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Everytime You Buy This Dog Food They’ll Give a Bag to Charity

Every Time You Buy This Dog Food They'll Give a Bag to Charity
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It’s no secret that the world needs more philanthropic companies. Companies that think of the greater good over the almighty dollar are hard to come by these days, but a new brand of dog food is focused on a Buy 1 Give 1 campaign that donates a meal to a pet in need each time a bag of cat or dog food is purchased. You may be surprised to know that the parent company of this brand is none other than pet retail giant PetSmart.

Last week PetSmart announced the launch of their new pet food brand Good Natured. The philanthropic and natural cat and dog food brand will be exclusively available at PetSmart retail stores and online via the company’s website. For each bag of Good Natured pet food that is purchased, PetSmart will donate one meal to a pet in need through PetSmart Charities and PetSmart Charities Canada.

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Every Time You Buy This Dog Food They'll Give a Bag to Charity
Photo: PetSmart

These dog food donations will benefit thousands of shelters that partner with PetSmart, freeing up some of their financial resources for other important services like rescuing animals and organizing adoption events. The company says that they expect donations from customer purchases to exceed 250,000 pounds of food in the first year of sales. That’s equivalent to 500,000 meals for shelter animals!

Eran Cohen, chief customer experience officer for PetSmart, says:

“At PetSmart, we know pet parents want the best for their pets. That’s why we are thrilled to launch this wholesome, quality food that is also affordable. Good Natured’s natural formulation is a great match for pet parents who want to serve up a healthy option to their own pet, while also providing a wholesome, nutritious meal to pets in need.”

Good Natured is a natural, wholesome dog food that is made with quality, real ingredients. Meat is the first ingredient in every recipe, and all blends are free from wheat, soy, artificial colors, artificial flavorings, and artificial preservatives. The brand makes dry and wet food options for cats and dogs. It is available now at PetSmart stores in Canada, Puerto Rico and the United States.

It’s nice to see a retail giant giving back on such a large scale. There are so many worthy charities in the world, and if every major corporation chose to give back to one of them this world would be a much happier and healthier place. Not only is this gesture from PetSmart helping dogs who are in desperate need of quality nutrition and a balanced diet, it’s also helping animal shelters with very tight budgets.

Every Time You Buy This Dog Food They'll Give a Bag to Charity
Photo: PetSmart

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Winter months are typically the hardest for animal rescues and shelters. In fact, it is the hardest time of the year for most charities. There are added expenses in the winter months and those expenses paired with the holiday shopping season means that many families’ budgets are tighter than normal.

Unfortunately, shelter costs are also increasing in the winter. It’s typically a busy time for animals to be surrendered, and the utility costs for the building are more expensive in winter months. With less donations coming in and more money going out, donations, like these from PetSmart, are a saving grace to many of these organizations. Hopefully other corporations in the pet industry will take a page from the PetSmart book and find unique ways to give back as well.

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