlike some other dog car hammocks we've tried, 4Knines one settles in place and fits the backseat to a tee.

What Makes It Stand Out

Its non-slip back surface does its job and isn't a “faux feature.”

The heaviness of the material and the added pad between the surfaces provide extra comfort and stability for the dog.

The only issue we did have with this one is that their biggest XL size isn't wide enough for large SUVs (although the side flaps compensated for the needed few inches).

After a few weeks of testing, we couldn't find much else to complain about.

This car hammock for dogs stays perfectly in place, unlike other products that occasionally shift while driving.

As long as you pick the right size for your vehicle, it will provide perfect coverage and eventually serve as one of the best car seat covers.


  • Heavy enough that it completely stays in place; doesn't shift when driving
  • Water-resistant, sturdy, luxurious
  • It can be used as a hammock if desired
  • Equipped with openings for easy access to seat belts

  • XL size isn't wide enough

2Plush Paws Pet Seat Cover

Plush Paws Products Premium Rear Car Seat Protector w/Hammock | Washable & Waterproof Back Seat Dog Cover for Car, Truck, & SUV | Nonslip, Tear Resistant Pet Seat Cover | Regular Tan Like the above, this Plush Paws dog seat cover for cars protects the backseat from scratches, reduces vacuuming and cleaning, and keeps the dog comfortably seated and secured in the car – exactly what it's designed to do.

What You Need To Know 

This one also comes in three colors and two sizes. The regular size measures 55 inches wide and 58 inches long.

The material is rated 180, nonporous, and highly durable. Silicone backing, stretchable straps, and seat anchors keep the cover snug and non-slip, one of the most important features when choosing the best car seat covers for dogs.

Seat belt openings, side flaps, and hammock options make this a hygienic, elegant-looking, and functional dog car hammock, which is twice as cheap as the above.

The included harnesses and seat belt adapters are nice freebies but aren't of the best quality.

While testing many dog car hammocks, we found several major issues with them that many products shared: ripping quickly, not fitting well, or moving around while driving.

But just like the 4Knines above, this dog car seat cover proved to be durable, had a perfect fit, and settled in place with its tube-like seat anchors.

We've also specifically tried to add paw damage to this cover and spilled some food and drinks to see how it holds up, and it contains all of that – including pet hair and drool – perfectly well.

This is one of the best car seat covers for dogs, and it is also very affordable. The only reason it's not in the first spot is that it doesn't look as luxurious as the above one, and the material may feel just a little less expensive.

Overall, this dog car hammock adds to the dog’s comfort. It also acts as a barrier to keep Fido from coming to the front seat, and the side-release buckles and harnesses are great. They were certainly functional in keeping our dogs in their place.

What Needs Improvement

A small issue we've encountered relates to properly installing the straps. We'd appreciate it if the seller provided an online instructional video.


  • Affordable, cost-effective
  • Equipped with silicone backing, stretchable straps, and seat anchors
  • Features seat belt openings, side flaps, and a hammock-option
  • It comes with freebies of dog harnesses and 2 seat belt adapters to keep your Fido safe while your vehicle is moving

  • The material doesn't feel as expensive as the above option
  • Some issues with installing the straps

3Epica Deluxe Pet Bench Car Seat Cover

Epica - Deluxe Pet Bench Car Seat Cover, Quilted, Water Resistant, and Machine Washable ,Black (Item# 82247)-56"x47" Epica's Luxury Deluxe pet seat cover for dogs is another great option out of the cheaper brands. Epica itself is a well-known dog supply brand, and we've reviewed many of their products here on Top Dog Tips, always with satisfying results.

This can also be confirmed by the many positive reviews their dog car seat covers and many other dog products have from thousands of pet owners.

After trying this for a couple of weeks, our favorite part of the Epica seat cover is that it's obviously made from a decent quality material that feels and looks good in the car, especially considering that it's inexpensive.

Overall, it shares many great features and qualities as those above, and there's no need to repeat ourselves.

