Unique Dog Supplies Pet Parents Buy for Dogs

Being a pet owner is becoming more popular each year. As the pet industry grows and more dogs are adopted on a regular basis, new businesses are trying to come up with creative and, sometimes, even crazy ideas for dog products that pet owners may eventually buy.

In the list below, I've collected ten of the most unusual dog products that pet parents buy or, at the very least, consider buying for their Fidos. Some of these unique dog supplies may surprise you by how genius the idea is, while others… well, take a look and see for yourself whether it's something you'd buy for your canine any time soon.

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10 Crazy Unique Dog Supplies Pet Parents Buy for their Dogs

10 Unique Dog Supplies Pet Parents Buy for Dogs

1. The Turd Burglar

The Turd Burglar

Scooping dog poop has never been more fun! Well, let's face it, scooping dog poop was never really any fun for most pet owners, but it may become fun now!

The Turd Burglar is a plastic sleeve that wraps around the end of a hockey stick (hockey stick not included) that allows you to fling dog poop. Where are you supposed to fling it? I guess that part is up to you, but I would suggest some kind of receptacle that is not your neighbor's yard.

In fact, if you go to the company's website, you can find an entire list of fun games that you can do, which is essentially… playing with dog poop.

Not only will you find games like Politician Poop, Bocce Poop, Poop Hoops, and Poopie Pants, but you'll also get detailed instructions about the proper way to use The Turd Burglar. Yes, that's right, there is a proper and improper way to fling dog doo.

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2. Chicco Daddy Portable Hook-on Chair

Chicco Caddy Hook-On Chair, Portable High Chair for Babies and Toddlers, for Children up to 37 lbs., Lightweight, Compact Fold | Red

If you frequently feed your dog from the table or take them out to eat, then this is one of the weird and unusual dog products that will be right up your alley. With the Chico Daddy Hook-On High Chair for Dogs, you can clip your furry friend to the table, and they can sit right next to you.

The high chair can attach to tables up to 0.75-1.5 inches thick. It has a twist-to-tighten design that allows you to attach it to the table securely and in no time. What we like about it is its portable design and the 360-turn feature.

The Chico Daddy Hook-on Chair folds down easily for traveling and is easy to clean. It’s also machine washable with a rubberized covering on the arms that prevents scratching the table surface.


3. Catch-It Dog Poop Collector

Catch-It Dog Poop Collector

Assisting with dog poop cleanup seems to be a trend on this list of weird and unusual dog products, and that is because all dog owners dread the task. However, it is something that we have to do, so why not make it as easy as possible?

With the Catch-It Dog Poop Collector device, you won't even have to bend over to scoop your dog's waste. The process is much easier.

At the risk of sacrificing your dog's dignity, all you have to do is attach a waste bag to the 26-inch pole of the Catch-It device and stick it underneath him while he's pooping. You don't have to see, smell, or touch your dog's waste ever again! After he relieves himself, a flick of your finger will release the bag already closed and ready for disposal.

According to the company's site, you can even catch your dog's falling feces at night with the help of a handy light that is attached to the handle of the Catch-It. The bags for the Catch-It are completely biodegradable, and this patented device comes with 30 of them when you order it. As the company says, “Put an end to the bend” with this poop-catching contraption.

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4. Maschio Dog Fashion Spa Male Dog Cologne

Dog Fashion Spa Male Dog Cologne - Maschio

Who doesn’t want a nice-smelling dog? Made with the fragrances of lemon, grapefruit, musk, amber, bergamot, lavender, and marine accord, this fragrance will keep your pooch smelling like the man of the house.

The company claims that the smell was inspired by the energy of New York. I guess that’s better than being inspired by the smell of New York, right? The fragrance style is said to be masculine, modern, and confident, which is probably better for certain dogs.

Dog Fashion Spa also makes a fragrance for female dogs and has an entire line of strange dog products, including coat and skin lotions. The bottle seems to have been inspired by classic American glamour to give the appearance of luxury and indulgence. Of course, what is more luxurious than a manly-smelling canine?


5. Moody Pet Humunga Stache Dog Toy



If you're looking for a chew toy that will turn your dog into a cartoon villain, this is it! The Moody Pet Humunga Stache will give you hours of laughter while your dog gets hours of fun.

This dog toy is a ball, a costume, and a sneaky disguise all in one.

On one end of the Humunga Stache chew toy is a ball, and on the other end is a rubber mustache. When your dog puts the ball in his mouth, he looks like he actually has a mustache.

