59 Most Popular Puppy Food Brands

Parents of puppies know that there’s nothing more adorable than when your puppy is happy, healthy and playing in full energy. Others may prefer a puppy fast asleep, having the time of their lives.

Either way, in order to raise a happy and healthy puppy, you have to ensure that they’re well fed, and many opt for the most popular puppy food brands.

Regardless of what you consider the best food for puppies to be for your pooch, there's a number of brands that many owners choose to buy.

A grumbling tummy is no fun for humans, let alone dogs, and many pet parents are looking for the best, most popular puppy food brands that they can add to their young canines' diets.

The dog food business has exploded in the last decade and now there's an abundance of not only adult dog food brands but even puppy food brands that are suitable only for young puppies.

For some dog owners, this situation will undoubtedly be confusing and they normally aren't sure which puppy food brand to pick.

Luckily, over the years, pet parents have weighed in and made some pretty good recommendations as to the best puppy food brands out there in their personal opinion.

Below, we’ve listed 59 of that beloved by dog parents and the most popular puppy food brands alongside a quick description and their benefit to your puppy.

We do not partake in recommending any of these dog foods, mostly because we aren't qualified.

However, we hope that this list of the most popular puppy brands will help you to get more informed on the multitude of dog food brands out there that are fit for puppies.

Young dogs are impressionable and many can have sensitive digestive, requiring specifically made dog foods for sensitive stomachs.

Always choose your puppy food brands based on what your vet recommends and do the necessary due diligence.

The variety out there is so great that you’ll be able to find at least one perfect puppy food brand for your pooch.

In full disclosure, note that the below list of most popular puppy food brands includes affiliate links for which we make a small commission without affecting your pricing.

If that's not cool, simply copy the name of the brand and search for it manually.

Popular Puppy Food infographics

59 Most Popular Puppy Food Brands

Best Puppy Food Brands for Dogs

Purina Beneful Puppy Food

Beneful is a well-known brand that specializes in keeping your pup’s brain, heart, and vision healthy.

The DHA in the dry food helps puppies whose brains and vision are still developing.

In this particular puppy food, there is real chicken, which is high in protein, a vital component to your puppy’s diet, and there are a whopping 23 vitamins in the food, promoting a healthy diet.


Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsPedigree

Another beloved brand, Pedigree makes both wet and dry dog food for puppies.

Dry food especially is healthy, containing phosphorous and calcium, which are both substances that promote healthy bones and teeth.

The dry food is useful for puppies that are under a year old and still developing. It also contains a yummy chicken flavor that he or she is sure to love.


Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsPurina

The Purina puppy food is part of the “Pro Plan,” which assists in creating a healthy, beneficial diet for puppies who are still growing.

In this dry food, there is glucosamine, a compound that strengthens cartilage and joints.

The antioxidants are immune system boosters (very important for young dogs) and the fish oil helps improve brain and vision functioning.


Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsKibbles n’ Bits

Although this Original Savory Beef & Chicken food doesn’t explicitly say “For puppies” on it, it is appropriate to use for puppies as young as two or three weeks old who are still weaning.

If they are two or three weeks old, give them one cup of food daily per three pounds of their body weight (so, if they weigh six pounds, give them two cups).

Split these into three feedings. If your puppy is three months, feed them still the one cup per three pounds, but split into two feedings.

At five months, reduce the amount and feed them when they are hungry.

Once your dog is over a year old, he or she can eat the recommended adult amounts.

The antioxidants and protein in this food make it a great purchase for a developing dog.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsIAMS

IAMS ProActive brand for puppies contains Omega-3, minerals, and antioxidants that will help your puppy’s body and brain develop smoothly.

The protein in this food is top-notch and is sourced from meat and eggs.

There are also seven essential vitamins that will aid your puppy in fighting off illnesses or potential injury.

It’s recommended for puppies 1-12 months old.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsTaste of the Wild

This food is grain-free and easily digestible for young dogs. It’s called their “Pacific Stream” Puppy formula, and its protein is sourced from fish, which also have fatty acids essential to developing brains and eyes. There are fruits and vegetables in this mix too, providing healthy antioxidants that will keep your puppy’s immune system up and running greatly.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsCesar Canine

This wet dog food contains chicken and beef that are nice and juicy (no dry meat). There are tons of vitamins, minerals, and protein sources in this food. Protein sourced from meat is especially effective, and your puppy’s bones and joints will be strengthened by the calcium that comes in such a fortified brand. Also, it comes with a feeding tray so it’s easy to clean up for puppy moms and dads (who’ve probably been doing a lot of cleaning already!).

