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Top 5 Best Pool Fences for Dogs

The 5 Best Pool Fences for Dogs

Having a swimming pool (unless it's a doggy pool) in your backyard can be a lot of fun for your dogs, but one of the main things you need to consider if you already have a pool or plan on building one is the safety of said dogs (or small children). You need to prevent them from accessing the pool without your knowledge and supervision. Having a pool fence for dogs around the area is recommended to prevent any number of accidents.

What's a Pool Fence for Dogs and Why You Need One?

As the name implies, a dog pool fence goes around the swimming pool and provides a barrier to prevent unauthorized access for pets or kids. While this may not be important for people without dogs or children, pet owners and families with kids must consider pool fences to ensure the safety of their loved ones.

Many accidents with fatal results happen each year in the US in swimming pools without a fence or some other barrier, so keeping children and pets away from the pool area when you are not around should be imperative.

Even if you don’t have pets or children, you may need to consider installing a pool fence (or any other type of safety barrier) simply because some states like Texas have laws that require you to have a pool fence, and if you don’t have one you may need to pay a fine or even lose your license for a commercial swimming pool.

Here are some of the best pool fence for dogs options we'll review below:

How to Choose a Good Pool Fence for Dogs?

Choosing a good quality pool fence for dogs is not an easy decision. There are many fences you can find on sale online, but before you choose and purchase one, pay attention to some of these features listed below.

Type of Fence

A dog pool fence can be made from different materials, and the most common are:

Aluminum Type of FenceAluminum pool fences are light and easy to install. These fences are also resistant to rust and they don’t corrode as quickly as some other metals, like iron for example. Aluminum fences are also affordable in most cases. Keep in mind that aluminum fences are usually a permanent solution.

Wrought Iron – This is a decorative and durable option that is not always the best choice for pets because they can learn to climb it depending on style and unless it is very high. It is also an expensive option and requires regular maintenance to keep it from corroding or rusting.

Wood – Wood fences are perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing option of all. They look beautiful, you can choose different shapes and they are eco-friendly. Wood fences are a good solution if you are looking for a permanent option. However, wood is prone to damage by insects, pests, water, and weather. Also, wood fences have to be installed by an expert.

Glass – Glass fences are another great option when it comes to appearance but they are usually much more expensive than the rest of the fences. They are stylish, durable, and offer great visibility. On the other hand, you will have to do regular maintenance since the glass gets dirty quickly. And, like wood fences, a glass fence has to be installed by an expert.

Polycarbonate Sheets – Polycarbonate fences are similar to glass because they are transparent and stylish. They are also as expensive as glass. Polycarbonate fences are resistant to weather and very durable. They are stronger than glass but they are easier to scratch.

Mesh – Mesh is probably the most popular material for pool fences because it is affordable, durable, and versatile, especially for those looking for a removable solution. These pool fences are lightweight and can’t be climbed, which makes them perfect for pets and kids.

Chain Link – Chain link fences are the cheapest option on the market but they are not a good choice for pets. They can easily be climbed, they are extremely prone to rust, and are not very durable.

Height of Fences

Another thing you need to consider when you make your decision is the height of the pool fence. The pool fence you choose needs to be high enough so your dog can’t jump over it.

You can decide how high is enough for your pool fence depending on the breed of your dog. For example, some dog breeds can jump as high as six feet, like Greyhounds for example, although they have to be trained to achieve this in most cases.

Pool fences of 3-4 feet are commonly high enough to keep your pooch away from the pool without supervision.

Removable vs. Fixed

Removable vs. FixedYou need to decide whether you are looking for a permanent solution or a removable option for your pool fence. Removable pool fences have certain advantages mainly in terms of flexibility and ease of installation but they can also be used as a permanent solution if you don’t want to remove them.

Fixed pool fences are usually more attractive and durable but they are also more expensive and require an expert to be installed. In addition to this, some of the removable fences don’t have a point of entry and you have to remove a part of the fence every time when you want to approach the pool. This is not a problem with fixed fences since they always come with doors, gates, or some other entry solution.

Other Things to Consider

These are just some of the most important things to pay attention to when you buy a pool fence for dogs. However, there are many more factors you should consider when you make your decision, like the ease of installation, ground clearance, the strength of connections, durability, style, and, of course, price.

Now that you know what types of pool fences you can get to keep your pooch away from the pool, let's take a look at some of the more affordable best pool fences for dogs choices out there. Keep in mind that we review only removable pool fences that you can install by yourself, and not the permanent options that require expert installation.

