The Dirtbag Seat Cover Keeps Your Car Clean

Dogs make messes everywhere they go, especially in the car. Their filthy paws leave dirt and debris all over the place, and their hair gets stuck to the upholstery. The Dirtbag Seat Cover from Ruffwear is a durable, waterproof cover that protects the  seats of your vehicle from dog hair and dirt.

This seat cover can be installed in a traditional or hammock configuration, as you can see in this video. Both ways still give you access to, and use of, the seatbelts. The Dirtbag Seat Cover is equipped with secure attachments that keep it in place, and a non-slip fabric on top to keep your dog stable during the ride.

This is a one-size-fits-most device that is easy to fit and remove. The 55 inch width fits the backseat of most passenger vehicles. You can clean it off with a quick shake or throw it in the washing machine if it gets really dirty.

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