The love of our animals is strong throughout the world. It has been a dream for many, at some point in life, to have a pet to take care of and to give them a lot of love. In some homes, these tender creatures represent more than a simple being to give protection and feed them food. Our pets become an undeniable part of the family and even the most spoiled of the house. Many like to bring them everywhere.  Sometimes this represents a major inconvenience. There are plenty of places that restrict dogs. Finding dog friendly restaurants can sometimes be a challenge. 

In recent years, the term “dog-friendly” premises has become a wider global trend. Places in which the owner of the animal can enjoy, have fun, and experience new places alongside their dog. Restaurants, bars, and cafes have become well aware of this new trend.  Many now promote the company you desire by letting you share the experience with your pets, mostly dogs and cats.

Many places now offer this welcome mat for our furry friend.  You can enjoy an excellent meal or a good drink in the company of your best friend. At the same time, some others offer a more inclusive service, where both the owner and his four-legged companion can enjoy good dishes specific to each one. They even exist where the only privileged person to enjoy food is the dog. In no particular order, here are 11 of the best dog-friendly restaurants in the US.

dog friendly restaurants

1. Barking Dog Restaurant, NYC, NY 

Barking Dog, dog friendly restaurants

If you live in New York City, then you would know the Barking Dog Restaurant. It is one popular dog-friendly restaurants on the Upper East Side of New York City. You can easily get a Sunday brunch around the corner. Not only does Barking Dog have a great kids’ menu, but they also have a fountain for the family dog on the lovely patio outside. What’s more, the interior is modest and homely decorated with cozy booths and toys. 

Yes, this restaurant is well-known for their breakfasts and brunches; still their lunch and dinner menu is enormous, containing fresh salads, fried calamari, cornmeal, saffron aioli, and marinara sauce. As for the drinks, they have a full bar and a specialty for freshly squeezed juices.

2. Macky's Bayside Bar & Grill, Ocean City, MD

Macky's Bayside Bar & Grill, dog friendly restaurants

Ever wondered about the perfect place you could spend a summer evening with family in Ocean City, Maryland? Macky’s Bayside Bar & Grill is just the perfect fit, and an excellent dog friendly restaurants. Their services are top-notch and decors exquisite; from the space to the food and drinks. What’s more, they even have music! That’s right, a DJ that’s on duty for the night. Some of their foods include fresh American comfort food with a twist – lobster mac n’ cheese and Kobe beef meatloaf, just to mention a few. 

They have a large indoor space with a line of flat-screen TV’s so you can always catch up on any game. Macky's is spacious and has cozy booths with a beach decor and original paintings on the walls. This is the kind of places you come to that you don’t have to worry about your dog coming too.  This is one of the dog friendly restaurants that can accommodate you, your family and even your dog. 

dog friendly restaurants

3. Grand Café, Minnesota

Grand Café, dog friendly restaurant

This restaurant is 70 years old. It is known for its modern yet classic food and offers a dog friendly atmosphere.  When you arrive, you will find a water dish at the door, where the puppies can quench their thirst.

This is a sign that they welcome dogs with open arms. If you and your dog have had a long day, this might be the perfect place for you. Stressed dogs are served with a bowl of water served in a glass along with other assorted snacks. The human companions are not left out, as they are also served excellent drinks, delicious snacks or a full meal.

4. Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant, Virginia Beach, VA

Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant, dog friendly restaurants

The Virginia Beach of the Abbey Road Pub and Restaurant has been in existence since 1982. They are known to offer over 100 types of beers from across 80 countries. The restaurant is a spacious tavern just a block from the beach. This is one of the dog friendly restaurants has rustic brick walls covered in Beatles photos and memorabilia. Just like Macky's in Maryland, this place also has a line of flat screen TVs that affords you the opportunity to check your favorite game. At the same time you'll have to taste of their amazing varieties of beers from across the globe. 

Abbey Road Pub and Restaurant is known for 2 things, their delicious food and live music. The food is of an international flair. It ranges from Jamaican jerk chicken to shrimp and grits. The live music is on Fridays and Saturdays. They have a sidewalk patio that’s wonderfully covered to accommodate your four-legged best friend.

dog friendly restaurants

5. Mutts Canine Cantina, Dallas, TX

Mutts Canine Cantina, dog friendly restaurants

If you are one of those people who like to bring your pets when you go socializing, then this is one of  the dog friendly restaurants just for you. If you are familiar with the word ‘Catina’, it’s a popular term for a watering hole and gathering for people. Located in Uptown Dallas, it's an ideal place for those who love to bring their pets along for social outings. 

The restaurant is known for its incredible burger shack and beer garden. They are also known for their dog park, sporting an open-air space that’s always buzzing with activities regardless of the time of the day. There is a small hut where you place your orders for tacos, burgers, and delicious bourbon-spiked shakes, just to name a few. They have it all. You can also get assorted beers and wines. 

The well-spaced and shady beer garden with yellow picnic tables is the perfect spot to eat, drink, be merry and have your dog by your side. You can share your food with your four-legged buddy or place an order from their dog menu. It includes tiny franks and vanilla custard. A unique thing about this restaurant is near the beer garden is a 2-acre dog park where dogs can freely move around and socialize with each other. All the while you do the same.

