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Top 7 Best Dog Carrier Backpacks

Top Best Dog Carrier BackpacksDog backpacks are only fit for small or teacup breeds. They are a type of pet carrier that allows you to “wear” your pet on your back or front. The best dog carrier backpacks are a perfect tool for anybody wanting to bring their pooch along and keep their hands free.

There are several different types of dog carrier backpacks, and the most appropriate one depends on how you're going to use it. Are you going cycling, hiking, camping, or strolling around the neighborhood with your dog in a bag?

Some pet owners prefer a sling style pet carrier, while others like traditional dog backpack carrier that's more ergonomic but, arguably, less stylish.

Picking the Best Dog Carrier Backpack

This type of dog carriers became more popular among pet owners over the last year. Now, manufacturers are adding new features that are making them even more convenient. Not only do these carriers ensure the comfort of your pet while riding on a bicycle or hiking, but they're also more comfortable for the people that have to lug their dogs around.

The first feature to look out for is padding on the shoulder straps and the back. You want enough of high quality foam to stay comfortable, especially if your dog is heavier.

Two safety feature you want are (a) proper ventilation and enough room to prevent a dog feeling claustrophobic, and (b) a leash attachment that would secure your dog in the backpack. The leash inside the carrier will attach to your pet's collar, allowing them to look outside without letting the dog out.

Optional: You may want a dog backpack carrier that's collapsible. Some of the best dog carrier backpack brands we've tried had this feature and they were very easy to fold to be stuffed under a car or plane seat. Note, however, that if you choose a fold-able carrier, ensure it's of good quality so it wouldn't collapse while your pet is inside.

Optional: Depending on when and how you're going to use the pet backpack carrier, consider picking the one that has wheels “on-demand.” That way you can pull your pet along when feasible instead of having to heft them on your back the entire time.

We've tried several brands to pick out seven best dog carrier backpacks, and whichever model you choose, give it a test run before going out on a long adventure. Finally, don't forget to measure your dog accurately and pay attention to the measurements on each product's page.

Top 7 Best Dog Carrier Backpacks

1 Petsfit Comfort Dogs Carrier Backpack

By now we know that dogs love to tag along with their humans whether walking, cycling or hiking. Smaller breeds, however, do get tired, especially for long distances. They may need to rest or be carried. Petsfit realized that and came up with an ergonomically designed dog backpack carrier that became very popular.

Petsfit Pet Carrier Backpack Easy-Fit Pet Travel...
1,399 Reviews
Petsfit Pet Carrier Backpack Easy-Fit Pet Travel...
  • NEW VERSION:Decompression...
  • KEEP YOUR PET SAFE:The dog...
  • MADE TO LAST:This dog backpack...

Being one of the best dog carrier backpack brands we've looked at for this review, the Petsfit Comfort Dogs Carrier would be ideal for most dogs and owners. It measures 13”x11”x17” and can hold pets weighing up to 15 lb.

It uses high-quality oxford and polyester cloth as the main material and lining. Mesh windows are provided on all three sides and a top flap allows for air circulation and a peak-through design. An adjustable and thickly-padded strap, chest strap, waist strap, and thick back support make carrying this dog carrier backpack comfortable and secure. This product is available in three color combinations.

This dog backpack carrier is a good fit for dogs around 16-17 inches tall when sitting. The Petsfit Comfort Dogs Carrier Backpack is comfortable to carry even for tall dog owners. It does not restrict movement, and the weight is well-distributed on the shoulders, waist and back.

We particularly liked that the bottom pad is removable and washable, with a zip opening at the bottom that makes for easy maintenance. The two-way access through the front or top is a great and very useful idea. Small details such as the inside clip which secures the pet from inside even when the top flap is open were also very neat.