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsHill’s Science Diet

This food is engineered to improve the immune system in ninety days.

It is veterinarian recommended, as it contains much of the nutrients needed to strengthen underweight or still-developing puppies.

One customer with a puppy claimed that their dog’s coat was much nicer and shiner, which is owed to the high amount of vitamins in the food that strengthen the hair proteins.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsNature’s Recipe

Nature’s Recipe Dry Food for Puppies is a brand that specializes in fully organic food. There are no dairy products, soy, or added additives or preservatives that could harm your pup’s delicate system. There is also no added sugar, which is beneficial for keeping excess fat from forming (bad excess fat, not weight gain—which is good for puppies). Be aware: some customers remarked that this food gave their puppies gas (while others claimed it was fantastic).

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsWellness Complete Health

Wellness Complete Health Puppy Dry Food is great for puppies, regardless of whether they are purebred or mixed breed. There are no meat by-products (think pink slime), corn, wheat, artificial flavoring, colors, soy, or preservatives in this dog food. The protein is sourced from meat, making it high quality and powerful. It’s also very digestible, thanks to the high nutrient count.

Pinnacle Grain Free Dog FoodPinnacle

This package (which has a very cool design on it), is a duck and potato formula, sourcing protein from the duck and other carbs and nutrients from the potato, which is a superfood.

The duck, which is the primary ingredient, provides Omega fatty acids as well.

The carbs aren’t empty either; they won’t pack on excess weight.

They’re designed for energy and digestive health, both of which are incredibly important for young dogs.

Whole Earth Farms with Healthy Grains Dry Puppy FoodWhole Earth Farms

Another well-received natural company, Whole Earth Farms is made in the USA and has a high protein count in addition to carbohydrates and amino acids for energy and immunity.

It’s also very delicious, with one puppy parent commenting that her little guy “went crazy” upon first trying the food.

It’s also digestible, meaning your puppy shouldn’t be at risk for stomach problems—unless they have a preexisting condition.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsRachael Ray

Unbeknownst to me before sitting down to do some research; Rachael Ray has a dog food company.

And it’s quite good.

This food, though not solely for puppies, is able to be used to wean your pup with.

The Nutrish Zero Grain dry food has sweet potato and salmon in it and (obviously) no grains to interfere with digestion.

There is also beet pulp, which provides prebiotics, Omega-3, and 6 in the form of flaxseed and poultry fat, peas, and tapioca, all of which are heart-healthy and protein-infused substances for your puppy.

Nutro NaturalNutro Natural Dry dog food

This puppy food by Nutro Natural Choice has chicken protein in it, as well as Omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and crunchy kibble to reduce any plaque buildup on teeth.

There are no by-product meats, ground corn, rye, or sorghum that could interfere with your puppy’s health.

Customers were very satisfied with it for providing protein and nutrients without “empty calories.”

Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Puppy Dog FoodSmartBlend

Purina SmartBlend has a formula for puppies that contains real chicken as the main ingredient, as well as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and Omega-6.

It’s called “ONE” because chicken is the #1 ingredient.

It also contains DHA, which is found in the mother’s milk, which is especially great for puppies that are weaning.

The food is called SmartBlend because the ingredients all interface and work together to help your pup’s brain and vision develop successfully.

Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health Wet Puppy Food, Chicken, Duck & Brown RiceNatural Balance

This gluten-free dog food has bovine colostrum, a substance that supports a healthy immune system.

It contains chicken, brown rice, and duck. There are also high levels of DHA and EPA, both crucial for puppies.

Just so you know: the bag isn’t resealable, so make sure that you buy bag clips to store it shut and keep it from getting dried out.

Customers raved about the taste, though, and several whose dogs had sensitive stomachs found that their pups were better suited to this formula.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsFromm

Fromm Puppy Gold Dry Food considers itself a “holistic approach to complete and balanced nutrition for dogs.”

