When buying pet products, you want affordable products that will last. For some pet products, you only need one or two depending on the number of pets you have. However, there are other dog supplies that you do need to buy repeatedly such as dog food, dog treats certain pieces of pet apparel, accessories, and bath products. For those supplies, it’s often a good idea to buy wholesale.

Buying wholesale is another way to say buying bulk. You can great some great deals this way. Have you ever heard of a unit price? It's the cost per piece for what you're buying. For example, if you're buying canned dog food in bulk, the price tag on the store shelf should show you the price for the entire package and the unit price. The total price may be $10. If there are 10 cans in the package, the price per unit is $1.

Remembering to check the unit price along with the total price of the package is the key to getting good deals when buying wholesale. Sometimes wholesale prices can be misleading. Buying in bulk is not always synonymous with getting the best price. Some people fall into what we here at Top Dog Tips like to call the “wholesale trap.” They assume that buying wholesale will get them a better deal, so they don't bother checking the unit prices of the items.

Why and Where to Shop for Wholesale Pet Supplies

In this article, we’ll teach you why and where to shop for wholesale pet supplies so you can get the biggest bang for your buck. You'll also learn some tips and tricks for finding the best deals on wholesale pet supplies.

Why and Where to Shop for Wholesale Pet Supplies
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Why to shop wholesale

Cost savings

There are plenty of benefits that come with shopping for wholesale pet supplies, not the least of which is saving money. In terms of cost, customers willing to buy in bulk tend to gain an advantage over those who don’t. If you own more than one dog, shopping wholesale is of even more benefit to you. You’re already buying large amounts in regular sizes and quantities, and you can usually buy them much more cheaply in larger amounts as long as you know what to get and how to store it.

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Dog food, healthcare accessories, and products such as those for ear care, dental care, grooming supplies and housebreaking are some of the products that are good for purchasing wholesale. If you have an active dog who’s always running around outside, apparel like doggy boots, collars, identifiers, and vests are something else you may want to consider.

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Unless you’ve used the last of something, the product is available immediately when you purchase in bulk. If, for example, you run out of dry food in the middle of filling up your dog’s bowl, instead of making your dog do with less food or you having to make an unplanned trip to the store just for dog food, you can go get more from the place you’ve stored your bulk dog food and other supplies.

Tips and tricks

There are some tips and tricks to consider when shopping wholesale so that you’re shopping efficiently and smartly.

Why and Where to Shop for Wholesale Pet Supplies
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Thorough planning and preparation is the key to successfully buying wholesale. Make a list of things your pet uses, and make sure you have the room to store them. You don’t want to make your purchases and then realize that you have no space in which to keep everything. Be aware that some products need special storage, and you’ll have to take that into consideration.

Where to buy wholesale

Now that you know why to buy wholesale, we’ll show you three different online locations to easily and efficiently order wholesale pet supplies at consistent and affordable prices.

The first site we recommend is wholesalepet.com. They sell a wide range of pet supplies, including toys, treats, collars, harnesses, training supplies, apparel, wellness, and more. They also sell dog food. You can search on their website by brand name and/or number for your dog’s specific product, or you can shop around and click on the various tabs that detail what they offer to purchase.

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This site offers an online shopping catalog and “holiday deals” in their specials section, and they also include “vendor specials” that keep you abreast of deals offered by the sellers on the site. There are dozens of vendors from which to choose. It even has a cute “For Pet Lovers” section where it sells things for the home and for dog lovers. They sell jewelry, tote bags, matching apparel for you and your dog, a dog walker cap, and a pet grooming apron so you don’t get hair on yourself.

The second shop we recommend is www.petedge.com. PetEdge is especially good for healthcare, home supplies, and apparel, although they also sell toys and treats. Much like wholesalepet.com, PetEdge offers bulk collections at a competitive price. They have both a brand directory and a product directory in their “sale” section.

The website's health section is especially phenomenal! They sell ear care, eye care, and housebreaking, dental, medical, and breeding products. Their selection of grooming supplies includes nail products, dryers, tables, tubs, and other cleaning supplies that professional groomers use and are paired with PetEdge’s guides on how to use and groom with the products you buy. (Hint: This will save you even more money.)

PetEdge caters to businesses as well, selling promotional and other materials necessary for pet related businesses.

Why and Where to Shop for Wholesale Pet Supplies
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Last but not least, the third great place to shop for pet wholesale supplies is www.dollardays.com. Dollar Days isn’t limited to pet supplies and doesn't have as wide of a selection, but what they do offer in pet supplies is varied and wide ranging in both quality and quantity. They sell dog food, equipment, training supplies, beds, carriers, leashes, and more.

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They sell by case price, piece price, and backpack price. You can scroll through each option to see which is the most cost efficient for you.

While the other sites shown above arguably have slightly more options in terms of pet products, the Dollar Days site shouldn’t be discounted. It stocks the most popular brands and especially stocks a lot when it comes to pet waste disposal. They offer a wide selection of waste bag pet-pickup and clean-up bag holders, something the other two sites don’t stock in as much variety.

Hopefully, these three sites will inspire you to do some price comparison and figure out which products and locations are best for you when it comes to taking care of your pet. Don't forget to watch the prices of items so you don't get sucked into the “wholesale trap.” As you long as you're a smart shopper you will save a lot of money buy purchasing wholesale pet supplies.