Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Parents

The holiday season is here, and we need to start thinking about the best Christmas gifts for dog parents. Who likes what? What options do we have? Do good dog-theme Christmas gifts even exist?

Dog parents like the same types of Christmas gifts as non-dog parents but the best gifts have a doggy theme. If you're looking for Christmas gifts for pet lovers who are crazy about a particular breed, get them something that represents that breed. Speaking from experience, that's always my favorite type of dog theme Christmas gifts.

Dog parents of mixed-breed dogs enjoy non-breed specific gifts or personalized gifts made from pictures of their very special, one-of-a-kind fur-baby. Ultimately, it's best to spend a little extra time or money and find a gift with that specific dog breed for someone you care about, instead of going with the generic “dog related” gift.

Here are some interesting ideas for the best Christmas gifts for dog parents that may give you a head start.

Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Parents

How to pick the best Christmas gift for dog owners

1Doggy Key Chains

Dog key chains are great and inexpensive gifts for dog lovers. Everybody uses key chains and dog parents will love having one with a small representation of their favorite pet attached.

  • Best Christmas Gift-dog keychainAmazon has a great selection of dog-themed key chains. Their prices start at just over $1.00, which is cheap. Amazon has lots of breed-specific dog key chains from which to choose, and you will hardly run out of options. You'll have a bunch of other options as great alternatives offered there, too.
  • Etsy also has a great selection of dog key chains starting at $6.00. The great thing about purchasing from Etsy is that for a more personal touch you can get a non-breed-specific metal dog shape and have it monogrammed with the gift recipient’s initials. If you want to spend a little more, you can make it really personal by having a picture of the recipient’s dog put on the key chain for $32.50 to $42.00. Basically, they do pretty much anything on Etsy for their customers for the right price.

2Dog-themed Mugs

Dog mugs are appreciated by all dog parents, even if they don’t drink coffee. They can be amazing, inexpensive dog Christmas gifts that are sure to be a hit among many dog parents. It shouldn't be difficult to find a bunch of websites that actually created dog-themed mugs.

  • Enesco Our Name Is Mud Dog Father Stoneware Mug, 16 oz, Red,6001229Again, Etsy has a huge selection of dog-themed mugs. Their prices start at just a little over $3.00. They have a variety of breed-specific mugs, thermal travel mugs, and stoneware mugs all of which make great Christmas gifts. They even have breed-specific knit cozies to keep the beverage warm and fingers cool.

3Dog-lovers’ Calendars

Dog calendars are always a perfect option of a nice and inexpensive gift for dog parents. Most of the time, all the dog pictures are cute and adorable to look at, and everybody can use a calendar to help them keep track of appointments and events.

      • Best Christmas Gifts for Dog ParentsPetSmart has a great selection of breed-specific calendars starting at around $8.00.
  • Etsy has an interesting selection of unusual doggy calendars. There are funny calendars and artsy calendars for fairly reasonable prices.
  • Amazon also has quite a selection of nice dog-themed calendars at prices starting around $7.00.

4Dog Puzzles for Puzzlers

Dog puzzles are fun Christmas presents for dog parents who enjoy doing puzzles. This is one of the best Christmas gifts for people who live in cold-winter climates. They can enjoy putting together the puzzle you gave them indoors where it’s cozy and warm while the cold wind blows and snow falls outside.

  • Best Christmas Gifts for Dog has a great selection of breed-specific and dog-themed puzzles in sizes ranging from 35-piece puzzles for youngsters to 1,000-piece puzzles for adults. Prices start at just over $5.00. Take a look at other online retailers for better prices on puzzles with dogs.

5Doggy Blankets and Pillows

Dog-themed fleece blankets and decorative throw pillows received as Christmas gifts are always appreciated by dog owners. They are great for covering the furniture to keep dog hair off or snuggling up with the pet on those cold winter nights.

  • Best Christmas Gifts for Dog ParentsBoth Amazon and Etsy have a selection of cheap dog fleece blankets and throw pillows. Their prices start at around $8.00.
  • For something a little more high-end, check out the selection of pillows and fleece throws at CafePress, too. They have breed-specific and dog-themed fleece throws for around $50.00 and throw pillows starting at about $20.00.

6Dog Jewelry for Him and Her

Jewelry with a dog theme makes for a good Christmas gift for female and male dog parents.

  • Best Christmas Gifts for Dog ParentsEtsy has a large selection of all types of doggy jewelry from pendants to pins with prices starting at just a few dollars. You can have a pendant custom made from pictures of the recipient’s dog for $50.00. They have dog-themed cuff links and tie clips, rings and dog-tag necklaces for the male dog parents on your list.
  • Amazon will often have a good selection of cheap doggy jewelry for both guys and gals. Certain suppliers will even often engravings for a very affordable price, too.

