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Who doesn't love lists? They're quick to read, often interesting, and you can always learn something. Top Dog Tips, however, provides the most original, extensive and sometimes even evidence-based lists on dogs, dog ownership and related articles that every pet parent will find interesting to read and share.
Best Dog Chews

Top 10 Best Dog Chews for Dogs That Are Tough Chewers

Top 10 Best Dog Chews for Dogs We all know that our dogs love to chew things. Infuriating as it is sometimes (and it can be...
Best Dog Flea Treatments and Prevention

10 Best Dog Flea Treatments and Preventions That Work

It's not always easy to get rid of fleas on a dog, but with the advancement in all different types of commercial products, pet...
best auto fill dog water bowl

Top 5 Best Auto Fill Dog Water Bowls & Fountains for Proper Hydration

The best auto fill dog water bowl is ideal for pets that love to drink fresh running water and are always thirsty, or otherwise forget...
best dog frisbee

Top 5 Best Dog Frisbee Brands That Dogs Love to Play With

Playing regular fetch with a dog is fun, but it may be the time to literally up your game by using a Frisbee for dogs....
Best Dogs for Cats

13 Best Dogs for Cats: Which Dog Breeds Get Along with Cats?

If you’re like me, you love all fur babies. Unfortunately, not all fur babies love each other. Most dogs will get along with cats...
Ways Dog Owners Can Go Green and Eco-Friendly

10 Ways Dog Owners Can Go Green and Eco-Friendly

Our earth is a beautiful, wonderful place, and to keep it just as beautiful and wonderful for us to enjoy and also to create...
Best Dog Pools for Dogs

Top 7 Best Dog Pools for Summer

As the summer's temperatures continue to increase, more dogs are at risk of overheating. Not many dog owners are aware of how dangerous overheating...
Most Popular Dogs in America

188 America’s Most Popular Dogs [Infographic]

The AKC has been doing a great job ranking most popular dog breeds for decades. In the US, for 27 years, the Labrador Retriever...
best dog thermometer

Top 5 Best Dog Thermometers

If you cringe thinking about taking your dog's temperature, don't worry. It's really not as bad as you think. As long as you have...
Best puppy toys for dogs that chew hard

Top 25 Best Puppy Toys for Dogs that Chew A Lot

The best strategy to keep a dog occupied has always been to entice your pooch with some of the best puppy toys for dogs that chew as...
Best Dog Toys Made in USA

5 Best Dog Toys Made in America

Finding a quality dog toy that is safe, durable and interesting to your dog is quite a tall order these days. After so many...
Dog GPS Trackers Service Cost

13 Dog GPS Trackers’ Service Costs Compared

There are many dog GPS tracker devices on the market today, and choosing the right option for your pet means analyzing a variety of...