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Top 7 Best Dog Pools for Summer


As the summer's temperatures continue to increase, more dogs are at risk of overheating. Not many dog owners are aware of how dangerous overheating for dogs can be. One of the ways to keep your canine cool is through hydration and providing a way for dogs to cool themselves using the best dog pools that fit your dog's size perfectly.

Best Dog Pools for DogsVets say that a dog pool is the quickest way to cool down a dog and to keep your pet cool throughout the day in summer, especially when placed in the shadow and away from the direct sunlight.

Recently, I've been seeing an increased amount of warnings from vets about preventing overheating in dogs and avoiding heatstroke. Veterinary universities continue to issue warnings for owners about the dangerous summer heat temperatures and the importance of allowing your dogs to cool down, whether by using a hose with cold water, buying a dog swimming pool, or at least dumping your pet into a dog paddling pool for a short time.

As this Tufts professor says  below, ensuring your pet always has access to water is essential. Majority of owners who cannot have one of these best dog pools in their backyard at least can try to provide their pets with some shade.

“Heatstroke in dogs is a life-threatening situation. It is more common on humid days, particularly early in the summer when your dog hasn’t had time to adjust to the warm weather,” says Prof. Scott Shaw, DVM (source)

In this article, we'll discuss some of the dangers of summer heat for dogs, how dog swimming pools can prevent heat related illnesses in dogs including heat strokes, and review these five best dog pools:

* Click on the best dog pool brand for more information, prices and measurements. Alternatively, scroll down below to read our overview.

Alternatives to a swimming pool for dogs

Best Dog Pools - What is the Best Dog Swimming Pool
#1 Best Dog Pool Review: One Dog One Bone

A dog swimming pool is the quickest and most effective way to allow a canine to cool down in hot weather daily. In particular, if the best dog pool is placed in a shade, it can be a heaven for your pet when summer temperatures get really high.

Some dog owners also place a canopy dog shade over the pool or over their beds to prevent direct sun rays hitting the dog. There are some cheap shades out there like this one for example.

If buying your dog a pool is not an option, then there are some other ways to cool down a dog when it's hot. Some alternatives are good while others may be dangerous. For example, you should not cool down your dog with ice packs because it will lower your dog's body temperature too quickly, according to vets. If you cannot get one of these best dog swimming pools, then you have a few other options, too:

  • Dog Cooling Pads – these are particularly good for owners who do not have a backyard and have their dogs stay indoors. They're also good in addition to a doggy pool for the times when your dog prefers to stay inside. These are simply cooling dog beds that chill your pet when he's lying on it.
  • Ice Water – there's a myth that dogs should not drink ice water due to potential issues of canine bloat or spams. This is completely incorrect, according to vets and science. You can give your dog ice water as long as your dog drinks it in small amounts and not gulps down a whole bowl of icy water.
  • Dog Paddling Pool – a cheaper and smaller version of these best dog pools, a paddling pool for dogs is a good way to give your pet access to chill water to sit in when it's hot. These dog paddling pools are very convenient because they can be built and broken down quickly, but they're not as sturdy.
  • A Hose – if you have a water hose in your backyard, you can always hose down your dog with water as a fast way to cool him down. However, not all dogs are friendly towards hoses and may be scared of this equipment. Nevertheless, it's worth trying to see if your dog enjoys it or runs away from it.
  • Dog Grooming Tub – as a final alternative to these best dog pools, you can get a grooming bath tub for dogs. These can run from very expensive (professional dog baths go up to $1000+) to some cheap ones that can be easily set up in the backyard and cost around $100-$200.

Homeowners with backyards who'd like to give their dogs relief from summer heat may look into backyard misting cooling systems that are safe for pets – much better and more fun than a simple hose. And if you're traveling in a car with your dog in summer, you may also want to consider installing a dog-friendly car cooling fan for an extra level of ventilation and protection against heatstroke for your dog in the vehicle.

In the below list of best dog pools, we've tried and reviewed top options that are currently available. Here's a quick overview of each dog swimming pool if you're not interested in further details.

Pet owners who are looking for the best dog pool and cannot pick out of these options on the list may also want to consider a hard plastic kiddie pool; some of those (but not all) can work for dogs as well. Amazon has a large selection of best kiddie pools that fit some dogs right here. For the rest, see below.