What You Need To Know 

Once installed, the look of this third one of the best car seat covers for dogs may seem better than some other brands in this price range; however, we did find one major downside.

If you had the time to watch Samantha's Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs review video linked above, where she discusses this Epica pet seat cover, you'd see that she mentions how this seat cover, while high quality, doesn't really fit her needs specifically due to the way it has to be positioned in the vehicle.

This is important to consider because while this may be one of the best dog car seat covers for some, it may be completely unusable for others.

Another issue we found with this pet seat cover is that it's a “standard” bench seat cover that does not protect your car's floor or front seats from the dog's hair, dirt, and scratches (while the above two others accomplish that).

If this part is crucial to you, you may want to consider other products on this list of best car seat covers for dogs list.

On the bright side, however, the Epica pet seat cover is straightforward and quick to install, and it's also cheap, and high quality seems to last.

You will need to adjust it a little almost every time your dog gets into a car, which may be inconvenient.


  • Affordable
  • High-quality materials
  • Looks good in the car
  • Extremely easy to install
  • High-density padding

  • It doesn't cover front seats
  • The seat doesn't cover the floor
  • Need some adjustments now and again after driving.



iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers

iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers for Back of Cars/Trucks/SUV, Waterproof Hammock with Mesh Window, Side Flaps and Belt, Durable Anti-Scratch Nonslip Machine Washable Pet Cover This sleek, finely textured, and waterproof dog car hammock seat cover from iBuddy is adequately sized at 56 inches by 63 inches. It’s actually bigger than most other best car seat covers for dogs we're reviewing here.

If you require a much bigger size than listed, you may inquire from the seller for something even larger.

This one is also made of material that feels high quality – the top layer is polyester, the middle layer is PE material, and the bottom layer is soft rubber.

The three layers of materials combined make for a soft, sturdy, water and scratch-resistant, non-slip car seat cover.

We especially liked the rubber layer and seat anchors that keep the seat part perfectly in place, while the straps and elastic grips secure the back of the cover and stay there.

Side flaps and an additional piece of material that connects to the front headrests are configured to form the hammock.

It definitely wasn't as flimsy as some other products we've tested, but it's also more expensive than the second and third of the best car seat covers for dogs we've listed above.

What Others Are Saying

We've also read opinions and reviews from other pet owners to see about their experience, and one interesting thing we've noticed is that many said that this one collects far more pet hair than other covers.

While we've only tested this for a couple of weeks, many other pet owners have used the pet seat cover for over a year without re-adjustments, and it showed no sign of wear — a good sign for being one of the best car seat covers.

Now, the only drawback we've discovered with this cover would probably be the reason that most buyers actually buy it for – its larger-than-usual size.

Those with smaller cars find it too wide, which was the case for us. If this is your situation, then note that you won't be able to use the hammock feature to the fullest.

The hammock naturally sags because of the bigger width.

Overall, this remains one of the best car seat covers for dogs, and at the medium-range price, we believe this to be a pretty decent deal.


  • It measures 56 inches by 63 inches
  • The top layer is made of polyester, the middle layer is PE material, and the bottom layer is soft rubber.
  • Soft, sturdy, water and scratch-resistant, and non-slip cover

  • Larger than the usual size, so it may not fit well in smaller cars and SUVs and sag a little
  • More expensive

5BarksBar Pet Car Seat Cover for Cars

BarksBar Pet Car Seat Cover with Seat Anchors for Cars, Trucks and SUV's, Water Proof and Non-Slip Backing Regular, Black This dog car seat cover has a similar design as the other four best car seat covers for dogs I've described above. The BarksBar seat cover is made of average-quality material – not the best, but not the worst, and we found it fair for the price.

What You Need To Know 

It has a functional design concept and offers well-executed construction.

This seat measures 54 x 58 inches.

It fastens securely, converts into a hammock, and provides openings for seat belts – everything exactly like you'd want.

It is made of three layers: water-resistant polyester, thick padding, and a non-slip base.

After driving for a week, it stays in place with just a little bit of adjustments; non-slip material and straps that buckle around the headrests keep it in there pretty well.

