It’s important to remember your dog when you’re making your Christmas list this year. But what should you get your favorite furry friend for Christmas? That depends on a variety of factors, like your dog’s age, breed, and current needs, but there are some dog products that almost any canine would enjoy. See if you can add any of these gift ideas for dogs to your shopping list.

Top Best Christmas Gift Ideas for DogsWhere to start? You know what your dog likes better than anyone else. What do you do when you're shopping for someone you love? You think about what they love and enjoy, their interests and their favorite things. How about doing the same for your Fido?

Does he like to chew a lot? Does he like dog toys that squeak? Maybe it's time to upgrade his old dog bed? Thinking about your dog's interests and preferences will help you decide what type of gift would be the best for him.

I love seeing my pet's face light up on Christmas morning when I show him the present. So here are some ideas for you to experience the joy of these holidays together.

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17 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs

Top best Christmas gift ideas for dogs

Treating Them Right

1. Organic Dog Treats

Organic dog treats for ChristmasTry a healthy snack first!

Organic dog treats are more expensive than your regular treats for dogs, so naturally they may not be affordable for every pet owner or for daily feeding. However, these type of healthy dog treats are one of the best things you can give to your pooch, particularly if it's a special occasion such as Christmas. Most organic treats for dogs are made with human-safe ingredients. They contain absolutely no wheat, corn, soy, preservatives, or fillers, and dogs love them.

If you're looking for affordable options, here are five best organic dog treats that are healthy and relatively cheap. Most organic dog treats come in multiple great flavors, with popular ones being Bacon and Cheddar, Double Cheeseburger, Peanut Butter and Honey, Sweet Potato, and Steak Frites. Each package will have about 50 to 70 biscuits for your dog to enjoy, making them not only one of the best gift ideas for dogs but one of the most healthy options too. Need more? See the below link.

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2. Pawsitively Gourmet Doughnuts for Dogs

Pawsitively Gourmet Doughnuts for DogsMmmm, doughnuts…

These cookies for dogs from Pawsitively Gourmet look like sprinkle-covered doughnuts, but they’re actually made of real chicken liver and other healthy ingredients for dogs, like sweet potato and whole wheat flour.

Then, these doughnuts for dogs are also yogurt dipped for a fancy finishing touch to make them look appetizing even for us. They’re baked and decorated here in the USA with locally made ingredients, and they last on the shelf for several months. Yum!


3. Bowser Beer for Dogs

Bowser Beer for DogsLet's get the party started!

Looking to get the party started and get drunk with your pooch? While you’re enjoying a cold one, your pup can too with this tasty beer for dogs!

These completely safe beverages meant just for dogs come in fun flavors like Beefy Brown Ale (lots of beefy flavor), Porky Pug Porter (with malt barley and glucosamine for joint health) and Cock-a-Doodle Brew (made of fat-free, salt-free homemade chicken stock). Bowser Beer can be served straight from the bottle or chilled as your dog prefers. Maybe throw in a steak for good measure?

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Playing Them Hard

4. Striped Play Balls Box Set

Tennis balls for dogsAn upgrade to playtime together!

This fun set of striped tennis-style balls by Harry Barker features red and white peppermint stripes and a message saying “Fetch.” What could be more perfect to play a game of fetch with your dog on a Christmas day morning using these upgraded, new fetch toys?

The tennis balls are heavy duty so they won’t deteriorate quickly, and they’re made of 100% natural rubber and covered in felt so that they're safe for dogs. Being one of the best gift ideas for dogs on the list, these tennis balls use 100% azo free dyes so your dog can be completely safe from poisoning while chewing on them.

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5. Bone Wooden Training Board

Bone Wooden Training Board Interactive Dog ToyStimulate your dog's brain with a new toy!

Composed of natural wood and pet-safe paint, this Bone Wooden Training Board (which you can find at most of your local T.J. Maxx stores) rewards your pet with a doggy treat that you’ll hide inside.