By holistic, they mean that it is able to treat the whole body as one versus focusing on one specific tiny part.

It’s also made in America if you’re trying to buy American.

Customers had good feedback for the company, especially in the area of coat health, saying, “My dogs’ coats are healthy and shiny, and they had excellent digestion.”

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsCastor & Pollux Natural Ultramix

This dry food is perfect for puppies that are weaning until they transition to adult dog food. There are fruits, vegetables, and chicken protein sources in this food that provide vitamins and minerals for digestive health and immune system functioning. There are no preservatives, colors, or corn, wheat, and soy in this food. It’s easy on the digestion, something that puppies with sensitive stomachs will especially benefit from.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Puppy Dry Dog FoodBlue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo is a well-known brand among dog parents and the motto of it is “Love them like family, feed them like family.”

This is part of their Blue Life Protection Formula, which is specifically designed to get puppies off to a good developmental start.

There are vegetables, fruit, deboned chicken, and other natural ingredients. There are NO by-products in this formula.

Several customers who were frightened by the spate of tainted dog food several years ago decided to give their pets this formula instead because of the trustworthiness of the brand and have not been disappointed, according to reviews.

Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food, Large & Giant Breed Puppy Recipe, 30-Pound BagHolistic Select

This dry food is for puppies that are of a large or giant breed.

There are Omega-3 fatty acids in the ingredients, which support coat health and keep your pup looking nice and shiny.

It is specially formulated to help dogs’ digestive systems (holism, remember, is looking at the body as one whole being—a sum of parts).

As the slogan for the company says, “It’s like yogurt for pets.”

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsMerrick

This grain-free puppy dry food has deboned chicken as its main ingredient.

It also has glucosamine and chondroitin, both of which help your dog’s immune system.

It works for both large and small breeds of puppy.

The meal is well balanced, with 55% of protein coming from poultry and fish protein and the rest of the nutrients coming from fruit and vegetables.

There is also potato protein, organic alfalfa, flaxseed oil, salmon oil, and blueberries in this delicious, nutritious food.

Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage Grain-Free Dry Dog FoodWells Pet Food

This brand goes by the name of “Earthborn Holistic,” and contains DHA to aid in the development of the eyes and brain.

There are also carbs in it for energy and lean protein for bone and muscle creation.

It also contains whitefish and chicken, both high sources of protein enrichment and organic nutrients.

The kibbles are tiny, so you don’t have to worry about your puppy struggling to eat them—the kibbles also help in keeping teeth clean.

The food, as customers reported, is gentle on the digestive system and won’t cause diarrhea or any other intestinal difficulties (as is common with puppies).

Wag Dry Dog/Puppy FoodWag

Wag's small-bite dog food, according to the company, is “suitable for puppies.”

This food focuses on providing lean protein with not as many extra carbs or sugars (i.e. what wolves probably ate back in the caveman days).

I wouldn’t use this food for pups that are still in the weaning phase, but older puppies may like this brand.

Several owners of puppies reported that they mixed this food in with other, more carbohydrate and vegetable/fruit-infused food and said that the mix was successful.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsNature’s Variety

This dry food, called “Instinct Raw Boost” is grain-free kibble that has large amounts of raw protein in it. There are also freeze-dried raw pieces of meat in there that add boosts of protein as well. There is no corn, wheat, soy, or fillers, and the Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids promote coat health and maintenance. There is calcium and phosphorus in this food, both of which aid in the development of bones and teeth. It’s also gluten-free and is a raw, lean product guaranteed to strengthen your pup.

stella & chewy's dinner patty

Stella & Chewy's

Help your puppy reach its optimal growth potential with Stella and Chewy's Perfectly Puppy Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties dog food! Every small batch is proudly made with responsibly sourced ingredients in Stella and Chewy’s USA-based kitchen. Each small batch contains 95 percent meat, organ, and bone and is formulated specifically for puppies. 

