It's said that Christmas is all about being with your loved ones, and spending time with your family and friends, enjoying their company and making them happy while receiving the same treatment in return.

Dogs are part of our families, so who says they don't deserve some Christmas gifts? So even though they might not acknowledge it as a gift, they'd certainly be thrilled to receive some of this stuff. Here are the best Christmas gifts for dogs you can get – a whole list of ideas.

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Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs
Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs: Ideas from

2016 UPDATE: 17 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs That’ll Surprise Them

Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs: List of Ideas

Even though we've addressed already a whole list of top 10 ideas for Christmas gifts for dogs before (see this list for more interesting tips!), I assumed that closer to the actual holiday you're going to want a more specific, new one.

So here's a NEW list of Christmas gifts for dogs that you should use to get inspiration for even better gifts. Although, I have to say, I'm proud of the picks I've made below – some of these dog products are not only fun, but necessary to most dog owners' households.


Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs List of Ideas 3

1 Happy Trails Stroller for Dogs

Ultra-stylish stroller for dogs will make the trip outside more convenient and fun! This attention-craving pet stroller is absolutely perfect for running your errands with your pooch, or simply going out for a walk outside.

It will be a very smooth, comfortable ride for any dogs up to 30 lbs. Additionally, you can always fold this stroller in about 5 seconds and store it in small space; it doesn't require much. This is a great Christmas gift for any dog lover.

What do other dog owners think:

“Pet Gear strollers are a great way to take your pet with you on a long walk through the park, a walk around the block, or maybe even shopping at the mall. They safely contain and protect your pet wherever you go! The Happy Trails Plus stroller has a fashionable Euro-Canopy, removable weather guard, large storage basket, parent tray, waterproof interior pad, front swivel wheels, shock absorbers, and rear brakes. Ideal for pets up to 30-pounds.”


Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs List of Ideas

2 Padded Leather Leash with Nameplate

This ultra-good quality leather leash has an engraved rivet-on nameplate and can be chosen from one of 8 different colors. It's completely handmade in the USA, and its stylish, soft-padded handle is what attracts more dog owners.

What do other dog owners think:

“Make a classy statement when you step out for a walk with your dog. These beautiful padded leather leashes are long lasting and sure to bring you countless enjoyable walks. Made with superior quality bridle leather and durable, soft padding on the handle, these leashes are a must have if you are about quality and style. To really set you apart and ensure your leash will be returned to you if lost, we will engrave up to 2 lines of text on a stainless steel or solid brass nameplate.”


Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs List of Ideas 23 High Tech Pet Bluefang Smart Phone Electric Dog Fence

You can use this smartphone for dogs to control their behavior, their barking patterns, train your dog and contain them when necessary. The range goes up to 400 feet which is normally enough for an average household.

The device has certain programs included, like correction of bad behavior or bark control. All you have to do is check that function, and the device will make sure your dog understands how to behave without hurting them. Comes with a waterproof collar for dogs.

What do other dog owners think:

“The New, Blue fang® BF-22 collar is a remote trainer, bark control and electronic fence collar all in one. It's all controlled by your iPhone or Android. Remote dog training uses audible tones to quickly teach good dog behaviors such as, sit, stay and heel. 3 corrective stimulus levels stop bad dog behaviors like digging, jumping and chewing. Use the factory presets or customize the stimulus intensity and duration of each level to your dog's individual temperament. Bark control distinguishes between nuisance barking and intruder/ alarm.”


Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs List of Ideas 5

4 SportDOG SD-425 FieldTrainer A-Series 500 Yard Remote Trainer

I've actually talked about this yard remote trainer before on top list, and mentioned it in one of my articles. It's a great, reliable and compact model that fits most bigger dogs, especially those that are fans of running and pointing.

Naturally, it comes with three stimulation modes: tone, vibration and stimulation, which is perfect for dog owners whose pets need additional training for things like hunting, or simply if the pet is a true working dog. Great item for Christmas!

What do other dog owners think:

“The FieldTrainer 425 takes the most advanced, industry-leading technology that SportDOG has ever built into its e-collars and packaged it up in the most compact system ever offered. Ideal for training in the yard, field, or for hunting with close-working dogs, the 425 model allows you to switch instantly between static, vibration, and tone stimulation.”


Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs List of Ideas 4

5 K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Bed

These great dog beds come in 5 different sizes – small, medium, large, extra large and ultra large. You will definitely find one that will fit your pooch's size. It's resistant to almost anything: water, dirt, odors, tears, hairs and other similar nasty stuff that your dog might bring onto his or her bed.

Apparently, canines seem to think that it's also very comfortable. The dog bed is really strong, cushions has an abundance of fill, and they do not flatten quickly. Spoil your pet with this great dog bed this Christmas!

What do other dog owners think:

“Our chew resistant dog beds are woven from our own proprietary blend of super durable, double woven, Rip Stop, ballistic fibers. This proprietary blend has created some of the toughest material on the market today. These extremely durable dog beds are perfect for pets who like to chew, and pet owners who have tried other chew resistant dog beds may have better success with these dog beds. They are also perfect for the pet owner who is looking for a bed to last a lifetime. Recognizing weak spots in a bed, we have removed the zipper and replaced it with an industrial strength Velcro closure that is completely hidden underneath the bed.”


Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs List of Ideas 6

6 The Honest Kitchen Embark: Grain Free Turkey Dog Food

One of the less talked about dog foods on our top dry dog food lists, this product deserves more mention for sure. Made out of cage-free turkey, including plenty of veggies such as spinach and carrots, potatoes, and other good stuff, Honest Kitchen Embark's grain-free kibble is 100% human grade and FDA approved.

Wow! How often do we see that among other brands of food for dogs? It's very real, and very healthy with wholesome ingredients – all you have to do is add some water and the food will be ready for your puppy or adult dog to eat in less than 3 minutes.

What do other dog owners think:

“Embark all natural dog food is one of our most popular grain-free dog foods. It is AAFCO complete and balanced for all life stages, made with dehydrated cage-free turkey, vegetables, fruits and love. Embark is higher in protein and fat recipe than our average dog foods. It's perfect for puppies and active adult dogs, especially agility dogs who need a performance dog food. Because Embark is a grain-free dog food, it's great for pups who have dog food allergies or sensitivities to grains, gluten or those who need a low carbohydrate dog food. Just add warm water, wait 5 minutes, and serve for a fresh, wholesome and human grade meal.”

And this sums up our list of best Christmas gifts for dogs. I hope you found something useful in here!


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