  • Measures 13”x11”x17”
  • Can hold pets weighing up to 15 pounds
  • Made of strong polyester and oxford cloth
  • Mesh windows offer ventilation
  • Top flap provides a peak through design
  • Added padding for comfort
  • Available in 3 color combinations
  • We didn't think the mesh is strong and some dogs may push through it
  • There wasn't enough lower back padding
  • Accurate measuring of your dog is needed, because you're at risk of pet not fitting in the carrier


2KritterWorld Outdoor Soft-sided Carrier

Whether you’re cycling with your pet on your back, bringing him to the vet, or simply hanging out for some fresh air, this mesh pup dog backpack carrier should make things easier for you. The KritterWorld Outdoor Pet Carrier is made of bite-resistant and washable nylon material. It's available in colors of grey, hot pink and purple.

PetAmi Dog Backpack Carrier For Small Large Cat,...
7,714 Reviews
PetAmi Dog Backpack Carrier For Small Large Cat,...

A large front mesh window allows full view of the inside. Top and side windows add to the ventilation. This backpack measures 11.5”x9”x16” and will be comfortable for pets not taller than 16 inches when sitting and weighing 7 pounds or less. Aside from the good view afforded by the mesh window, we found the netting to be very thick and sturdy.

This dog backpack carrier was used during a single trip, subsequent walks and a night of camping. It stood up to our pet’s busy probing paws. The interior feels soft and comfortable, with the plush fleece bottom and cushioned walls.

The manufacturer has not only thought of the comfort and safety of the pet inside this dog carrier, but of the ease, too. This is one of the best dog carrier backpacks as the traps are adequately padded and sturdily constructed, and the waist strap keeps the backpack stable and distributes weight evenly. The nifty side pockets are great for keeping treats, a small water bottle, and other items you may need for your pet. That it’s approved for most airlines as an under-seat item is definitely a huge plus for traveling dog owners and their pets.

  • Made of bite resistant and washable nylon
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Measures 11.5”x9”x16”
  • Suitable for dogs weighing less than 7 pounds
  • Top and side windows offer ventilation and views of your pet
  • There's a strong chemical odor when you first take it out of the package (but that can be aired out)
  • Only suitable for very small dogs


3 Cosmos Pet Dogs Legs Out Front Carrier Bag

This third best dog backpack carrier bag from Cosmos is designed after infant-style carriers, except that it can be used to tote pets at the front or the back. The striped material used is canvas-like with soft trim around the holes where the legs and tail go through.

Cosmos Pet Dog Carrier Backpack Pet Dog Cat Legs...
955 Reviews
Cosmos Pet Dog Carrier Backpack Pet Dog Cat Legs...
  • Strip pattern. Made of canvas....
  • Adjustable shoulder strap,...
  • Let your pet enjoy a soothing...

A thick mesh is used for the crotch part. This is one of the best dog carrier backpacks because it offers a front flap that holds the pet to the carrier with a garterized collar that secures the dog without choking, and the flap zips up at the sides and the collar ends fasten to the carrier with Velcro strips.

The straps crisscross at the back from the shoulders to the base. This provides comfort for the wearer and stability for the pup. Three sizes are available from small to large. Unfortunately, this is most for very small dogs, so make sure you measure your pooch carefully before ordering.

While it’s possible to use it as a backpack, we would suggest that it is best carried at the front. This affords your pet the same view that you have. Compared to others, we found the Cosmos brand as one of the best dog carrier backpacks because it is not bulky, and it didn't hinder any of our movement or vision during tests.

The straps are not padded, sadly, but it won’t be an issue for pet owners of very small dogs (teacup size). The large one snugly fits dogs weighing around 6 pounds. Overall, this is a great carrier for bringing around a pup that loves to be close even when you’re doing things and need your hands to be free – whether you’re traveling, doing chores at home, shopping, or riding a bike. As long as your pet is small.

