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Review: PetSafe Happy Ride Car Seat Cover


I love bringing my dogs with me for rides in the car, but I hate it what it does to my upholstery. That's why every vehicle we have has car seat covers to protect the front and rear seats. Using products like the Happy Ride Car Seat Cover saves me a lot of time and money, and I don't have to clean my car after every adventure.

The dirt isn't even what bothers me the most. Have you ever tried to get dog hair out of vehicle upholstery? It can be very difficult! My favorite thing about using car seat covers is that they trap the hair and can be shaken out and washed in no time.

Not all car seat covers are created equally. When you're shopping for a car seat cover, quality should be your top priority. Cheap materials won't hold up to dog paws and claws. If your dog is wet or muddy, the moisture will soak right through a poor quality car seat cover into your upholstery.

I've compared dog car seat covers in the past, and learned about what features are important to look for when shopping. How does the Happy Ride Car Seat Cover compare to others I've tried? Would I recommend it? I'll give you all the details of my experience with this product in the following review.

PetSafe Happy Ride Car Seat Cover Review

happy ride car seat coverThis is a traditional car seat cover that attaches to the headrests on the back seat of your vehicle. In the photo above, you can see the adjustable straps that loop around the headrest and can then be tightened with an adjustable buckle.

It is made of scratch-resistant, quilted cotton fabric. The cover is available in gray, green or black. I like the unique tabs and heavy-duty zippers that allow you to access the seat belt buckles without removing the cover.

When you're shopping for a car seat cover, you need to be sure that there are openings for the seatbelt buckles. I like seat covers that close over the buckles instead of just leaving open holes to access them. The zippers close securely, so the dirt and dog hair don't have access to get onto your upholstery.

There are two seat anchors that you push into the crack between the back of the seat and the bottom. These anchors work well to hold the cover in place so it doesn't slide around while you're driving.

underside of car seat coverAs you can see in the photo on the right, there is a rubber backing on the seat cover that also helps to keep the cover stationary while you're driving. You can also see one of the seat anchors in the photo. This cover is as easy to install as any others that I have tried. It can be removed and put back on in just a few minutes.

My favorite feature of this product is that it is waterproof. We take our dogs swimming quite often, and we live on a river. To say my dogs are constantly wet all summer long is an understatement. I can definitely vouch for the fact that this car seat cover will keep your vehicle's upholstery dry when your dog is wet.

The cover fits the back seat of my Nissan Pathfinder perfectly, and the company claims that it will fit most cars, trucks and SUV's – just be sure to measure carefully. Unlike other products that come in multiple sizes to fit small, medium and large vehicles, the PetSafe Happy Ride Car Seat Cover is only available in one size. It measures 56″ long X 47″ wide.

You can buy this pet car seat cover on Amazon for $89.99. Some car seat covers retail for as little as $20-$30. These products typically are not waterproof. They are also made with poor quality materials that will rip under the wear and tear of dog paws. While this cover is on the higher end of the price spectrum, it's a good value given the quality of the materials, features of the cover and the size of the product.

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