It also features seat anchors tucked in the junction of the seat cover's seat and the seat cover’s backrest.

If you've tried pet car seat covers before, you are probably familiar with cheap products that slip down the seat after a few trips.

Your dogs would normally slide off to the floor with those poor covers.

The BarksBar pet seat cover, while also on the cheap side, actually doesn't seem to have that problem (at least after one week's testing).

And just like the other best car seat covers for dogs we've listed above, it's fairly easy to clean.

What Needs Improvement

We only wish the material felt a little higher quality and the design would look more luxurious and fit expensive cars without making the interior look “cheap,” but it's hard to complain about the price.

Also, we wanted the straps to be longer to fit nicely in the headrest of the car.

An adjustable strap would definitely be an improvement to be one of the best car seat covers. But even after struggling with that minor thing, this is still good protection for the car, aids in cleaning, and a comfortable hammock and bedding for the pooch.


  • Cheap
  • A functional design concept that offers well-executed construction
  • It fastens securely, converts into a hammock, and provides openings for seat belts
  • Made of water-resistant polyester, thick padding, and a non-slip base

  • Straps that fit around the car's headrest are not adjustable, and they didn't fit around the seats in his vehicle.
  • Average-quality materials, and doesn't look as luxurious as some other products

6URPOWER Waterproof Pet Seat Cover for Cars

URPOWER Dog Car Seat Cover for Pets 100% Waterproof Seat Cover Hammock 600D Heavy Duty Scratch Proof Nonslip Durable Soft Back Seat Covers for Cars Trucks and SUVs Here is another trendy option among pet owners on Amazon. This dog seat cover for cars is black in color only, hammock-convertible, and it measures 54 inches by 58 inches. Its price is in the mid-range and remains a good deal for owners on a budget.

It is made from thick, water-resistant polyester, quilted, and padded for comfort.

After half a week's rides, it stayed perfectly in place thanks to extra-strong seat anchors, security handles, and non-slip rubber netting on the reverse side.

Two large openings are provided for car seat belts. As with the others, the hammock feature is handy and always appreciated.

It keeps dirt and debris off the seat fairly well, and we didn't find anything on the floor after some driving.

It also seems to be sturdy enough to prevent small or medium dogs from falling or rolling off to the floor, especially on sudden stops and turns (however, we didn't test this particular aspect).

What You Need To Know 

The URPOWER pet seat cover material is very comfortable, and the padding feels nice.

For the price, it appears to be durable enough, and it's definitely resistant to moisture (drool and spilled drink).

Interestingly, it somehow cleans off much easier and quicker by wiping than most other best car seat covers for dogs we've tested.

You also always have the option of vacuuming, washing, and visiting the car wash, but those are likely to be unnecessary.

The hammock option is unlikely to work well for huge breeds, or even medium to big and heavy dogs – it won't be sturdy enough to keep them in.

So far, we've only needed a wet rag to wipe it off, and all the dirt comes off easily.

That's an ideal feature among all other seat covers.

The material is tough, the construction is solid, and it's hard to complain about anything other than it's not looking or feeling as expensive as some of the best car seat covers for dogs listed at the top.

Its clips are sturdy and easy to fasten, and there are no weird strings attached to the headrest or the base of the seat.


  • Made from thick and water-resistant polyester, quilted and padded for comfort
  • Equipped with intensified seat anchors, security handles, and non-slip rubber netting on the reverse side
  • It offers two large openings for seat belt access
  • Very easy to wipe off with a wet rag

  • The hammock option is not strong enough to support large dogs
  • Not as luxurious looking like other car seat covers for dogs

7 Active Pets Front Dog Car Seat Cover

Active Pets Front Dog Car Seat Cover for SUV, Trucks, Sedans. Waterproof Car Seat Covers for Dogs Front Seats Only. Car Seat Protector for Dogs- Black The final item on our list of best car seat covers for dogs is a product from Active Pets, a much less popular item on Amazon and not as well-reviewed by many pet owners. However, this being the cheapest of dog car hammocks we've tested, we thought it's worth including.

