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The hot summer months can be brutal for dogs. Your pup has a thick fur coat, and they can't sweat like we do.

While dog pools may be the best option, they're also expensive.

Cooling down your dog in the water is the best way to avoid heatstrokes, so instead of a full pet pool, you can get a cheap dog paddling pool that won't break your budget.

Having one of these small wading pools for dogs is an effective alternative.

They aren't deep, so they're also safe for any breed, and they allow your dog the freedom to come and go as he pleases.

Some pets may enjoy lounging in their pool for long periods of time, while others may like to come and go when they feel like it.

The below-reviewed best cheap dog paddling pools will provide your pet easy access to cool water (especially if placed in the shade) to prevent overheating and heat stroke.

These two conditions are the leading causes of death among dogs in the summer months.

What Exactly Are Paddling Pools for Dogs?

Paddling pools are small and shallow pools that aren’t made for swimming but for enjoying the water by sitting or paddling in it.

They are suitable for children and pets, and your dog will have the freedom to use them as he sees fit since you won’t have to worry about his safety.

There are many things that make collapsible pools a great choice for your pooch.

First of all, they are fun. Your dog will surely enjoy himself, whether he likes to make a splash in the water or just chill out while he gets some respite from the Sun. If you have kids, they can also use a paddling pool and have some wholesome family fun.

Providing your dog with a chance to cool off in hot weather is another obvious benefit of paddling pools.

When it’s too hot, dogs that like to spend time outside can easily overheat.

If you have a small pool for him in your backyard, you can rest assured that he is not going to overheat.

Paddling pools can give your dog a chance to get some exercise as well.

Some paddling pools are big enough for dogs to swim, which is a great exercise. Other dogs like to jump in and out of the pool while fetching a ball.

Even dogs with ailments like arthritis can benefit from it since swimming is a perfect exercise for them.

It doesn’t put any additional weight on your pooch, which means that he will avoid stiffness or soreness that often comes after running or another exercise that puts pressure on the joints.

How to Choose the Best Dog Paddling Pool

If you decide to get a paddling pool for your pooch, pay attention to these few things before you make any purchase:

1. Type of pool

The type of paddling pool is often determined by the material from which it was made.

With that in mind, we can put them into three categories:

Inflatable Dog Pools – It is clear from the name that these paddling pools can be inflated and deflated.

They are a good choice only if you are looking for a quick and short-term solution since they can tear easily. However, they are the lightest and the most portable option on the market.

Foldable Dog Pools – These dog pools are a bit more durable than inflatable dog pools.

They are also a good choice for dog owners looking for a portable option. They usually come with semi-rigid panels, which are not that vulnerable to a dog’s claws.

Rigid Dog Pools – This is the most durable option. These pools are made of sturdy materials like plastic or metal. However, rigid dog pools are often heavy and always difficult to store or transport.

2. Size and capacity

The size and capacity of the collapsible pool play a big role. And the decision is all up to you.

If you have a small breed, you have the option of going with a smaller pool, but you can also go with a larger pool to provide your pooch with some room to paddle or swim around.

Larger breeds often don’t have the luxury of swimming in paddling pools, and you would have to go with a big swimming pool if you want to give that option to your pooch.

It is best to measure your dog before you start looking at the paddling pools. Measure his size from his nose to the base of his tail to get the most accurate measurement.

When it comes to capacity, small and medium-sized dogs will stay risk-free in a 20-gallon pool. For large dogs, the capacity should be over 30 gallons.

3. Drainage

Drainage is another thing to consider. Most of the paddling pools for dogs come with a drain, but there are some pools that have to be drained manually.

However, if you’re thinking about putting the pool in your garage, a pool with a drain could potentially flood it. Also, dogs often love to chew on drain caps, so choose the option that suits you the best.

4. Price

While price should not be the most important factor when purchasing a dog pool, it can still affect your decision, especially if you are buying on a budget.

Most of the paddling dog pools fall in the range between $30 and $50, but there are plenty of more expensive options out there and a few cheaper ones as well.

With all of this in mind, let's take a look at a number of best dog paddling pool choices that are worth it and are affordable.

The Best Cheap Dog Paddling Pool Choices

1 FrontPet Foldable Pet Bathing Tub

For people who are on the go, this affordable, quick-to-set-up, and easy-to-drain foldable dog pool from FrontPet will make hot summers more fun for their dogs.