This interactive dog toy works in a similar fashion to the famous KONG treat toys, but can be a new upgrade for your pooch since it looks and is constructed totally differently. Your Fido will learn to knock aside a wooden peg and slide a piece aside to get at a treat, keeping his brain stimulated, sharp and his taste buds satisfied.


6. Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Blower

Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Blower for DogsLooking for something completely new?

If your dog loves bubbles, you may be out of breath long before she’s done playing. Get her this Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Blower and she’ll enjoy pouncing on the bubbles that smell deliciously of bacon!

The Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Blower will run for hours on 6 AAA batteries, and once the 8-oz container of bacon-scented bubbles included with the blower is gone, you can use any bubble solution for continuing the fun. Watch your Fido go crazy for this one!

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7. Doggie Cigars

Doggie CigarsYou had some beer together, now it's time for a cigar.

Fido will love chewing on these completely fake stogies, and you’ll love watching him as he tries to sell himself as a doggie mobster.

Canine cigars are one of the best gift ideas for dogs, because when else would you get something silly like this? These are made from 100% natural rope, double as far-throwing fetch sticks, and contain no fillers. They’re fun to play with and they’re great for your dog’s teeth, so your vet won’t mind him chewing on these either.


8. Rogz Grinz Dog Ball Treat Toy

SEBS Rogz Grinz Dog Ball Treat ToyThere's never too many toys or treats for your dog!

These humorous balls will make it look like your dog has a big smile of his face. He’ll certainly be enjoying himself with a Rogz Grinz ball, which are both hard enough to bounce but soft enough not to hurt your dog’s teeth.

With these Rogz Grinz balls, you can even push a treat inside of them for your pup to find and be more into the game. Another reason these are one of the best gift ideas for dogs is that they are made from Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene (SEBS), so they also float for water play.

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Keeping Them Warm

9. Dog Hoodie

A hoodie for dogsGet them back into style!

If your pup gets cold when you go on walks in winter, you may have considered purchasing a doggy sweater for him to keep him warm and comfy. Fortunately, there's a bunch of great sweaters for dogs that look stylish on them and keep their body temperature at an optimal level.

Looking for something specific? This hoodie is a great option as one of the solid Christmas gift ideas for dogs. It’s made of soft cotton and has ribbed sleeves and a hem so it will fit your pooch comfortably. This is a stylish way to make sure that your dog isn’t getting too chilly, even in December.

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10. Pawz Waterproof Dog Boot

Pawz Waterproof Dog BootProtect their paws from snow and ice!

Did you know that going out into the rain and snow with bare paws isn’t really comfortable for your pet, especially if it's freezing winter weather? So if you're getting a sweater for your pooch and going for some exercise, try these Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots.

Boots for dogs in cold or rainy climates are paw-savers! Even if it’s a white Christmas morning, you can still go out on slippery surfaces since these Pawz Waterproof dog boots have traction control and won’t let your dog slip. They’re made of all-natural materials and are completely waterproof and reusable.

Want more options for doggie boots? Here are six best booties for dogs that stay on and don't fall off as easily as most others.


11. Field Coat for Dogs

Field coat for dogsWhen just a sweater isn't enough…

Not all dogs like sweaters, and sometimes, a proper dog coat may be a better solution in terms of warmth, too. This close-fitting field coat by L.L. Bean comes in olive green and saddle brown and will keep your dog warm even on the chilliest walks.

To keep the warmth in, it’s made of 100% cotton canvas, lined with soft flannel, and even includes a snap pocket on the back so you can store a few treats when your dog gets hungry. While the dpg coat has been originally intended for hunting gun dogs, it looks comfortable enough for a more frequent daily use in winter, too.

Need more ideas for doggy jackets? Here are some of the best dog coats that are also affordable and will look great on your Fido.

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Sleeping Tight

12. Bambu Pet Hammock

Bambu Pet Hammock for DogsBecause they just love to nap on a Christmas afternoon.