Supports better health for your pet with improved appetite and digestion, relief from allergies, vibrant skin and coat, healthy teeth and gums, greater stamina and vitality, and a healthy immune system.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsNatural Ultramix

Part of the aforementioned Castor & Pollux brand, this wet food contains chicken, vegetables, and rice in a “stew” mixture. This food can be fed alone or mixed with dry kibble, but either way, the nutrients are still beneficial and amazing for your dog. Customers who chose to mix this with the dry food were all pleased with the progress they saw their puppies make in terms of physical development. The protein and carbs from the rice give your puppy energy and strength.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsRoyal Canin

This regally named dry food is for small breed puppies between eight and ten months. It helps dentally, with kibble that will help reduce tartar and plaque buildup from your pup’s teeth and also contains energy content in the form of carbs, giving your pup extra steam to run out and play. There are also proteins and prebiotics to regulate your dog’s immune system. Vitamin B12 and folic acid are also ingredients that make this food the “royal” choice for your dog.

Newman’s Own Organic Dog FoodNewman’s Own

Newman’s is a well-known company for human food, and their dog food is made with human-grade ingredients. This food is a wet food and it is organic containing turkey and chicken supplements that have come from organically-raised animals. It’s good for weight maintenance, if you have a pup in danger of becoming chubby or too thin, and it meets the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ requirements for nutrient profiles. It’s also USDA certified, which means you can take its organic status seriously (for a company to call itself that, it has to have at least 95% organic products).

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsAvoDerm

This chicken and rice meal for puppies come from AvoDerm, a company that specializes in organic dog products. It contains avocados, which are rich in Omega fatty acids, for coat and tail health, and there is no corn, soy, or wheat. Protein is the main ingredient, as AvoDerm knows how important it is that puppies get all the strength they can for healthy development. Pups love the chicken flavor, too, which makes mealtime way easier for owners who don’t want to haggle with their pets (i.e. all of us).

wellness puppy foodWellness Just for Puppy

Another Wellness product, this wet food is canned and grain-free, containing no corn, by-products, soy, artificial preservatives, gluten, or fake flavoring. This food contains fish and flaxseed omega for coat health and conditioning. Customers gave this product great reviews, especially those whose dogs had suffered previously from kidney stones. This product is holistically designed, focusing on improving the body as a whole. The herring adds protein to an already packed mixture of chicken, fruit, and vegetables. It also is good for dogs who suffer from constipation, as it cleans out the digestive system.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsSojos

This food comes with the slogan “Raw Made Easy,” which makes sense, considering that one of the things this brand does really well makes dog food that contains raw ingredients to help stimulate puppy health. This food, which is best for older puppies, is good for dogs that are sensitive and have allergy troubles. It’s a very gentle food on the digestive system as well. It’s also made right in Minnesota—nothing shipped from China, which has a problem with tainted meat and should probably be avoided. This food can also be used as a supplemental to another wet or dry food. You make it with meat at home, and it makes a strong size of 48 pounds of homemade dog food.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsDiamond

This lamb and rice dry food has an attractive taste and is suited for puppies with special needs (as well as elderly and lactating dogs). There is a strong infusion of Omega fatty acids in this blend, and it comes in either a twenty-pound bag or a forty-pound bag. There are also a lot of antioxidants that help puppies become less susceptible to disease. The Diamonds Natural brand is for large-breed puppies. The protein levels, carbs, and “good” fats all are combined to help your dog reach optimum health.

nutro dog foodThe Nutro Company 

This company also makes a line for small breed puppies and it contains chicken, whole brown rice, and oatmeal. There are also targeted levels of fat and protein that are specific to smaller breed puppies that need an extra boost. There is also sunflower oil, which is an all-natural ingredient known for its nutritional properties. Owners of small breed puppies were satisfied with this company overall, though be aware that for some, this product caused gas when it was first started.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsZignature Lamb Dry Dog Food

Appropriate for older puppies, this food introduces a new flavor to the mix: lamb. It’s good for dogs that are susceptible to allergies and it’s delicious, with many owners commenting on how their dogs absolutely adored the taste. It contains lamb, peas, pea protein, sunflower oil, alfalfa, beet pulp, and other protein-enhanced nutrients that your puppy will go wild for. Another customer reported having success with her dog that had an itching problem and would always scratch because of dry skin. The Omega fatty acids in this food helped relieve that dryness and calm the dog’s skin (and its owner, too!).