  • Durable canvas-like material has soft trim around the holes where the legs go through
  • Front flap that holds the pet to the carrier has a garterized collar that secures the dog without choking
  • 3 sizes available
  • Only fits very small breeds
  • Very accurate measurement is needed
  • Straps are not padded
  • Wasn't comfortable for long wear


4Petroad Mesh Comfortable Pet Legs Out Carrier

This frontal best dog backpack carrier from Petroad uses the same concept as the one above. It is made of lightweight and durable polyester material with sturdy mesh for a well-ventilated front pouch. It’s a very convenient and practical piece of pet gear to have for carrying pets 8-15 pounds in weight and still have your hands free to carry other things or do other activities.

Petroad Pet Carrier Backpack Adjustable for...
80 Reviews
Petroad Pet Carrier Backpack Adjustable for...
  • Pet Front Carrier works fine,...
  • It is made of polyester, so it...
  • This fashionable pet carrier...
  • Compact and convenient, a good...
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It comes in black that is easy to match with other colors and won’t easily look untidy with the slightest dirt or smudge. We found this to be one of the best dog carrier backpacks due to the comfort for the dog inside specifically (which we assessed – hopefully correctly – judging by our dog's reaction to the carrier). The dog relaxed and snuggled inside immediately, and there was no fussing or squirming about.

The Petroad Mesh Comfortable Pet Legs Out Front Pet Carrier is great for pets that love to be kept close to wherever their owner is, or those that can’t move so much due to health or age. It's also a good option for people who want to keep a constant eye on their pet while doing chores or shopping.

This would also be a good fit if you want to make it possible for you to walk all your dogs including the smaller or weaker ones. With this carrier, there’s no more need to leave your “men” and “woman” behind. All the bigger dogs could take the walk on their leash while the little one could share the excitement while cozily nestled inside the front pack.

  • Made of a lightweight and durable polyester material
  • Ventilated front pocket keeps dogs cool and comfortable
  • Suitable for dogs weighing 8-15 pounds
  • Nylon material between my dog and myself is not breathable, causing sweat to build up
  • Not the most comfortable backpack to wear
  • It's a little difficult to put it on without extra help


5OxGord Carrier Rolling Backpack

Pet backpacks allow pets to rest when they’re tired from hiking and walking, but what happens when the human gets tired of all the walking and carrying? Well, that sure is something that OxGord didn’t overlook.

Paws & Pals Rolling Backpack Travel Pet Carrier...
184 Reviews
Paws & Pals Rolling Backpack Travel Pet Carrier...
  • VERSATILE: Acts as backpack,...
  • FEATURES: Mesh side panels and...
  • STYLISH: Be the envy of all...

This fifth best dog backpack carrier has a clever design that allows your pet a great place to observe the surroundings whether he’s being carried on the back, gliding by on the carrier’s dual wheels, or just sitting in the carrier when it's standing on its own with its sturdy frame and base.

The product is available in black, blue and pink and has the dimensions of 14”x11”x19″. We thought this to not only be one of the best dog carrier backpacks, but also a unique product compared to others because it allows us to alternate the way we bring our pet along. This makes it multipurpose for use while riding a bicycle, trekking, taking trips, going to the park, running errands, visiting family, and a zillion other things to do.

The OxGord Dog Pet Carrier Rolling Backpack is even airline-approved, which is rare. The backpack has ample headroom for your pet to be secured without feeling crowded in. The side pockets can hold treats and other small items. The polyester material is easy to clean, and the durable netting is breathable without being flimsy.

There’s an inside clip for securing your dog when you need to open the top mesh to allow him more interaction with his surroundings. Unfortunately, the seams will probably rip easily on this carrier because they feel cheap and flimsy. After reading other dog carrier backpack reviews, we also found a lot of negative feedback from other pet owners given because of the poor quality of this product. We've also noticed a missing strap and a semi-broken wheel which was due to poor delivery, probably.