The first thing that stands out is that Active Pets offers a larger variety of dog car seat cover sizes to fit different cars, which is not the case with many other brands of best car seat covers for dogs mentioned on this list.

RELATED: Review: Pettom Dog Car Seat Cover

What You Need To Know 

The company is still growing its brand slowly, particularly through Amazon. However, it has some positive reviews and feedback from pet owners who used their dog supplies, including this dog seat cover for cars (though it's not as well-reviewed as most others we've discussed above).

As far as their pet car seat cover goes, this one's also a hammock-style cover like the few others mentioned, except it does, in fact, feel cheaper.

Pettom should protect your car's floor, the back of the front seats, and the backseat.

It has a good amount of padding (more than some other cheap car hammocks for dogs, but less than any of the above-mentioned best car seat covers for dogs).

Other than the low price, another good thing about the Pettom pet seat cover is that it's easy to install and adjust, with only occasional readjustments needed after a few trips.

Velcro is also included with this cover, which is always a great feature to have. The bottom of it is made of waterproof material, but the rest of the cover is not.

It's extremely similar to cheap dog car seat covers you'll find all over Amazon, but this is probably your best bet among all those inexpensive options.


  • Cheap
  • Good amount of padding
  • 600D polyester material
  • Bottom is waterproof

  • Average-quality material
  • Not all-around waterproof
  • Doesn't feel very sturdy or luxurious

How to Install a Dog Car Seat Cover?

Car seat covers for dogs are simple and easy to install. You place the cover on the car seat, facing the non-slide side down.

You push the seat anchors into the crevice and buckle the straps in the head pillow of the front and back seats.

Some of the best dog car seat covers have seatbelt holes to which you can safely attach the seat belt for your canine companion.

Best Dog Car Seat Covers: Common Questions Other People Ask

How Do I Protect My Dog From a Car Seat?

It depends on the size of the dog.

If your dog is bigger (medium to large), there's a good chance that you want them in the backseat.

When they sit in the back, there's a good chance they will periodically look out the window, and their nails will scratch your door while their wet nose makes streaks on your window.

You see where I am going with this? The best option here is most likely a dog car hammock along with a cover that protects your door.

If your dog is smaller, there are front seat options like a car seat or a traditional car seat cover.

Is Leather or Cloth Better for Dogs?

Regarding leather or cloth, leather is definitely the way to go.

Yes, their nails may mark up the leather seats, but if they drool or track mud (or sand if you're at the beach), then at the very least, the leather won't absorb it.

With cloth seats have a wet or dirty dog that drools is a nightmare, the cloth will absorb the moisture and will cause your seat to stink.

Are Neoprene Seat Covers Good For Dog Hair?

Neoprene seat covers are a great option for dog car seat covers because they are more or less scratch-resistant.

However, dog hair will stick to neoprene. It can be more challenging compared to leather car seat covers.

What’s the Difference Between a Car Seat Cover and a Dog Seat Cover?

An average car seat cover aims to address human needs. This means they are installed to make a passenger's experience more comfortable while adding some aesthetics to your car.

On the other hand, dog car seat covers have heavy-duty pet protection with waterproof and durable features.

This keeps your dog from ruining your car's upholstery.

Are Dog Seat Covers Safe for your Car?

The best dog car seat cover is the one that doesn't block any access to a seatbelt buckle. Make sure your dog hammock is tucked in the back seat away from the driver.

You also need to choose a car seat cover that keeps your dog in place just in case of sudden stops and for optimal safety.

Best Dog Car Seat Cover: Summary

Well, we hope this buying guide on how to pick the best dog car seat cover is helpful.

Dog hammocks help extend the life of leather and any other material that your car seats are made of.

Plus, with a dog seat cover, your dog will be able to be more relaxed if you are going on a long car ride or traveling.

Since it closes off the feet space, they can fully lay out without worrying about falling.

Let us know in the comments below about your experience with any of these brands in the comments below!

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