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsOrijen Puppy

Orijen puppy food contains free-range chicken, turkey, and wild fish that are blended into this dry food. The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that come from such meat are in high supply in Orijen as well. As one customer said, “Bottom line is that feeding the OriJen food is obviously different. I see and feel that my dogs’ coats are thick, soft, and shiny again.” Orijen works with the digestive system to improve the tract and internal organs there. It also contains nutrients necessary for helping with coat and skin health.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsOlewo

This is a little break from the food we’ve been doing (but don’t worry—we’ll get right back on track!). Puppies tend to suffer from digestive issues such as diarrhea and gas. That’s fun for no one in the household, so Olewo is a company that makes a few supplements to help out digestive issues. Ask your vet about Olewo’s Carrot Supplements, which contain dehydrated carrots to help regulate the digestive system. It helps with stomach upset and diarrhea. Carrots, a known superfood for humans as well, are rich in vitamins and nutrients and this supplement, according to the company, is good for all ages of dogs (“Daily whole food supplement for puppies, adults, and senior dogs”). Also a plus: carrots are an immune system booster as well, helping vulnerable puppies build their immunity strength. Side note: Olewo also makes beet supplements as well to help with itchy or irritated skin.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsAcana

This Acana Puppy dry food contains a wide range of amazing ingredients including oats, chicken, alfalfa, egg, flounder, pears, apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, kelp, and more. All these superfood ingredients build up to help your dog holistically, addressing every part of his or her body to get it in tip-top shape. Customers who fed their puppies this food were very pleased with the quality, with one person even remarking that their dog had much more energy and vitality now that he was giving this nutrient powerhouse. Puppies need all the energy they can get—better for them to play all day so they can sleep all through the night (so you can too!).

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsEagle Pack

This natural puppy food is for puppies that are large or giant breeds (such as Bloodhound, Bull Mastiff, Great Danes, Newfoundland, et cetera). This food has Omega-3 fatty acids for improving coat and skin health. Also, the protein in it assists in building lean muscle mass, which is important for all puppies—large breeds especially. They need to be muscular enough to support their weight. It also contains antioxidants and what the Eagle Pack brand refers to as their “complete vitamin and mineral package.” Customers who purchased this food reported good results for their large breed puppies. Many of the purchasers said that they’d actually gotten referred to the Eagle Pack brand because it’s such good food for large breeds.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsEukanuba

This premium puppy food is also for large breed puppies. The food has animal-based proteins (such as meat, egg, and fish) as well as fiber, which helps with digestion. The fiber comes from natural beet pulp and “prebiotic FOS,” which assists the body with absorbing that fire. Of course, this food also has the recommended fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6. By providing this food to your pup, you’re helping them get the foundation they need for supporting their weight later on without getting fat or osteoporotic/arthritic.

ziwi peak dog foodZiwi Peak

Ziwi Peak’s food is for dogs at every stage of life, from puppy to adult. This wet food contains ranch-raised meat from New Zealand. It has no antibiotics or hormones (which are things commercial ranches give their animals to prevent diseases and spur growth—it’s also unsafe), which is a huge advantage for people trying to rid their systems of processed or bad food. There are also no colors, fillers, wheat or soy particles, preservatives, or sugars. GMOs, which can cause organ damage and immune system disorders—among many other things—are also nonexistent in this food. It’s a very natural food and, though it is not American, it is not packaged or shipped in a way that would damage the integrity of the food.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsRawhide

We’re going to take another quick break from the food collection and look at something that all dogs love: toys and treats. Rawhide makes a product for puppies called N-Bone Teething Treats. Puppies’ teeth are still developing and need protection from tartar buildup, plaque, or too-harsh foods. This Rawhide product will help strengthen your puppy’s new teeth and can ease any pain or sore gums associated with the teething process. Human babies get icy teething rings (I did, anyway) for soothing pain, so this is just the puppy version.

nutro ultra puppy foodNutro Ultra

This brand is for small breeds of puppies (the large breeds have gotten a lot of attention in this article; it’s time to switch it up) and contains antioxidants, three lean proteins, and natural oils that help build up muscle and the immune system. The antioxidants are sourced from fruits and vegetables such as spinach, vine-ripened tomatoes, blueberries, pomegranate, cranberries, and more. The lack of corn in this won’t dehydrate your puppy or give him or her dandruff, which is something that one customer experienced. She switched to Nutro Ultra and found that that cleared up, saying, “This puppy food is the best I’ve ever used.” The rave reviews for this food make it a slam dunk for small-breed puppies needing a natural boost.

