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You Won’t Believe the Benefits of Ewegurt for Dogs

You Won't Believe the Benefits of Ewegurt for Dogs
Photo: Ewegurt

As dog owners, we’re always looking for the next best thing that will aid in our dog’s health and well-being. We feed them quality food, use pet products that are free of harmful chemicals and toxins and we even use technology to keep them safe. Who would have thought that adding sheep’s milk to your dog’s diet with products from Ewegurt could have major health benefits as well?

The company uses ingredients that are locally sourced in Wisconsin and Illinois. Their products are all-natural and contain no fillers or chemicals. They also do not contain any artificial flavoring, colors or preservatives. The Ewegurt product line includes freeze dried dog treats and shampoo soap bars.

You Won't Believe the Benefits of Ewegurt for Dogs
Photo: Ewegurt

Sheep’s milk has numerous benefits for dogs including:

  • Supporting relaxation for dogs with anxiety, fear and overexcitement issues
  • Beneficial for sensitive tummies
  • A great alternative for lactose intolerant dogs
  • Supplies probiotics for healthy digestion and immune support
  • Promotes a positive mood and restful sleep

Did you know that sheep’s milk is a little known superfood?

That’s right! Superfoods are nutrient rich powerhouse foods that are packed with minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and polyphenols. When compared with cow’s milk and goat’s milk, sheep’s milk is definitely the superior choice.

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Sheep’s milk contains nearly one third more energy than goat or cow milk. It is also a great source of iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, thiamin, Vitamin B6, B12 and D, riboflavin, the medium chain amino acids, all 10 essential amino acids and linoleic acids. Sheep’s milk also has double the protein of goat or cow milk.

Sheep’s milk contains folic acid and has more than twice the amount of Vitamin C as cow or goat milk as well. It does contain twice the fat of cow’s milk, but that also means it has 2 times as many healthy fats, including Omega 3 and 6.

If your pet is lactose intolerant, you won’t need to worry. The fat globules in sheep’s milk are smaller than those in goat or cow milk, making it easier to digest.

You Won't Believe the Benefits of Ewegurt for Dogs
Photo: Ewegurt

The shampoo bars from Ewegurt are much easier on your pup’s skin and have a lot of added benefits over traditional dog shampoo, but the real benefit are in the company’s freeze dried dog treats. The sheep’s milk yogurt treats offer a natural solution for pets that are afraid of thunder, visiting the vet or riding in the car.

The treats are freeze dried, so you have to add water before serving them to your Fido. Every package holds 20 20 tablespoons of Ewegurt and the feeding guidelines are based on your dog’s weight.

For example, my dogs both weigh between 41 and 60 pounds, so they would require 4 tablespoons each. Each package costs about $20.

Ewegurt dog treats are made with sheep’s milk yogurt, sardines, kale, beets, parsley, organic coconut oil and unfiltered apple cider vinegar. You can serve the freeze dried yogurt as is or mix it with an equal amount of water. The Ewegurt should take its calming effect within 40 minutes.

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