This chew toy is available in three sizes to fit every breed. You can also get Humunga Tongues and Humunga Lips as well. These toys will create some great photo opportunities if you're interested in making your pup a Facebook or Instagram star!

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6. Moody Pet Humunga Lips Mini Dog Toy

Moody Pet Humunga Lips Mini Dog Toy

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. Right in the middle of the list of weird and unusual dog products is a fetch toy that gives your pooch giant, luscious red cartoon lips!

This hilarious dog toy is perfect for photo shoots and cracking up your neighborhood or the people in the streets. Your dog may enjoy playing with it since it actually contains a ball, and your pooch won't even notice he got tricked when he's biting this toy. It's made of solid, non-toxic rubber, so you don't have to worry when he's playing with this hilarious lip toy.

But watch out because Humunga Lips may not last long if your pooch is a great chewer. And it comes in a small size, so it's not ideal for big dogs.



Bowser Beer for Dogs

Bowser Beer for Dogs - Beef, Chicken & Pork Variety Pack (Pack of 6)

If your pooch is kicked back in their high chair watching you have a cold beer on a Saturday night, why not offer him one? I mean, it's only fair, right?

Dog owners can feel good about serving their pet non-alcoholic Bowser Beer. This specially formulated beer for dogs is made and 100% sourced in the United States, and it actually has quite a few health benefits for Rover.

Bowser Beer is made with USDA-inspected chicken and beef. It also contains malt barley, just like real beer, which contains B vitamins. They also add glucosamine for the dog's joint health. There is no alcohol or carbonation in Bowser Beer, and the company doesn't use hops either because they can be toxic to dogs. It may be one of the weird and unusual dog products, but it is actually a tasty, healthy treat.

The company recommends a lot of different ways to serve your dog Bowser Beer, including:

  • Straight out of the bottle
  • Poured over dry kibble
  • Using it to add flavor to the water bowl
  • Pour it over crushed ice for a cold treat (in case your dog likes it on the rocks)
  • Adding pumpkin, which is full of Vitamin A and a good source of fiber

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8. Neuticles


If you think the name is strange, wait until you find out what these are. Neuticles are testicular implants for male dogs that have been neutered.

Remember that this is only number three on my top ten list of weird and unusual dog products—it does get even stranger!

If you feel that neutering your dog will give him some kind of complex, you can have Neuticles implanted at the same time that you have him neutered so his masculine look won't be altered at all. The original Neuticles were introduced in 1995 and are crafted from an FDA-medically approved polypropylene material that resembles plastic in firmness but is not plastic.

According to the company, now they've become so popular with pet owners that there are Neuticles Natural, which is made of solid silicone, and Neuticles UltraPlus with ScarRetard, which feel like they are filled with liquid and are incredibly soft. Not only can you give your pet back his natural look, but you can even get implants that feel real! Now that's nuts!


9. Hot Doll

Hot Doll for Dogs

While doing research for this column, I knew I was going to come across some off-the-wall things, but I never thought I would discover anything like this.

The Hot Doll is a sex toy for your dog. With its… uhmm… unique design, you can provide your dog with the stimulation that it desires.

We've all known a dog whose sexual needs surpassed anything we'd ever seen before. If your pet happens to fall into this category, you can buy him the Hot Doll, which was created to relieve this problem without having to hide your pillows and your child's stuffed animals.

I don't even want to think about how you would train your dog to use this device, but you can get all that information on the company's website. They claim that the product is safe for dogs and hygienic as long as it is cleaned properly. The product was developed and made entirely in France.


10. Rear Gear Butt Cover for Dogs

Rear Gear Butt Cover for DogsIf you thought the previous nine products were weird, wait until you see what topped my list of weird and strange dog products.

Rear Gear Butt Covers do exactly what their name suggests: they cover your dog's butt so, as their slogan says, you'll have “no more Mr. Brown eye” to worry about.

The product claims to boost your pet's confidence by covering their unsightly rear. The covers are available in many different styles, and for the dog enthusiast that longs to take butt covers to the next level, you can even customize a set of covers for your furry friend with any picture you want.

The next time your dog's birthday rolls around or you're trying to find the ideal Christmas present, you can buy them a cupcake, smiley face, disco ball, or pair of lucky dice on a butt cover. At only $6 each, you can order multiple butts covers so your pet can change them whenever they want to attract a little more attention to their rear.

For me, all I can say about these rear covers is… uhmm, what?!

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