Top Best Dog Pools - Which is the Best Dog Pool for Swimming

What is the Best Dog Pool for Swimming?
top 7 best dog pools to cool down your pet this summer

7Dog Bathtub Collapsible Pet Bath Pool

Dog Bathtub Collapsible Pet Bath Pool by PYRUSA decent and affordable dog swimming pool, Pyrus' Dog Bathtub pool has probably the most straightforward and simplistic design. It's somewhat small and won't be the sturdiest option you can find, but the advantages are that it's portable and foldable, which makes it easy to setup quickly.

If you're thinking about taking this best dog pool anywhere with you: when going to your neighbor's, to the beach, relaxing by the lake and so forth, this won't be your worsts choice. It's very easy to use – just unpack, unfold, fill up with water and your pooch can immediately go enjoy his own dog pool.

Best dog swimming poolsPrice could've been cheaper, consider that there's nothing special about this dog pool and there are other alternatives to this pet pool, but it's not too high either. Dog swimming pool itself has a sturdy construction when compared to other dog pools of similar plastic design, and it also has a drain. Make sure you read the dimensions before ordering. Your canine will need a little wiggle room when trying to refresh himself, but this pool does seem to allow plenty of space for medium sized dogs.

Noteworthy review (read the full review on Amazon): “This pool is very sturdy, although smaller than I expected. That is my fault, I didn't read the dimensions, apparently. I looked at the pictures…”


6Splash About Dog Pool
by Cool Pup

Splash About Dog Pool by Cool PupLet's me start by saying that it's close to what you consider to be a dog paddling pool but somewhat different. Splash About Dog Pool is what you buy from all of the options on this best dog pools list the above option from Pyrus doesn't fit for whatever reason. However, both of these pools are extremely close in structure, design and even sizes.

Every dog owner knows that for canines who love swimming, no dog pool will ever be too big. The size of this one is 63″ in diameter and 11.8″ in height. That's a decent size, but you can try other two.

Best dog swimming poolsThis Splash About dog swimming pool has a portable, easily foldable design so that dog owners can take it anywhere. Dog wading pool is made out of the stronger PVC material to sustain more damage from larger dog breeds and last longer. However, note that a few dog owners who recenlyt purchased this item complained about the quality of these pools, mostly referring to defectiveness and leakages. This doesn't mean that it'll happen to you, but it's better be safe than sorry.

Noteworthy review (read the full review on Amazon): “There is a problem with the seal to the drain, which appears to be actually made for some other purpose, that allows water to seep into the walls. They feel made of heavy cardboard so…”


5Foldable Pet Pool Bathing Tub
by FrontPet

Foldable Pet Pool Bathing Tub by FrontPetIf the above and below swimming dog pool isn't available, or the size doesn't fit your dog, I recommend taking a look at this one. In recent months, the company Frontpet has put out their new product – value-priced dog paddling pool that's easy to put up and use in your backyard. This dog pool has resonated well with many dog owners, and has received tons of positive reviews from those who allowed their pets to swim in it.

Frontpet's dog swimming pool is a great alternative for owners who cannot find anything better on this list. It's not plastic like the Bone Pool from One Dog One Bone company, so there are still dangers of ripping it. However, the advantages is that it's much cheaper, easy to use, fairly sturdy and resistant to dogs' nails and can always be put up or folded back together in a minute.

Here's one of the better this dog pool reviews (with photos and videos) that grasps really well what this product is about and how it worked out for these pet owners.

Noteworthy review (read the full Amazon review): “He's been getting in and out of it, adoring every minute. Storm thinks it's a big giant water dish as well and has a few sips now and then. He's using it for play, sitting in in, and generally…”


4Dog Cool Pool
by Ethical Products

Dog Cool Pool by Ethical ProductsWhat a great alternative to the previous two options of best dog pools, and at a cheaper price, too! This dog swimming pool is by far the winner over the previous two dog pools, mostly due to cost to value ratio, but also because this item seems to be a much more durable and less defective option. The dog pool measures at 31 inches in diameter and 8 inches in depth. It is going to be perfect for most smaller dogs.