It can also be used as a dog bathtub, an outdoor water pond, a fish pond, or even a baby bathtub.

It drains fast and folds neatly for easy storage. This pool is easy to transport anywhere the dog and master may want to go.

It comes in small and large sizes; the latter has a 50-inch diameter with a depth of 11.8 inches and is made of heavy-duty PVC material.

Customers admire the tough and textured PVC interior that needs no inflating at all.

A user recommends that it is best to protect the bottom from rough surfaces by placing a thick tarp underneath.

The FrontPet Foldable Dog Pet Pool Bathing Tub then holds up its shape as water fills it. Consumers commented that their dogs have a blast playing, cooling in the water, or just sitting and observing others.

Overall, buyers approved of the quality of this product and the joy it has given their pets.

However, there will always be dogs that seem like they were born to destroy things, which a few buyers mentioned in their reviews.

The plastic material was a piece of meat to their canines, and they said that the pool is not as durable as the makers described it to be.

Even then, they acknowledged that their experience could well be isolated as there were a lot who were really satisfied with their purchase.


  • Foldable, making it easy to travel with
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to drain
  • Available in small and large sizes

  • This cheap dog paddling pool will not hold up to aggressive chewers


2 Rubbermaid Commercial Structural Tank

Rubbermaid Commercial Products stock tanks feature a seamless design with stepped sidewalls and reinforced ribbing for extra toughness and stability.

This pool is made from molded polyethylene for lasting durability and outstanding performance that can withstand extreme weather conditions and rough usage.

It comes with a 50-gallon capacity and an anti-siphon float valve to feed a continuous water level.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Stock Tank,...
487 Reviews
Rubbermaid Commercial Products Stock Tank,...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Stock Tank that...
  • DURABLE: Structural foam...
  • REINFORCED: Ribbed...
  • DIMENSIONS: 52"x31"x12"

This versatile stock tank is available in five sizes, which can be used in various ways, such as a dog paddling pool or animal bathtub, baby bathtub, fish pond, and many other watering or planting needs.

It measures 51 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 12 inches deep and weighs 23 pounds. Its slick black color amply complements its smooth looks.

Pet owners who bought this as a dog paddling pool found it to be really durable. It will stand up to a dog’s abuse because of its molded construction.

Compared to other pools, this one proved to be impressively strong. An added feature is the Rubbermaid Commercial Structural Foam Stock Tank's multipurpose quality.

Many buyers ordered more than one of these tubs for their other backyard needs. These customers say that the tank is so stable and sturdy that they don’t worry about it tipping over or getting damaged by their dogs’ playfulness.

One buyer noticed that the largest size wasn’t as large as she expected, but she never regretted her purchase.

They all agree that this is the best cheap dog paddling pool they’ve ever bought for their pets, and it looks like it will take a while for them to have the need to replace it. As for their pooches, nothing could stop them from jumping in and out of the pool and having fun in the summer sun.


  • Designed with stepped sidewalls and reinforced ribbing for extra toughness and stability
  • Made from molded polyethylene
  • Equipped with an anti-siphon float valve to feed a continuous water level

  • Not as large as we expected


3 PetEdge Splash-About Dog Paddling Pool

This pool comes in three sizes – small, medium, and large – and pet owners appreciate these choices. For a dog to completely enjoy his pool activities, the pool must be of the right size. This PetEdge product is light and portable, quite easy to transport and move around, and just as simple to put away in storage. It is constructed of strong PVC for long-lasting durability and superior performance.

Cool Pup Splash About Dog Pool in Blue, Portable
  • A Great Place to Play – Give...
  • Convenient Design – Made to...
  • Collapsible – Won’t take...
  • Made to Last – Built to last...
  • Comes in Three Sizes – Comes...

Measuring 63 inches in diameter with a height of 11.8 inches, the large pool can be set up in patios, backyard, or on decks.

Buyers liked the sturdy construction of the product, especially for those who own large breed dogs.

The pool has been a great help in keeping their nosy dogs busy and away from the pond and garden plants.

Dog owners who purchased this product particularly noted the ease of filling up the pool and the same ease in emptying it with the integrated drain system.

What seemed to have caused some dissatisfaction to a couple of customers were the leaks along the seams between the sidewalls and the bottom part of the PetEdge Guardian Gear Splash-About Dog Pool.