Top 5 Best Pool Fences for Dogs

Giantex 4'X12′ In-Ground Swimming Pool Fence

This fence is made from aluminum tubing. This material is both durable and strong but also lightweight, which means that you can easily roll it up and store the fence when you don’t need it. The installation process is quick and easy. However, you may need another person to help you set this fence up even though the instructions say it can be done by a single person.

Giantex Pool Fence for In-Ground Easy DIY...
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Giantex Pool Fence for In-Ground Easy DIY...
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This fence comes with complete hardware but you may need to get some additional tools to set it up, depending on the tools you already have. The fence is best suited for in-ground swimming pools and the surface is climb-resistant which makes it safe not just for your pooch but also for children.

Keep in mind that you need to create cement blocks and drill post holes in them to ensure the stability of the fence. Otherwise, the fence can be easily toppled by your dog or even by a strong wind. And if you want this fence to serve as a permanent pool fence, you will have to buy a gate separately.

PROS: Durable, Lightweight, Easy to Store, Climb-Resistant

CONS: Gate Sold Separately, Requires Cement Blocks, May Need Additional Tools for Drilling


Life Saver Pool Fence Fencing Section Kit

This pool fence is unique because you can choose whether you want a black or brown color, which is not something you can do with most other removable fences. The fences are 4 feet high and 12 feet wide, made from strong and durable mesh.

Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Self-Closing Gate...
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Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Self-Closing Gate...
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The package also includes 5 poles that are pre-attached, a non-corrosive safety latch, a template, and stainless steel pegs which have to be inserted into the ground to make the fence secure and steady. Of course, if you want to make this fence permanent you have to buy a gate separately.

However, the same company offers a Closing-Gate Kit, as well as the DIY Drill Guide to help you drill holes for the steel pegs.

PROS: Made from High-Quality Mesh, Climb-Resistant, Lightweight, Easy to Store, Comes in Two Colors

CONS: A Bit Expensive, Gate Sold Separately, Requires Additional Tools to Install


Sentry Safety DIY Pool Fence

This fence is very similar to the previous on our list. The panels are the same size, 4 feet tall and 12 feet wide. You can get it in three different colors – black, brown and white. The fencing is made from durable mesh, while the poles are made from stainless steel core, a PVC insert, and a powder-coated aluminum finish.

Sentry Safety DIY Pool Fence by EZ-Guard 4' 12'...
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Sentry Safety DIY Pool Fence by EZ-Guard 4' 12'...
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The fence includes deck sleeves and caps with a “hook and eye” type of installation. That means that it shouldn’t be hard to install it but you must have the required tools, namely a hammer drill and a masonry bit. You may also need a drill guide to make your job easier.

PROS: Durable, Made from Strong Mesh, Comes in Three Colors, Climb-Resistant, Easy to Store

CONS: Gate Sold Separately, Requires Additional Tools to Install


GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit

Unlike previous fences which are designed for in-ground pools, this pool fence for dogs is designed for above-ground pools. It is UV-resistant fencing made from rigid vinyl. The fence is durable and easy to maintain. It is designed to be attached directly to the already existing braces of above-ground pools.

GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit (8 Section)
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GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit (8 Section)
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The fencing is almost 65 inches wide and 24 inches high. The installation should be easy since you get all the necessary hardware and instructions in the package. However, while it is not hard to install it, it will probably be time-consuming. The package includes 8 sections, but you can order more if necessary.

PROS: Affordable, Durable, UV-Resistant, Easy Maintenance,

CONS: Some Complaints about Missing Parts, Some Users Received Damaged Parts, Takes Time to Install


WaterWarden 4 Foot Pool Fence

This is another fence made from strong and durable mesh, and you can get the fence in two different colors – black or beige. This fence is 4 feet tall and 12 feet wide, just like most other in-ground pool fences on our list. However, you can also order 5-feet tall fencing if you want a taller fence.

WaterWarden Pool Fence 4’ x 12’, Removable...
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WaterWarden Pool Fence 4’ x 12’, Removable...
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When you order this pool fence, you will also receive all the hardware you need for installation, a measuring template, and written and video instructions for installation. While you may be able to install this fence yourself, it will take a lot of time probably and you may need additional tools like a power drill and a drill guide.

PROS: Comes in Two Colors, Durable, Lightweight, Climb-Resistant, Can Choose the Desired Height

CONS: Gate Sold Separately, Installation Takes Time, Additional Tools Required

In Summary

Pool fences for dogs are an important and necessary part (sometimes even required by state laws) of pool safety equipment, especially if you are a dog owner or have children, and want to make sure that your pooch or kids can’t get into the pool without your supervision.

Whether you decide to go with one of our removable pool fence suggestions or you want a permanent fencing solution that's slightly more expensive and requires professional installation, safety for you and your loved ones should be your number one priority. Remember to check your state's laws whether you need one or not as well.

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