New Invention Makes Riding in the Car More Comfortable for Dogs


This new invention, created by Joe Volpe, makes riding in the car a lot more comfortable for dogs. No more fighting to stay upright on slanted seats or crashing into the front seats and falling on the floor when the driver hits the brakes.

The PetDek is a table-like device that slides quickly and easily onto the back seat of a vehicle. Adjustable legs brace the device from the floor to give your pet a stable flat surface to sit on while going for a ride. Also, a stain resistant piece of carpeting rolls onto the top of the PetDek for added comfort.

This molded rear seat shelf covers more space than any other similar product. Also unlike similar products, there are no straps or connectors that attach to the front seats, so there is no jerking of the seat when the dog moves around.

The PetDek doesn’t block any air vents and is specifically designed to create a level area for your pet to ride. The rear seat of a vehicle is designed for human comfort, but this invention allows your dog to be comfortable back there as well.