They needed to have it fixed, although it could have also been returned and replaced. Even with that slight setback, their dogs got to enjoy the pool afterward.

Such factory defects do occur with any product and must be taken up with the seller and manufacturer. What customers liked best about this product were its lightness and portability and the three sizes to choose from to suit the specific needs of their dog.

In general, this pool provides an opportunity to keep cool and have fun during sizzling summers.


  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Constructed of strong PVC
  • Integrated drain system makes it easy to empty

  • May potentially leak after some use, between the sidewalls and bottom of the pool by the looks of it


4 Lalawow So Cool Foldable Pet Tub for Dogs

This is one of the cheapest pools for pets available on the market nowadays. It is designed to provide smaller dogs great comfort and fun outdoors.

The blue interior color of this pool from Lalawow contrasts beautifully with the red exterior color.

It’s relatively shallow at 8 inches deep with a diameter of 32 inches, just perfect for the fun-loving pups eager to chill outdoors in summer.

Lalawow SO Cool Foldable Pet Swimming Pool Bathing...
35 Reviews
Lalawow SO Cool Foldable Pet Swimming Pool Bathing...
  • Materials: safe quanlity PVC...
  • Drainage holes in the...
  • Size:...
  • Weight:1500g/3.3lb.Foldable,sma...
  • Can be used as dog pool,dog...

When the pooches are inside this best cheap dog paddling pool, it’s also relatively easier to give them a good scrubbing.

It’s constructed of quality PVC material that’s easy to fold and store and ideal for traveling with a pet during trips or summer vacations.

Buyers admire the product’s versatility. While it’s designed mainly for dogs, it has also been used by customers for other purposes, such as a pool for kids or as an outdoor water pond or fish pond.

Pet owners who purchased this pool also find the drain plug very efficient.

Cleaning or changing the water has never been quicker.

Quite a few buyers commented that the actual size of the Lalawow So Cool Foldable Pet Swimming Pool Bathing Tub is much smaller than they expected, so they strongly suggest that buyers be aware of the measurements before placing their orders.

A rubber mat or durable tarp placed underneath the pool will protect it from rough and hard surfaces.

Other than that, customers thought the item to be modest yet highly versatile and functional.

In general, the convenience and affordability offered by this product make it one of the items most sought after by pet owners intending to buy the best cheap dog paddling pool.


  • Designed for small and medium breeds
  • Constructed of quality PVC material
  • Easy to fold, making it ideal for travel
  • Thanks to the convenient drain plug, it is easy to change the water

  • We found the size to be much smaller than expected


5 Alcott Mariner PVC Lining Inflatable Dog Pool

Among these five best cheap dog paddling pool options, this choice from Alcott is the cheapest. It works just like an inflatable mattress, and it's made of tough-quality PVC material.

It’s an all-safe pool designed for pets only, which features soft rounded rims and sidewalls, low dips for trouble-free entry and exit and a drain plug for fast draining.

alcott Inflatable Pool for Dogs, 4' Diameter, Blue
147 Reviews
alcott Inflatable Pool for Dogs, 4' Diameter, Blue
  • Made from thick PVC
  • Use at home and on-the-go
  • Dips for easy entry/exit
  • Diameter 48" or 4'
  • Height 16

Measuring four feet in diameter and a tad over one foot deep, this pool is perfect for small dogs to splash and thrash around.

Most customers who don’t live near a pond or lake were very happy to have this dainty pool for their dogs to chill out during sweltering summers or to bathe in during the rest of the year.

Their dogs loved the pool’s softness, and the relatively low height allowed them to jump in and out easily without splashing and wasting loads of water.

They also liked the ease of draining and deflating the Alcott Mariner PVC Lining Inflatable Pool. One purchaser, unfortunately, received his package with a couple of small holes in it, but this was nothing that a good patch couldn’t repair.

After that sad and bad start, the pool has actually served several summers for the owners' enthusiastic pups.

Compared to previous pools he owned, he actually liked this one better because it was easy to set up, empty, and deflate.

While this pool is the most inexpensive on our list of the best cheap dog paddling pools available, it surely gets the job done efficiently without taking the fun away.