Providing your Fido with a good dog bed is a must, but how about an upgrade for something new and original? A dog hammock would certain qualify as one of the best Christmas gift ideas for dogs this year.

Made of eco-friendly bamboo and soft, rich fabric, this Bambu Pet Hammock by Pet Lounge Studios is one of the most perfect Christmas gifts for dogs. It's especially beneficial if your pooch enjoys lounging, napping and dozing during the day. They’re currently available for dogs up to 30 pounds in kiwi green and berry blue, but hopefully we can soon fit a Great Dane in there too!

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13. Casper Dog Mattress

Orthopedic memory foam dog mattressTime to change that old dog mattress for something healthy.

Made by the same people who brought us the original Casper Mattress, these durable dog mattresses from Casper come in three sizes and are the ultimate in doggy bed luxury.

There’s even extra material on top to simulate the soft earth that dogs have pawed at and dug in for thousands of years before they turn in for the night. Based on 11 months of dog sleep studies, these foam mattresses come with a 100-day guarantee – if your dog doesn’t absolutely love his new Casper dog bed, you can return it (even if it’s covered in hair and drool).

Alternatively, if Casper's luxury dog beds are outside of your budget, you can find a bunch of cheaper dog mattresses online on Amazon or other dog supplies retailers. Here's a great alternative – an orthopedic memory foam mattress for dogs made by Better World Pets.


14. Hemp Stripe Bedroll for Dogs

Hemp Stripe Bedroll for DogsIn case you're planning a Christmas trip with your dog…

When you’re traveling during the Christmas holidays, you need a comfortable place for your dog to sleep. Harry Barker makes these soft Hemp Stripe Bedrolls in various sizes so your dog can have a soft place to lie down whether you’re staying with relatives or at a hotel.

This very bohemian like doggy bed/mattress is filled with recycled eco-fiberfill padding and covered with hemp fabric. It also makes a soft pad for a crate or resting anywhere at your home, so you'll be able to utilize this purchase more often than just on trips with your pooch.

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Staying Clean on Christmas

15. Wildwash Natural Pet Shampoo

Wildwash Natural Pet ShampooThey can't avoid a doggy bath even on Christmas…

If your canine has sensitive skin, it can be difficult to find dog bathing products that don’t irritate him. One of the more gentle dog shampoos is the Wildwash Natural Pet Shampoo – it contains aloe vera and evening primrose to promote healthy skin that’s properly hydrated.

This shampoo for dogs is made from all-natural ingredients, pH balanced, and best of all, it won’t irritate your skin either as you’re bathing your dog.

If this doesn't sound like an affordable Christmas gift idea for dogs, then take a look at this list of ten best dog shampoos for more options to choose from.


16. “Petite Amande” Dog Fragrance

“Petite Amande” Dog FragranceStart a Christmas holiday with a fresh smell!

Your holiday guests won’t need to complain about a doggy smell when you anoint your best friend with “Petite Amande,” a perfume for dogs (and humans) by Mungo & Maud.

This doggy cologne/perfume includes the aromas of French blackcurrant, Tunisian neroli, mimosa and violet leaf with a base of sweet vanilla bourbon and a little almond. The smell is amazing and doesn't irritate your dog or his skin; however, the price is a little costly.

For more affordable options of perfumes, take a look at these five best dog colognes and deodorants for dogs that make your pooch smell nice, fresh and clean while not breaking your bank.


17. No Stink Dog Collar

No Stink Dog CollarIf you want to protect your dog from all the nasty outside smells…

Your dog loves to roll around in whatever they find, but bacteria from dirty water, mud, and muck of all kinds can get under your pup's collar and cause itching and soreness (not to mention a bad smell).

Your dog will love how this no-stink collar glides easily over his fur and how water rolls right off it. And you will love how a quick wipe will clean it off – no need for remembering to wash it and dealing with an unpleasant odor after your dog goes for a swim or a splash in who-knows-what. Here's to fresh and clean smells!

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