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Woman Kicked Off Plane For Refusing to Put Her Dog in a Carrier

Woman Kicked Off Plane For Not Putting Her Pet in a Carrier
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Keeping pets safe while traveling is a very important responsibility of being a pet owner. No matter how we travel, it is our job to make sure our pet has what they need to be safe. It is also up to us to make sure that other people and animals are safe from our dog(s). Airlines have very strict rules about animals on airplanes, and earlier this week one woman decided not to follow them.

The woman, whose name has not been released, was on board a United Express flight from Salt Lake City to Chicago when she refused to put her small dog in a carrier that was certified airline safe. Allegedly, the dog had been snapping and growling at the flight crew. One passenger caught the entire episode on video and posted it on youtube. You can view the video below.

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After the woman refused to put the dog in a carrier she became irate, even calling the flight attendants nasty names. The plane returned to the gate. By the time they got back the police had already been called and officers had to forcibly eject the woman from the aircraft.

Woman Kicked Off Plane For Not Putting Her Pet in a Carrier
Photo: popsugar.com

In the video the woman demands a refund before getting off the plane. The officer calmly responds that she needs to get off the plane immediately and she can sort the refund issue out with the airline at a later time. A spokesperson for the airline stated that the flight (number 6227) returned to the gate because a passenger refused to comply with the safety rules regarding the in-flight transportation of pets.  After the woman was removed from the aircraft, the flight continued to its scheduled destination.

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If you are unsure of airline safety requirements for your pets you can find them easily online. You should also call the airline ahead of time to make sure that you have all your ducks in a row before traveling. If you fail to comply you will not be allowed to fly and your dog would be put under unnecessary stress.

Flying is certainly a stressful time for animals and humans, but with proper preparation, it really isn’t a very big deal. There are many airline compliant pet carriers on the market if you’d like to buy one yourself, and many airlines rent carriers as well. Small dogs are allowed in the cabin of most airplanes, but some still require all animals to be stored in the cargo hold during flight.

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