Would You Like Your Dog to Sit at The Table During Family Meals?

IKEA is known for their innovative and creative products that fill a need you didn’t even know you had. The HUNDSTOL Dog High Chair is one of these products. You probably never thought about having your dog sit at the table for family meals, but maybe you would enjoy it? This high chair will bring your pet up to table level, and it even has a built in tray to hold his food and water dishes so he can eat with the family.

There is a growing demand from pet parents for products that allow a dog to be treated more like a person. With the invention of doggy car seats, doggy backpacks, dog perfume and other human products that have been redesigned for canines, it’s no wonder some dog owners are in search of a quality doggy high chair.

The HUNDSTOL Dog High Chair is available from IKEA Australia, and it’s painted with pet-friendly lead free paint. It can support dogs up to 75 pounds, which includes many popular large breeds like Labradors, boxers and golden retrievers. The inset dog dishes make it easy for your pet to eat at the table without making a large mess.

We love our dogs, and they are certainly treated like members of our family most of the time. However, I don’t think we’d go to the extreme of having them sit at the kitchen table with us while we’re eating dinner. We actually do our best to keep our dogs out of the kitchen while we’re eating. I suppose if you could train your puppy to sit at the table and mind his manners it may not be so bad.

There are other doggy high chairs on the market that attach to chairs or clip onto the edge of the table, but this one sits securely on its own frame. That seems safer to me than having your pup hanging from the table. Also, most other doggy high chairs are only able to support small breeds.

The HUNDSTOL Dog High Chair also has two rubber grips where each front paw will go so your dog won’t slide around in his seat, and it’s equipped with a hole in the back for dogs with long tails. IKEA has thought of everything to make this chair canine friendly.

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