Dog Driving a BMW
Photo: Twitter / @gregfortier

I can accept the fact that there are dogs running around better dressed than I am and even those whose diets consists of only the choicest of ingredients, but when one is “driving” around in a nicer car than me…C'mon!

Luigi Maestro, a loveable Shih Tzu, rolls down the sidewalk of the Upper East Side in New York City (of course) with his pet parent and author “mom,” Anisha Lakhani. He sits smartly (and a tad smugly) in the front seat of his brilliantly white BMW convertible, with stunning rims and a tinted front window. Lakhani handles the remote control…you didn't really think Luigi could drive, did you?

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Dog Driving a BMW
Photo: Twitter / Neil_Paine

Tons of photos have been snapped of this high-rollin' pooch, including a pic by sportswriter, Neil Paine, of FiveThirtyEight. The image became an instant hit and blew up the internet with 18,250 retweets and 28,100 “likes.”

According to the short profile done on this lucky dog, Luigi received his new car for his fifth birthday; which is actually 35 in dog years so, hey, it was about time!

Although, this is a fun idea for toting your pooch around, it does defeat the purpose of going out for a walk. Luigi isn't getting much exercise. Not to mention the frustration-factor of all his furry friends “dogging” him for rides to the park.

In addition, what is this spoiled pet going to expect for his sixth birthday? Perhaps his own jet or a luxury cabin cruiser?

The lengths we go to impress our precious fur babies never ceases to amaze me. I have personally fallen victim to the newest toy craze or tantalizing tidbits of gourmet food. But, despite my pets nagging, I'm not buying him a car.

However, a remote control Beemer is not the silliest gift on the market for dogs. How about a doggy-inspired high chair for a cool $900 or a custom made walnut kitty cabinet starting at $475? You don't call them litter boxes at that price.

Dog Driving a BMW
Photo: Twitter / @Neil_Paine

Maybe Mr. Luigi Shih Tzu will want a golden confection for his next birthday. It runs around $1,000, but does come in three dog-friendly flavors; peanut butter, pumpkin and banana.

If you think the above items are far-fetched, they have nothing on Les Pooch's V.I.P fragrance. It's made from the rare Osmanthus flower which takes two years to grow and distil enough petals for a mere 3 oz bottle. The price? Hold onto that leash…$3,000!

Why make your pet sleep in an ordinary dog house when he can be relaxing in a mini Taj Mahal? Rockstar Puppy Boutique can custom make any doggy-quarters starting at around $12,000. However, if you have your paws set on the Taj, get ready to shell out about $40,000!

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If all these ridiculous pet products are not enough to bark about, I saved the best for last. Posh Puppy Boutique will drape your pooch in a real diamond collar for an “icy” price of only $150 grand!

I suppose for those folks that are financially flush these items are a mere drop in the water bowl. As for my furry pals, until this writing career pays off, they are just going to have to make do with those big box retail finds.

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