Ethical Pet Products dog swimming pool is made 100% out of PVC materials to prevent your dogs from ripping through it. When you're ready to prepare it, the process will take you just a few minutes, as there's no need for inflation or any special setup. A convenient plug will help with quickly draining the water out of the dog pool as well. For the most part, majority of customers are very happy with their purchase, and you can't beat that price.

Noteworthy review (read the full review on Amazon): “It's getting hot outside. I wanted a pool for my dog, but I didn't want a big kiddie pool. It just had to be big enough for the dog to get in and cool off. The Cool Pool is the perfect size…”


3Paw Shaped Play Pool
by One Dog One Bone

Paw Shaped Play Pool by One Dog One BoneNow we're getting close to premium quality dog swimming pools. One Dog One Bone paw shaped pool for dogs might not be perfect for dog hydrotherapy, but at 6″ x 38″ x 39″, it's big enough to fit medium sized dogs but won't be big enough for large dog breeds.

This swimming pool for dogs can hold approximately 20 gallons of water to the top, and to drain it, you can easily flex it like a paw. Manufacturer also promises that the dog pool will stay cool in summer time, which is its beauty.

The good thing about this dog swimming pool from One Dog One Bone is that it's really sturdy. Its color will help to keep the water cool in summer, and see whether the pool is clean. The only few issues someone might have with this best dog pool is a) there's no drain, so you need to tip it (very easy to do), and b) its size might be alright for a medium sized dog, but this would be a very tight fit for a large canine, and for the price, you'd expect something a little bigger. But that's where our best dog pool comes in next!

Noteworthy review (read the full review on Amazon): “It seems to be durable and has served it's purpose of giving our boarding pets a place to splash during recreation time. It is rather small, however, a tight fit for medium to large dogs…”


2 The Bone Pool (Paw Shape)
by One Dog One Bone

At the first spot of best dog swimming pools is another product from One Dog One Bone – the Bone Pool. Famous and cool-looking swimming pool for dogs is shaped like a bone and is one of the most popular options among dog owners. It's made out of Truckbed Liner materials, there's a brass cap and drain to easily drain the water out, and like the previous one, it stays cooler in summer than other pools would. Not only that, but it's also UV and chew-resistant.

This is certainly the best dog pool on the list; however, the price is its main deterrent. With a price tag way above any other dog pool, not every dog owner will decide to splurge on such an item for their dogs. Although, all in all, the dog swimming pool is worth it. Measuring at 11″ x 44″ x 66″, this is by far the biggest one that can comfortably fit even large dog breeds. Customers who purchase this dog pool are also seem to be ecstatic about the item, as you can see from the reviews.

Noteworthy review (read the full review on Amazon): “The pool is made with top quality, heavy duty material and it holds so much water. I have 7 pit bull mixes and 1 dachshund. My dachshund obviously needs stairs or a ramp to get in/out of…”


1Bone-Shaped One Dog One Bone Pool
by One Dog One Bone

Bone-Shaped One Dog One Bone PoolThe above option of the best dog pool – the famous Bone Pool – may not be always available. In fact, it seems like the manufacturer is switching from the Bone Pool dog pool onto this One Dog One Bone doggy pool which is rapidly becoming one of the best selling dog pools on Amazon. Even though the Bone Pool has earned a reputation as one of the best dog swimming pools, their new version seems to be not only an improvement over the previous one, but it's also about $20 cheaper.

The company that goes by the name of One Dog One Bone has been manufacturing and selling dog swimming pools for years now, and is the leader in high-end best dog pools. Not all dog owners choose to pick a dog-specific pool and some prefer hard plastic kiddie pools, which may work in certain cases but aren't really designed for pets (break to quickly, don't fit the dog, isn't fun for the dog, etc.). If you're in the market to buy a dog pool specifically designed for canines, chances are that One Dog One Bone products is where you'll make your final stop.

I highly recommend this best dog pool for anybody who can afford to spend the extra dollar on a dog swimming pool which will last for a long time. Before you buy, make sure you measure your dog and know exactly whether he's going to fit into this dog wading pool or not. This is very important not to guess the measurements and actually measure your dog. On top of that, make sure you read this best dog pool reviews to ensure that you know exactly what you're buying.

