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Who doesn't love lists? They're quick to read, often interesting, and you can always learn something. Top Dog Tips, however, provides the most original, extensive and sometimes even evidence-based lists on dogs, dog ownership and related articles that every pet parent will find interesting to read and share.
Best Dog Carrier Backpacks

Top 7 Best Dog Carrier Backpacks

Dog backpacks are best for small or small-medium dog breeds. They are a type of pet carrier that allows you to 'wear' your dog...
Tax Deductions for Dog Owners

17 Tax Deductions for Dog Owners

Most of us love our dogs like children. Sadly, the law doesn't recognize them as such, and we can't claim them as dependents on...
Best Dog Arthritis Supplements

Top 5 Best Dog Arthritis Supplements

Every dog's joints take a beating over the years. Dogs love to run, jump and play. All of this activity puts a lot of...
best dog life jackets

Top 7 Best Dog Life Jackets

One of the best things about warm weather is all the water fun that we can partake in. Many dogs love water and swimming,...
best dog backpacks

Top 5 Best Dog Backpacks and Saddle Bags

If you're here, you are obviously interested in adventuring with your dog. While it's fun to hike, bike and go camping with your pup,...
best heated water bowl for dogs

Top 5 Best Heated Water Bowls for Dogs

Keeping your dog hydrated is essential. All dogs need access to fresh, clean drinking water at all times, even while outside during the cold winter...
Best Dog Books for Dog Owners with Kids

10 Best Books for Dog Owners with Kids

When you decide to adopt a dog and you have kids in the family, there are many things to consider, no least of which...
Best Dogs for Families with Kids

16 Best Dogs for Families with Kids

Adopting a dog when you kids in the family is significantly different when you're living by yourself, or just with a partner. There are...
Top Dog Food Brands Review - Dry

15 Top Dog Food Brands (2017)

Picking top dog food brands is not simple, and here's why: it depends on what kind of dog foods you're looking for. As someone who's been...
Hardest Tricks and Commands to Train Dogs

25 Most Difficult Tricks and Commands to Train Dogs (from easiest to hardest)

Dogs are a good provider of joy and companionship. This is especially true if you teach them a lot of tricks and commands. Whether...
Best Ear Cleaner for Dogs

Top 5 Best Ear Cleaners for Dogs

Cleaning your dog's ears is a very important part of regular dog grooming. A lot of owners overlook using dog ear cleaning treatments, but...
best cordless pet clippers for dogs

Top 5 Best Cordless Pet Clippers for Dogs

When it's time to groom your dog, you may find that a pair of clippers is necessary. When you're trying to trim your pet's...