  • Measures 14”x11”x19″
  • Dual wheels allow the owner to pull their pet along at times instead of hefting him on their back
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Airline approved
  • Side pockets offer some storage space
  • The seams rip easily on this carrier
  • Feels very poor quality
  • There were some missing straps and one wheel was broken (likely due to poor shipping)


6Nicrew Legs Out Front-facing Carrier

This is another infant-style front-carry legs-out dog carrier, but Nicrew offers the same practical idea for larger-size dogs. This is one of the best dog carrier backpacks as it comes in three color options and four sizes including an X-large for dogs around 22 pounds. The fabric used is thick yet breathable.

NICREW Out Front Dog Carrier, Hands-Free...
4,337 Reviews
NICREW Out Front Dog Carrier, Hands-Free...
  • NICREW dog carrier backpack is...
  • The dog front backpack is made...
  • Adjustable wide straps with...
  • There are 2 ways to wear. The...
  • Lightweight and portable...

Velcro fastening secures the front pouch and an elastic collar keeps the pet snugly comfortable. Side zippers allow for moving your dog in and out of the carrier effortlessly. For our small pooch, this was a good choice and we're happy to note that this brand lends the same comfort and portability for bigger dogs.

The constant request before about this brand specifically has been for more human-friendly straps, and this company responded accordingly. The Nicrew Legs Out Front-facing Dog Carrier has added shoulder pads and made the straps wider than they initially were. The design update on the straps came well appreciated by us and, reading other dog backpack carrier reviews, other buyers too, especially those who own heavier dogs.

The new version eases a lot of weight off the shoulder and from the back. This kept pets warm and cozy, while taking the mind of their owners away from worrying about a pet that could get lost, lag behind, or get disoriented in a crowd or new environment. For that peace of mind alone, we think this purchase is positively worth its price.

  • Comes in 3 colors
  • Available in 4 sizes for dogs weighing up to 22 pounds
  • Side zippers allow for moving your dog in and out of the carrier effortlessly
  • Elastic collar keeps your dog safe and comfortable
  • Despite the claim, it wouldn't fit a dog that's 22 lbs. (probably 18 lbs max)
  • The zippers and Velcro on this carrier seem shady, and feel cheaply made, which makes you feel that your pet will fall out of the backpack carrier


7Pettom Front Cat Dog Backpack Travel Bag Carrier

A shopper could mistakenly dismiss this carrier from Pettom as yet another brand of the same infant-style front-carry pet carriers we have listed here. Don’t make that mistake, though, because this brand has introduced a couple of nifty innovations. They have used mesh panels on the sides and the front pouch for added ventilation, which is very important for a pet that’s held too close to the carrier’s body.

Pettom Pet Backpack Soft Sided Dog Carrier Cat Dog...
42 Reviews
Pettom Pet Backpack Soft Sided Dog Carrier Cat Dog...
  • Material --- Made from 600D...
  • Front and Top Entrance Mesh...
  • Convenient & Safe --- Allows...
  • More Comfortable --- Four mesh...
  • Dimensions...

A stabilizing strap that runs along the back or belly – depending on whether the carrier is carried on the back or at the front – keeps the whole thing from swaying from side to side. There are four sizes available (small, medium, large, and X-large); the biggest size was designed to carry dogs weighing around 6 lb. You may choose from three colors as well – red, pink, and white.

A hook or clip secures the dog from inside. The main material is canvas, which is durable and highly breathable. If you're an adventurous dog owner, you'll find the Pettom Front Cat Dog Backpack Travel Bag Carrier to be ideal for bringing along your pet on such activities like long hikes, rocky trails, and steep climbs.

Since the dog carrier backpack strapped snugly to my back while carrying it, there was no fear from my side about the dog getting thrown out or in any way endangering both myself and my pet. The mesh allowed for reasonable comfort and ventilation, too. With a heavier or denser material, this would have been constricting and somewhat uncomfortable, I'd think.

  • Mesh panels on the front and sides provide added ventilation
  • Stabilizing strap keeps carrier from swaying from side to side
  • 3 colors available
  • Comes in 4 sizes for dogs weighing up to 6 pounds
  • Very small
  • Not suitable for male dogs, as their genitals will be squished by the front panel

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