6. Norm's Eatery & Ale House, Seattle, WA

Norm's Eatery & Ale House

When you get to Norm's Eatery & Ale House, you would almost think that the restaurant was built more for dogs than humans. The interior décor is clearly centered around dogs. From the paintings, the photos, to the sculptures, everything makes it a warm environment for anyone and everyone that want to bring their dogs along. 

Norm's Eatery & Ale House is located in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. You can easily find dogs over the place. It could get overwhelming at times. If you would prefer some alone time or fresh air with your dog, you can use the tables outside. There is a debate as to what makes this place so busy and popular. Many say it’s because of the people who love going out with their dogs. Others say it’s because of the great pub grub. And a few others say it’s because of the bingo nights, fun trivia and other events. 

dog friendly restaurants

7. O.H.S.O. Eatery & NanoBrewery, Phoenix, AZ

O.H.S.O. Eatery & NanoBrewery

O.H.S.O. (Outrageous Home-brewer’s Social Outpost) is another interesting place you can bring your dog along. It is a hot spot located in the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix. One of the dog friendly restaurants, O.H.S.O is known for its own specialty drinks and delicious intercontinental dishes. 

Some of their special foods include sweet potato fries, wasabi calamari, mac n’ cheese with shrimps, turkey burger with bacon and pear compote. In the room that serves the drinks, you will also see a cozy tap room and restaurant. They have two nice patios where you can sit with your dog. The interior of the place is also super-comfy for you and your dog. But if you would like to see where all the action is, go outside on the patio under the bright umbrellas.

8. Creekside American Bistro, Sedona, AZ

Creekside American Bistro

One of the most popular restaurants in Sedona is the Creekside American Bistro. It has an amazing view of the famous Sedona’s Red Rocks. What’s more, the menu is so mouth-watering that one might even forget about the view altogether. The menu changes weekly. Items are served freshly prepared by Chef Mercer Mohr.  He makes the most memorable meals you can think of. 

The breakfast often starts with treats like coleslaw, corncake and pork belly. You can get breakfast with two eggs, apple sauce, and glazed pork belly. After breakfast other unique meals in the day are curried lamb adobo with braised lamb shank, basmati rice, Cotija cheese, and the chef’s spicy adobo with red curry. Creekside is a great haven for people and dogs. This is one of the dog friendly restaurants that has a full bar that serves imaginative cocktails and patios that accommodate dogs well.

dog friendly restaurants

9. Park Bench Cafe, Huntington Beach, CA

Park Bench Cafe

When in need to get breakfast and lunch, Park Bench Café is a popular dog friendly restaurant. It is a great outdoor spot to go to. This restaurant is located right on the lawn of Central Park in Huntington Beach. They have a fairly large menu plus a doggie menu. The menu includes burgers, omelets, sandwiches, burritos and salads while their drinks are just tea, juices and sodas – that’s right, no alcohols. 

The interesting thing about their doggie menu is the size of meals for dogs are just about the same as humans. They have treats like the very famous Hot Diggity Dog, an all-beef hot dog cut up into bite-sized pieces. Dogs are not permitted to sit right at the table.  But right by your side, they get to eat from custom doggy bowls. We have heard that Park Bench Café is known to get lively when a dog has a birthday to celebrate.

10. Rita's on the River, San Antonio, TX

Rita's on the River

In San Antonio, there is a place where folks take their out-of-town guests.  Tourists put on their lists as a must-visit spot. The place is Rita’s on the River. It is located on the scenic San Antonio River Walk, in the beautiful Rio Plaza building. Rita’s has wonderful river breezes, lush greenery and a charming outdoor seating by the fountain. 

One of the dog friendly restaurants, Rita's is not only an exquisite place, the smells of freshly toasted tortillas and grilled meats welcome you right away. The restaurant has a festive feel when you arrive.  You can enjoy hot fajitas with a cold beer while listening to the mariachi band and watching the boats float down the river. You and your dog can get a patio seat where he can move around freely and enjoy a menu specially for pups.

11. The Wilson, New York

The Wilson

If you are in New York, make reservations to treat your fuzzy friend. The Wilson is a restaurant known for treating dogs like royalty. They recently released a new dog menu filled with delicious treats for canines.

If you love giving back to the community, then you would love to spend more on your dog treats. A portion of the dog food proceeds go to a pet charity each month. The dog foods at this restaurant are an inspiration of the culinary director's two best friends, that happen to be canines.


If you love to travel but think you have to leave your pup behind, don't do it. These are just a few of the many dog friendly restaurants in the US.  You and your best friend will be happier to spend more time together. Today, most cities are full of dog-loving restaurants, so go ahead and bring your pup, they will thank you. And in return your bond with your four-legged buddy will grow stronger than ever.

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Katherine is certified in Domestic Animal Sciences and Animal Grooming with primary focus on dogs. She has had her pet canine, Anastasia, for two years now, who is also her ESA service dog. Katherine has written multiple articles about pets and their grooming, and has knowledge on multiple specialty pet grooming products for dogs.