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Japanese Goat Milk Specially Made for Dogs

Japanese Goat Milk Specially Made for Dogs
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Many doting dog owners like to give their pet a treat at the end of a long day or when they’ve done something particularly pleasing. Now there is a new liquid refreshment on the market being made strictly for dogs. If you think your dog may enjoy something more than his traditional drink of water, you could try giving him this fresh-squeezed goat milk sold specifically for canines.

An online retailer known as Chiacchiere Cani, meaning “the chatty canine” in Italian, is a pet food supplier from Japan that specializes in gourmet treats and snacks for dogs. They offer more common treats like cookies, cakes, and candies, but now they are branching out into beverages.

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For especially pampered pets, dog owners can now purchase this fresh-squeezed goat milk that is lower in allergens than cow’s milk and easier for dog’s to digest. In Japan it is common for dog owners to give their pets goat milk as a treat, but until now they had to buy imported brands that were only available in powdered form.

Japanese Goat Milk Specially Made for Dogs
Photo: rocketnews24.com

Goat milk is actually the most consumed milk in the world. The higher concentration of small and medium chain fatty acids and the smaller fat globules in goat milk, in addition to a looser curd formation, allow it to be digested with much less effort than cow’s milk.

Another benefit of goat’s milk is that it is in raw form and therefore people and pets that are lactose intolerant can still consume it without any issues. Lactose is a sugar in milk that requires the enzyme lactase to break it into simple sugars and make it easy to digest. Pasteurization and heat destroy the lactase enzyme, but raw milk has plenty of it.

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The dairy farm where the milk is collected for Chiacchiere Cani is located in the highlands of the northern Japanese Alps in Toyama Prefecture’s Kurobe City. Shipments are made twice a week directly to customers from the dairy.

The milk comes in 5.1 ounce bottles and it comes in packages of four or six bottles. They sell for about $13 for the four-pack and $20 for the six-pack. Much like with all other beverages in Japan, there is no per-unit price break.

The milk can be ordered through the company’s website only. Also, it is only available until the end of the milking season which is around the end of September.

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