dr. harveys supplimentsDr. Harvey’s

This food is actually a pediatric supplement. It labels itself as the optimal mix for your puppy's “Formative Years.” The formula, according to the company, is holistic, made in America, and contains no artificiality. It is an herbal supplement, containing natural ingredients like spirulina (a cyanobacterium that is a complete protein with all the essential amino acids), yeast, garlic, bee pollen (a little known superfood that is 40% protein), dandelion root, and chamomile, which helps for a puppy that’s nervous. This supplement comes in powdered form and is a useful addition to any animal’s diet. One customer commented that her underweight Great Dane puppy—one of the largest breeds—took these and it boosted his weight, putting him into a healthy range without packing on extra pounds of fat.

whole earth farms dog foodWhole Earth Farms

This is a Merrick product, which is one of the brands we mentioned earlier on this list. This, however, is the wet canned food that is grain-free and contains no ingredients from China, a country that is known for having some not-that-great meat and food standards. This wet food is made with chicken and blueberries. The flavoring has added sage and thyme, so it is a natural taste that your dog will love. And customers reviewing the product definitely had good things to say about the taste, with one claiming that her dogs, who were picky eaters, looked forward to mealtime every day.

organix puppy foodOrganix

This is part of the aforementioned Castor & Pollux brand. It is made from organic free-range chicken and promotes the digestibility of the nutrients that are also in the food. The fatty acids promote skin and coat health while the fiber aids the digestive tract. There is no artificiality in this, nor are there preservatives, corn, wheat, or soy, all of which can cause stomach troubles for your dog. One customer referred to this dog food as “the best of the best.” The brand also has an adult version, so if your puppy likes it, you can boost them up to the adult version when they mature.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsVictor Dog Food

This dog food’s formula is 100% gluten-free. Gluten, which many in the gluten-free movement know, contains protein that is of low biological quality and isn’t digestible. So, having gluten-free dog food is definitely a plus if you’re looking to change your dog to a gluten-free diet. This food also contains selenium yeast, which is an important organic supplement that was approved by the FDA for dogs, as well as a whole other host of animals. It protects protein formation and lipids from oxidation damage. Basically, cutting through the science-y talk, it’s a great immune system booster. If you have an active puppy, this is a great food to consider.

honest kitchenThe Honest Kitchen

This company, which was started by actress and activist Jessica Alba, makes this grain-free turkey food from cage-free meat, potatoes, flaxseed, carrots, spinach, and other vegetables. It is FDA approved and also comes in a beef flavoring. All you need to do is add water. There are no ingredients from China, and the food makeup of this chow is all human-grade. Customer surveys, according to the company, found that their dogs had higher energy levels, better digestion, and increased skin and coat health after getting on this food regimen.

nutri source puppy foodNutriSource 

This NutriSource puppy food is best for large breeds of puppies. It’s dry food and also has a perfect 5/5 customer rating on Amazon. It contains a chicken and rice formula that is scientifically engineered to be digestible and most beneficial to puppies that will be over 50 pounds when they mature (so there is a decent range of breeds that can enjoy this food). Customers reported that this food was recommended to them by breeders who specialized in large dogs because of the digestibility and the lean-muscle growth that this food promulgates.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsPurina Mighty Dog

Purina was one of the first brands we listed. This wet dog food is canned and packed with protein. It’s for puppies and small-breed dogs. The food comes in three flavors (you will be able, therefore, to get a good read on what your pup goes wildest for); porterhouse steak flavored, chicken flavored, and beef-flavored. There are no artificial preservatives added and the taste is something that your puppy will love (who doesn’t love steak?). There are also plenty of vitamins and minerals to improve your dog’s overall health, including Vitamins A, B-12, D-3, E, and more.


