Types of Dog Supplies to Buy in Bulk

There are many benefits to being a smart shopper, especially one who shops in bulk for dog needs.

Knowing the best things to buy in bulk saves time and money.

It means you have extra supplies of what you need at a better cost.

Buying in bulk isn’t just for retailers anymore. It’s definitely a smarter way to shop, especially for your dog's needs.

When buying in bulk, there are a few things you should consider.

Some pet supplies like dog food, treats, and certain supplements are perishable.

If you buy too much at once, it may end up going bad before you use it.

This will just be a waste of money. Also, you'll need to ensure you have room to store all of your bulk purchases.

It's great to have 30 dog toys for your teething puppy, but where are you going to put them all until she uses them?

7 Types of Dog Supplies to Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is usually cheaper, but avoid getting sucked into bulk shopping traps.

Pay attention to the price per piece of what you're buying, and make sure that it is actually cheaper than the price you would pay at a traditional pet store.

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Sometimes bulk items come in multi-packs too, and you want to be sure you'll use all the items included, so you won't be wasting the supplies you don't need.

Types of Dog Supplies to Buy in Bulk

1. Treats galore!

You should definitely buy dog treats in bulk.

They are especially useful for training as they serve as handy and effective rewards for your dog.

Positive reinforcement has been shown to work better than negative reinforcement, so having a handy supply of treats is perfect for training your dog — or just rewarding him in general.

Many companies sell their dog treats in bulk: Sojos, OMH Gourmet, Redbarn, Solid Gold, and more.

Buying dog treats in bulk is cost-saving.

For example, one bulk box of Sojos Pepperoni Pizza Wheat-Free Bone Treats weighs 20 pounds and costs approximately $70.

Buying ten packages of Sojos treats in the regular size would cost around $100. It saves money in the long run.

Rawhide bones are another item to consider purchasing in bulk. They’re good for your dog’s dental health.

Chewing on rawhide bones reduces the tartar and plaque buildup that causes tooth problems.

These bones are dogs’ favorite chew toys, but they take a beating.

Sooner or later, you'll need to replace them, and it’s probably a good idea to have extra ones on hand as your dog destroys them one by one.

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2. Dog food

Dog food can be a good bulk purchase as well, especially if you have more than one dog and go through tons of food.

It’s easier to buy a giant bag of dog food than to continually spend extra money on smaller bags.

The extra cost of the small bags adds up after a while.

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Buying dog food in bulk ensures you have the food you need without breaking the bank.

It’s a time and frustration saver as well.

One episode of discovering at 2:00 in the morning that you’re out of dog food and making that trip to the open-all-night grocery store will make a believer out of you.

Types of Dog Supplies to Buy in Bulk

3. Dog supplements

Buying supplements in bulk can be a good idea.

For example, if your vet suggests giving your dog fish oil, which promotes skin and coat health, and you want to make that a regular part of your dog’s diet, buying in bulk might be the more convenient and less expensive choice for you.

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Dog supplements like Grizzly Salmon Oil come in sizes as large as a 64-ounce bottle, providing you with oil for a long time.

4. Housebreaking supplies

Puppy training pads are absorbent and reduce the mess that comes with housebreaking.

They’re also very convenient when it comes to cleaning. All you have to do is scoop them up and throw them out.

If you’re housebreaking your puppy and choose to use puppy training pads, it saves money to buy them in bulk.

Along those same lines, if you’re training a dog to use a litter box, buying dog litter such as Second Nature or SoPhresh in bulk might be a convenient way to ensure you never run out and always have a clean litter on hand.

It will save you time and money and prevent having to resort to a newspaper.

5. Cleaning products

If you own a dog crate or kennel that needs frequent cleaning, having a large supply of cleaning products isn’t a bad idea.

Clean Cage and Fresh N’ Clean deodorize and clean your dog's crate and kennel.

They don’t spoil and are cheaper in bulk, so they are the perfect types of dog supplies to buy in bulk.

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If you have a dog with frequent accidents in the house, you may also want to consider buying stain and odor remover for your carpet and furniture.

Some great home remedies are available to remove stains, and urine smells.

You can find these recipes easily online and buy the supplies to make them in bulk to save some time and money.

Types of Dog Supplies to Buy in Bulk

6. Dog grooming supplies

Grooming time can be less traumatic with a large stock of supplies on hand.

If you have multiple dogs or a dog with a high-maintenance coat, shampoo, and conditioner bought in bulk can make your grooming day a lot easier, at least as far as having what you need without having to make a last-minute rush to the store where it’s going to be more expensive.

You're set for a while if you buy large amounts of dog shampoo, conditioner, and other grooming necessities.

7. Health and first aid products

If your dog is prone to ear infections or requires a lot of ear-cleaning solution, you might want to consider purchasing it in bulk so you’ll have it on hand the next time your dog starts whining and pawing at his ear.

Other “just in case” items you must have and should consider buying in bulk are clotting powder, bandages, and disinfectant wound spray.

These first aid items are necessary for all dog owners. Often, the best thing to do is purchase them in bulk so that you’ll have them when you need them.

Buying in bulk is a fantastic way to save money and stay prepared for any scenario, as long as you know the types of dog supplies to buy in bulk to save time and money.

Dog owners want the best products they can buy while saving as much money as possible. Buying in bulk satisfies both.