Here's one of the better dog pool reviews (with photos and details) from this product's page that tells and shows you everything you need to know about this dog pool and exactly why it's the best pool for dogs.

Noteworthy review (read the full review on Amazon): “I have two 140+ pound Newfoundlands. They overheat easily, and I like to have a pool around that they can get into to cool off. I have been using the kiddie pools from Walmart, but both…”

Bone Pool - The #1 best dog pool for dogs!
Bone Pool – The #1 best dog pool for dogs!

Why should I buy a dog swimming pool?

Best dog swimming poolMost pet owners usually buy swimming pools for dogs for two reasons. One, this is an immense amount of fun for the dog and you know your dog would love that. Two, it's the best way to let your dog refresh himself during hot summer days and avoid summer heatstrokes and dog overheating, both of which are very dangerous to pets' health.

There have been multiple warnings from vets and other dog experts on how important dog swimming pools are for every home's backyard, or at least some time of plastic dog pool that allows your canine to cool off, fast. Vet universities continue to encourage dog owners to provide constant water supply, both for drinking and usingin their best dog pools.

Further to vet universities' warnings, study after study have found how easily dogs overheat in summer with little to no access to water. Hosing down a dog can be an option, but using a dog pool is easier, safer, consumes less water and – most importantly – majority of pets find dog swimming pools fun.

Dog owners who wish to provide their pets with even more fun things to do in a swimming pool can also look into pool floats for dogs that allow them to relax in the dog pool. And those who cannot afford any of the swimming pools for dogs listed below may want to check out a list of cheap dog paddling pools.

You can also hose dog your dog now and again, but this process may get bothersome for owners, and it takes more water and time. Dog swimming pools have always been the best option.

Be aware that dog wading pools can be dangerous for young puppies. Always start them off with a few inches of water to let them get used to the sensation, use dog treats if necessary and other dog training techniques. Once your pooch understands that pool is no danger, it's going to become his second home in summer.

Never throw your dogs into the pool, and always let them experience this themselves. With that said, you can “lure” them into the dog swimming pool, if your canines do not understand what they're missing out on. Grab a hot dog, slice it into small pieces and let it float in the dog pool.

In general, there are many reasons to buy a swimming pool for dogs. It's a great place for your pets to have fun, to reduce stress and cool off during hot days. Dog swimming pools also help with training canines to get used to water without putting them through the stress of ocean waves. Dog pools will be disease-free, unlike lakes or other dirty places your dog might choose. It's also convenient for washing your dog's paws after walks in the dirt.

Now, finding the best dog pool might prove to be a challenge. There's a huge bunch of options available today, especially on Amazon. We've done our in-depth research on all available pet items and scanned literally though everything available. Below is the result of this hard work and thorough research of finding best dog pool: a list of Amazon items for your convenience, because we know how much dog owners of today love and trust this merchant. Enjoy.


Best Dog Pool - Which is the Best Swimming Pool for Dogs

What to look for when purchasing the best dog pool?

Best dog swimming pool
Enjoying themselves in one of the best dog pools.

Naturally, best dog pool will be the one you purchased as new. However, as you'll see from our dog pool reviews below, the best swimming pool for dogs will not always be the cheapest.

So if you've decided to go with a premium quality pool for dogs and buy the dog pool used, it will still work fine just ensure that you inspect it well. There are a few things specifically related to used dog pools that you should look out for, such as:

  • Check for any cracks and scratches
  • Inspect the dog pool for sun damage and peeling plastic
  • Ensure that there's no mold, fungi or algae on the plastic

One of the reasons you're buying a dog pool is because you want to avoid your pet swimming in disease ridden lakes, so checking your pool to be ultra clean only makes sense.

Dog owners who opt in for buying a new swimming pool for dogs should not worry about the instructions of how to choose one. The only thing you need to keep in mind is how big is your dog and what's the measurement of the pool. Other than that, the rest of information is provided by the manufacturer, which you should consider, and you can always look through our best dog pool reviews as well as see what other customers have said on sites like Amazon and Petco.

VIDEO review listing of top five best dog pools

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