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Who doesn't love lists? They're quick to read, often interesting, and you can always learn something. Top Dog Tips, however, provides the most original, extensive and sometimes even evidence-based lists on dogs, dog ownership and related articles that every pet parent will find interesting to read and share.
Top Best Dog Muzzles

Top 5 Best Dog Muzzles for Any Dog

What comes to mind when you think of a dog muzzle? You're probably picturing a vicious large breed dog foaming at the mouth, right?...
best dog diarrhea solutions

Top 7 Best Dog Diarrhea Remedies

No pet owner likes to talk about it, but we've all dealt with it. Dogs get diarrhea, and it's our responsibility to treat it....
Best Flea Collars for Dogs to Prevent Fleas and Ticks

Top 5 Best Flea Collars for Dogs

We know that flea and tick prevention for dogs is one of the essentials for canine's health because fleas and ticks carry a number...
Most Expensive Dog Breeds

20 Most Expensive Dog Breeds from Around the World

Some of the most expensive dogs are so costly most of us wouldn’t even look twice into purchasing one. The more obscure and rare dogs...
Best Dog Treat Animal Ears

Top 5 Best Dog Treat Animal Ears

Keeping our dog's physically and mentally stimulated is very important. When dogs get bored, they may exhibit destructive behavior. It's also important to foster...
best dog purses for small dogs

Top 5 Stylish Dog Purses for Small Dogs

One of the most fun things about owning a small breed dog is that you have the ability to carry them around with you...
Top Best Dog Houses for Outdoors and Indoors

Top 20 Best Dog Houses for Outdoors and Indoors

A dog needs his own house for many different reasons, no least of which is because a dog house keeps him warm in the winter, cool...
Top 10 Best Dog Door

Top 10 Best Dog Doors for Walls and Doors

It's becoming more and more popular to install pet doors for dogs when you own a home, and there's a good reason for that....
best dog car hammocks

Top 6 Best Dog Car Hammocks

There are a number of uses for the best dog car hammocks for dogs of all sizes and breeds. They keep hair, mud and dirt off of...
Best Pet Dryers for Dogs

Top 10 Best Pet Dryers for Dogs

Once you’ve decided to start grooming your dog at home, you are going to want to make sure you have all the dog grooming...
Best Dog Anxiety Vests

Top 5 Best Dog Anxiety Vests

Pet owners know that it's not easy to care for a dog with anxiety. If the anxiety is mild, they may just shake or bark...
Best Medicated Dog Shampoo

Top 5 Best Medicated Dog Shampoos

When shopping for antiseptic dog shampoo, there are so many choices available that it may be difficult to pick the right one for your...