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PetEdge Unveils Collection of Repellent Pet Products

PetEdge Unveils Collection of Repellent Pet Products

No one likes to be chewed up by mosquitos, including our pets, and mosquitos aren’t the only pests they have to worry about. Fleas, ticks, and other harmful insects can have a detrimental effect on the health of our dogs and cats if we don’t protect them. PetEdge is making it easier than ever to defend your pet from insects with their new line of repellent gear.

The flea and tick category of the pet industry raked in over $2 billion last year, proving that protecting pets from insects is a big concern for consumers. PetEdge, a leading supplier of discount pet products and wholesale grooming supplies, is launching an assortment of innovative products featuring their groundbreaking Insect Shield repellent.

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The collection includes blankets, exercise pens, reversible beds, cargo seat covers, cots, tees, safety vests, lightweight hoodies, neck gaiters, and bandanas. All the products have the built-in bug protection. They are so easy and convenient. No more spraying or wiping your pet down with repellents.

PetEdge Unveils Collection of Repellent Pet Products
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The Insect Shield technology is EPA-registered and converts clothing and pet gear into long-lasting, effective, and convenient insect protection. Years of research and field studies went in to the making of the products, which repel a variety of insects including fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. Amazingly, the repellent lasts through the expected life of the product that carries it.

Andy Katz, president and CEO of Pet Edge, says that the company has been asked by consumers for a long time to create a more innovative and convenient way to protect pets from insects, and they have finally answered the call. He says they believe these products will revolutionize the pet product industry.

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PetEdge was founded in 1956 and is the leading provider to pet care professionals. The company launched its Dealer Services division in 2004, which provides independent retailers with unparalleled access to merchandising support and premium pet products.

Their brands include Zanies, Grriggles, Zack & Zoey, Savvy Tabby, and ClearQuest. These brands are constantly ranked at the top of categories like dog apparel, grooming tools, and dog sanitation. PetEdge sells more than 20,000 discount pet products from 20 exclusive brands, and they also offer products from industry innovators such as Greenies, KONG, Wahl, and more.

Insect Shield Repellent Apparel was registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in July of 2003. It is utilized by work wear distributors, top lifestyle brands, and international relief organizations around the world to provide effective protection against insects and the diseases that they carry. Insect Shield is also an approved vendor of the US Marine Corps and the US Army.

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