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Who doesn't love lists? They're quick to read, often interesting, and you can always learn something. Top Dog Tips, however, provides the most original, extensive and sometimes even evidence-based lists on dogs, dog ownership and related articles that every pet parent will find interesting to read and share.
Best Dog Food For Pit Bulls to Gain Muscle

Top 5 Best Dog Foods for Pit Bulls to Gain Muscle

Dogs like Pit Bulls are muscular by nature. It’s one of their many appeals. Their strength and physique also make them superb working dogs,...
Top Best Car Seats for Dogs

Top 15 Best Car Seats for Dogs

As the numbers of adopted dogs in the US increases, so does the chance that pets will be traveling in cars alongside their humans....
Five Reasons Your Dog Has Canine Bloat

5 Reasons Your Dog Has Canine Bloat and How to Prevent It

To nobody's surprise, canine bloat is exactly what it sounds like – a bloated stomach that makes your dog incredibly uncomfortable. But unlike humans...
best dog purses for small dogs

Top 5 Stylish Dog Purses for Small Dogs

One of the most fun things about owning a small breed dog is that you have the ability to carry them around with you...
Best Inexpensive Dog Food & Cheapest Dog Foods

Top 5: Best Inexpensive Dog Food That’s Good Value for Money

Canine nutrition is not something that owners should take lightly. Everyone is on a budget, but you still need to make sure that your...
Most Stubborn Dog Breeds

15 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds That Are Difficult to Train

As with people, the dog world also has its more difficult characters. A difficult dog breed is better known as "stubborn." These dog breeds are a lot...
best fish oil for dogs

5 Best Fish Oil for Dogs Supplements to Aid the Brain, Skin and Arthritis

Supplements like fish oil for dogs, whether in liquid, pill or capsule form, can be a great addition to your pet’s healthy diet. Multiple...
Tax Deductions for Dog Owners

17 Tax Deductions for Dog Owners

Most of us love our dogs like children. Sadly, the law doesn't recognize them as such, and we can't claim them as dependents on...
Homemade Dog Toys

Top 10 Ideas for Homemade Dog Toys

Making homemade dog toys can be fun and rewarding for you and your canine companion. It allows you to be creative and make something that...
Best Dog Sunglasses

Top 5 Best Dog Sunglasses and Goggles

Dog sunglasses and dog goggles have been growing in popularity over the last few years. But, does your dog really need them? Protecting your...
best vegetarian dog food and best vegan dog food

5 Best Vegetarian Dog Foods & Best Vegan Dog Foods

Vegetarian and vegan diets go hand in hand. Typically, dogs are fed these diets because their owner is also vegetarian or vegan. This is...
Resources for Hunters with Gun Dogs

35 Essential Resources for Hunters with Gun Dogs

Owning a gun dog means devoting yourself to the ongoing training and immaculate care of a working dog. While this may seem like an...