7Fun Dog Clothes

Dog-themed clothes can never be a bad Christmas gift for dog parents. From t-shirts to pajamas and hoodies, all dog parents enjoy clothing that represents their love for their dog.

  • Best Christmas Gifts for Dog ParentsCaféPress has a fun selection of dog-themed clothing for men, women, and children. From a $13.00 pair of “Boxer” boxer shorts to an $18.00 “Grandpaw” t-shirt or a $37.00 sweatshirt with a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel running across the front, they are sure to have something that most dog parents would love to wear.
  • Remember to take a look at Amazon as well where you can find more cool dog-themed hoodies and t-shirts for cheap.

8Dog Christmas Tree Ornaments

Start a Christmas tradition with dog-themed Christmas tree ornaments. These are wonderful Christmas gifts with sentimental value for dog owners, especially if the ornament is personalized with the year and the dog’s name.

Best Christmas Gifts for Dog ParentsThese dog tree ornaments can be made with a picture of the recipient’s dog on the ornament, which is always cool. At most online retail stores, prices start at just a few dollars but $10.00 to $30.00 is the most common price range.

  • Etsy, Amazon, and CafePress have excellent selections from which to choose. Calendars offer dog-themed Christmas ornaments, too, ranging in price from $7.50 to $13.00. They even sell a paw print ornament kit for $13.00 that can be used to make a Christmas tree ornament with the dog’s paw print in plaster.

9Dog Supplies Gift Certificates

Giving a gift certificate for dog supplies may seem as though you took the easy way out but dog parents are usually thrilled to get them for Christmas. This gives pet parents the opportunity to splurge on dog toys, pick the best dog food brands for their canine, and get other dog supplies that make them and their pet happy.

Thankfully, most dog supply retailers sell gift certificates. Here are a few options:

  • EntirelyPets sells $10, $25, $50, and $100 gift certificates for all of their dog supplies.
  • offers gift certificates in $5.00 increments up to $100, then they jump to $200, $250, and $500.
    • Best Christmas Gifts for Dog ParentsAmazon of course has its standard gift certificates, but the good thing about these ones is that pet parents can choose absolutely anything from their store, which is usually the biggest advantage for someone receiving a gift certificate for Christmas.
  • Foster and Smith sells gift certificates that can be ordered as late as December 23 for delivery by Christmas by e-mail. They sell all sorts of dog supplies from toys, treats and food to grooming supplies and medications. Dog parent recipients will certainly be able to find something they would like to have and it can all be done online. All you need is the dog parent’s e-mail address. They can send a paper gift certificate, if you prefer, but it will take 7 to 10 business days to get there.

10Odds and Ends

Unusual dog-themed Christmas gifts can be just the ticket for many dog parents. Select a gift that fits easily within your budget but speaks to the personality of the dog parent.

These budget-friendly dog themed gifts can also be combined for a fun gift bag full of individually-wrapped surprises for most pet owners.

  • Refrigerator magnets are useful, fun and ideal for gift givers on a tight budget. They can also be added to another present or given as a stocking stuffer. CafePress and Etsy have lots of dog-themed magnets with prices starting as low as $1.80.
    • Tote bags with a dog theme are great Christmas giftsO-WITZ Reusable Grocery Bags for environmentally friendly dog parents who do not like to use plastic shopping bags and dog parents who just have lots of stuff to tote around. Prices for dog-themed tote bags start at around $10.00. Amazon, CafePress and Etsy have lots of tote bags with a dog theme. You are sure to find one that suits the dog parent on your Christmas list.
  • Drink coasters can be fun while they protect the furniture. They may be dog breed-specific, humorous, artsy or customized with pictures of the gift recipient’s dog. Again, same retailers like Amazon, CafePress and Etsy have a good selection. Prices start at about $5.00 but be cautious when ordering. Some of them sell for a certain amount per each coaster or tile while others are sold as a set.
  • Best Christmas Gifts for Dog ParentsiPhone covers with a dog theme are fun and useful Christmas gifts for iPhone-using dog parents. Prices start at about $4.00. Take a look at Amazon, CafePress, and Etsy as they have a huge selection of breed-specific and generally dog-themed iPhone cases.
  • Dog-themed baseball caps are good gifts for cap-wearing dog parents. Check out CafePress because they have the best selection with prices starting at around $13.00.
  • Flip flops with dog pictures on them are a useful, unexpected Christmas gift for dog parents who love to go to the beach or just like to wear flip flops. CafePress has them for about $17.00 per pair. They have breed-specific flip flops and non-breed specific flip flops for men and women.
Reannan has enjoyed the companionship of dogs her whole life. She bred, raised and showed cocker spaniels for a while but has owned a variety of different types of dogs, ranging from bulldogs to mutts. She worked in the private sector for 30 years. Now she devotes her time to writing and sharing knowledge about dog ownership and care.