  • Least expensive pool on the list
  • Made of tough-quality PVC material
  • Features soft rounded rims and sidewalls
  • Equipped with low dips in the sidewalls for trouble-free entry and exit

  • We received the pool with a small hole in it, and had to patch it up


6 Delifur Foldable PVC Dog Pool

This dog pool is made of PVC and fiberboard, which is why it is one of the sturdiest options on our list.

The corners of the pool are well sealed, and the pool seems able to withstand a lot. However, this pool is also foldable and portable despite its sturdy nature.

You can purchase this product in three different sizes: medium, large, and extra-large.

The extra-large size has a 63-inch diameter and 12-inch height. This gives you plenty of options to find the size that suits your pooch the most.

Perhaps the biggest surprise about this pool is the very affordable price. The pool also comes with an attached drain plug. However, this product doesn’t really have that many reviews, so we don’t know if users found anything troubling about it.

» PROS: Available in 3 Sizes, Affordable Price, Foldable, Easy to Store, Comes with a Drain

« CONS: Lacking Non-Slip Bottom, Not Many Reviews Available


7 Jasonwell Cheap Dog Pool and Bath

If you are looking for a pool you can find in almost any size, look no more. Jasonwell Dog Pool comes in 5 different sizes, ranging from S (32″ x 8″) to XXL (63″x 12″).

The pool is made from environmentally friendly materials, and you will have no problem setting it up since you only have to unfold it and fill it with water.

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool Collapsible...
  • Portable: foldable, easy to...
  • Simple: No need of...
  • Slip Resistant & Durable: made...
  • Size: Available in 5...
  • Enviromentally friendly...

The lack of a frame makes this pool hard to clean despite having a drain on the side.

This product is extremely portable and easily stored because it can be folded in a matter of minutes. The pool also comes with a reinforced, non-slip bottom made of durable materials.

While most dog owners are pleased with this product, some of them experience a problem with energetic dogs and dogs who like to lean.

They reported that the side walls will lean outward when the pool gets filled and that any additional force applied from your pooch may make it collapse.

Some users also reported tears on the side walls.

» PROS: Available in 5 Sizes, Environment-Friendly Materials, Comes with a Drain, Portable, Easy to Store, Non-Slip Bottom

« CONS: Side Walls Hard to Clean, May Collapse Outward, Not Very Durable


8 One Dog One Bone Paw Shaped Pool for Dogs

This is one of the highest-priced items on our list, but it is also one of the most durable ones. In fact, this heavy-duty pool is made from the same material as a truck bed liner.

It’s also chew-resistant as well as UV-resistant.

One Dog One Bone PPP04 Paw Shaped Dog Pool Made...
7 Reviews
One Dog One Bone PPP04 Paw Shaped Dog Pool Made...
  • Pink Paw Shaped Dog Pool
  • Made With Heavy Duty Truck Bed...
  • Holds 20 Gallons of Water
  • Flexes Like a Paw for Easy...
  • UV and Chew Resistant

Keep in mind that this product is meant for small to medium-sized dogs since it has dimensions of 6″ x 38″ x 39″ and a capacity of 20 gallons.

This pool is also the most stylish of them all, and it will look wonderful in your backyard. You can even set it in the ground to make it seem like an in-ground pool.

Unfortunately, the bottom is a bit slippery, even though it is textured. This pool also comes without a drain, so you will have to flip it when you want to drain it.

However, the most common complaint from users about this pool is the price.

» PROS: Extremely Durable, Stylish, Chew Resistant, UV Resistant

« CONS: Not Fit for Big Dogs, No Drain, Can Be Slippery, Expensive, Only One Size


9 Cool Pup Splash Cheap Pool for Dogs

This foldable dog pool comes in three sizes that can fit from 20 to 120 gallons of water. The medium size is 47 inches in diameter and 12 inches in height.

The other two are small and large, so you can find the size that fits your pooch.

Cool Pup Splash About Dog Pool in Blue, Portable
328 Reviews
Cool Pup Splash About Dog Pool in Blue, Portable
  • Medium pool measures: 12"H x...
  • Convenient Design – Made to...
  • Collapsible – Won’t take...
  • Made to Last – Built to last...
  • Comes in Three Sizes – Comes...

The design of the pool makes it easily foldable and portable despite its size.