This dog food has well-received, USA-sourced Beef meals, chicken meals, and pork meals. Guaranteed levels of omega 3 & 6, vitamin E. Made in the USA, it’s best for puppies that are of small and medium breeds and under one year old. Also, female dogs that are pregnant and/or nursing can use this, as it helps keep energy and nutrition levels up without causing them to gain excess weight. According to customers, the measurement recommendations listed with this food are also spot on—you shouldn’t have to do any trial-and-error tweaking to make sure your pup gets all the healthy food he or she needs.

halo puppyHalo’s

Halo’s Chicken Recipe dry dog food (which comes in a really cute package) is formulated for dogs that might have sensitive digestive tracks—i.e. most puppies. The nutrients are easily absorbed, as there are no rendered meats (meat that’s been dried and separated, causing the nutritional value to decrease), by-products, or other irritants. In addition to digestibility, this food also benefits the immune system, circulatory system, and joints/muscles/skeletal areas. It’s best for small size puppies, as customers with tinier breeds found that the serving size and food itself suit the small pups best.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsWeruva

Interestingly enough, one of the slogans that this company promotes is that all the ingredients are safe for human consumption. Why you would ever want to eat dog food, I don’t know, but it’s nice to know that you’re not downgrading your dog’s nutrition. This is a wet dog food that is grain-free and contains chicken breast in gravy (dogs go nuts over gravy). This food is something to talk to your vet about if you have a dog with special needs, especially a purebred. One customer said that this food helped her dog, who had a severely sensitive stomach.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsV-Dog

This dog food is vegan, so if you’re going to consider this for your puppy, it would be for pups that are nearing adulthood. It contains tons of vegetables and natural oils such as sunflower, canola, peanuts, and other nutritional, organic additives. This food can also be mixed with your dog's regular food as well. It’s very flexible in that way. The proteins provided are sourced from vegetables and fruit only (no meat or egg, it’s not “fake” vegan).

Best Puppy Food Brands for Dogs“I and love and you”

This cutely-named brand is grain-free kibble that will help keep plaque and tartar buildup from your dog’s teeth. You can either choose from a “Poultry Palooza,” “Red Meat Medley,” or “Simply Sea” recipe. There is no corn, soy, or rice in this food, so if your dog has a sensitive digestive system, consider this non-irritating food. It also contains enzymes and prebiotics. Customers left great reviews, especially those who had dogs with anal gland issues and intestinal difficulties. It’s a very gentle food to feed your dog.

grandma lucy's treatsGrandma Lucy’s

These are actually treats. Fruit-flavored recipes free of hydrogenated oils and trans fats offer great quality and value with a taste that your dog will love. Delicious and cute dog treats in the shape of teddy bears are bite-sized and easily breakable to feed smaller dogs. Training your puppy is made much easier with treats—dogs need to be bribed—so having a treat that’s not only delicious but also not filled with icky artificial substances is a major plus.

Best Puppy Food Brands for DogsSolid Gold

This puppy dry food (which comes in a beautiful package, by the way) is holistic and is part of the Wolf Cub (awe) brand from Solid Gold. It’s best, according to the company, for “mildly active” puppies that are of medium or large breed size. There are no corn fillers, soy, sugar, or anything else that could irritate your dog’s systems. This food is also beneficial for a puppy that’s weaning and transitioning to solid food—that’s how gentle this food is on your dog’s digestion. It follows the properties of holism, which does a complete workup on all the body’s health needs.

primal liver snapsPrimal Pet Foods

This is actually a treat. It is pork liver flavored and great for training—remember, bribery is not a bad thing when it comes to dogs. There is no grain or gluten in the treats. The protein comes from the sole source of turkey. It’s a very high protein, so you won’t just be rewarding your dog with airy empty calories, you’ll also be helping them build muscle.

earthborn puppyEarthborn Holistic

This holistic food is part of the “Puppy Vantage” (Earthborn) collection and contains carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and barley that will give your puppy the energy he or she needs to run throughout the day. The protein is sourced from chicken and whitefish and the DHA in this food will help your puppy’s brain and eyes develop healthily. The kibbles are great for pups’ tiny teeth. Even the smallest (one customer said her puppies were “teacup-sized”) dogs can benefit from this powerhouse food.

evanger's puppyEvanger’s

This wet food is a “Puppy Dinner” that contains no salt, fillers, or preservatives. It comes in loaf form. The company makes dog meals that are specialized for different age groups; this one is for young puppies. It’s also a great mixer for dry kibble, as several satisfied customers pointed out. Dogs suffering from malnutrition also can benefit from this complete nutritional wet food if you mix it with a little warm milk (a customer also pointed that out for her own puppies).


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