It is made from a sturdy PVC material to withstand more damage from bigger dogs. However, some users reported that their pools were not so durable after all, especially complaining about leakage caused by chewing.

This product comes with a drain to make it easier to empty it.

Unfortunately, the drain is located a few inches from the ground, and it can be hard to get the last bits of water out of it.

» PROS: Available in 3 Sizes, Comes with a Drain, Foldable, Easy to Store, Portable

« CONS: Not Chew-Resistant, Inconsistent Quality, Some Reports of Leakage, Not Easy to Clean


10 Pet Magasin Inflatable Dog Pool

This is one of the best inflatable pools on the market and a great solution for the summer, although probably not a long-term one.

Even though this pool is made of thick PVC rubber, it is still an inflatable dog pool and not as durable as other options on our list.

The pool has an outer diameter of 59 inches, but the inner diameter is 35 inches, which is basically the space your dog will be able to use.

Soft sides allow your pooch to enter the pool with ease, and the pool can even be used indoors.

Once you deflate it, you can move it and store it easily.

It is also a very affordable option, but many users reported that the product didn’t last long because it wasn’t chew-resistant.

Some dog owners also claimed that it was not sturdy enough to withstand dog claws.

» PROS: Affordable, Extremely Portable, and Easy to Store, Solid Size, Can Be Used Indoors

« CONS: Not Very Durable, Easily Punctured, Only One Size, Has to Be Inflated


11 Lalawow Foldable Dog Swimming Pool Tub

This pool is made from high-quality PVC cloth and should be able to withstand your dog’s claws. It has a built-in upholder to keep the pool from collapsing when filled with water.

It is a small pool, with 32 inches in diameter and 8 inches in height. It is not suitable for dogs longer than 28 inches.

Lalawow SO Cool Foldable Pet Swimming Pool Bathing...
35 Reviews
Lalawow SO Cool Foldable Pet Swimming Pool Bathing...
  • Materials: safe quanlity PVC...
  • Drainage holes in the...
  • Size:...
  • Weight:1500g/3.3lb.Foldable,sma...
  • Can be used as dog pool,dog...

You can easily fold this pool and carry it around because it is very lightweight since it weighs only 3.3 pounds.

This pool can also be used as a bathtub for your pooch. While it can be used indoors as well, it is still a bit big for that purpose.

This pool comes with a drain located at the bottom. Thanks to this, it is easy to clean and change the water. However, cleaning the sides of the pools can be problematic at times.

» PROS: Affordable, Foldable, Lightweight, Easy to Store, Can Be Used Indoors, Comes with a Drain

« CONS: Only One Size, Not Fit for Large Breeds, Side Walls Hard to Clean


12 Petsfit Leakproof Fabric Portable Dog Pool

This pool is made with high-quality fabric and thin walls with a coated wire frame.

This unique structure gives it a somewhat flimsy look, but the pool is actually pretty durable. In a way, the fabric texture seems like a flat pack tent, and it’s similarly easy to set it up.

Petsfit Kiddie Pool,Foldable Dog Pool Pet Bath...
334 Reviews
Petsfit Kiddie Pool,Foldable Dog Pool Pet Bath...
  • Durable: Double wall design...
  • Stable: A wire frame ring in...
  • Portable: The puppy bathtub...
  • Convenient: Not need to...
  • Spacious size: 41” in...

The pool comes with a diameter of 41 inches and 12 inches in height, which means that it’s best to use it for small and medium-sized dogs.

You can fold this pool to the size of its side walls, which makes it quite portable and easy to store.

Unfortunately, this pool doesn’t have a drainage system. You are supposed to press the side of the pool down, which is not really a practical solution, especially for the price this pool has.

Another problem that may occur is the stability of the poolside if you have a dog who likes to lean.

» PROS: Durable, Easy to Set Up, Foldable, Portable, Easy to Store

« CONS: One Size Only, Expensive, No Drain, Questionable Stability

In Conclusion

Dog paddling pools may not be a necessity, but they are a great thing for your pooch.

They provide him with a place to cool off in hot weather, and they are safe and a lot of fun.

While many swimming dog pools are typically larger, sturdier, and more expensive, the above best dog paddling pool choices are cheaper but still worth it.

There are a few different types of paddling pools, but most of the options are affordable and have great value.

When you choose a paddling pool for your pooch, pay attention to its dimensions, capacity, and durability.

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