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Review: Up Country Dog-Themed Accent Pillows


If you love dogs and enjoy showing your affection for the species, dog-themed accent pillows will add a fun touch to your home's décor. Up Country has a great selection of classy, funny and adorable accent pillows to fit any style. There are 16 styles to choose from and many different sizes available.

Up Country Dog-Themed Accent PillowsDog-themed accent pillows would be a welcome addition to any home with pets. They would also make a great, affordable gift for any dog lover on your shopping list. Accent pillows are practical and a touch of personality to your home. What more can you ask for from a great gift?

We have children and our home's décor is very relaxed. The Up Country Dog-Themed Pillow that I chose fits in nicely, and we've gotten many compliments from guests. What materials are they made of? Are they affordable? I'll give you all the details in the following review.

Up Country Dog-Themed Accent Pillows Review

Up Country Dog-Themed Accent PillowsThere are 16 styles of these dog-themed accent pillows to choose from, including 2 styles that are cat-themed. The ‘Wag More Bark Less' pillow featured in my review is 18″ x 18″, but each style varies in size.

The front of the pillow is a printed cotton canvas and the back is a solid-color coordinating fabric. In my video review above I show that the cover easily zips off. The company does not state that the cover is machine washable, so I hand wash it in the sink.

These dog-themed accent pillows are not for outdoor use. However, they are made in the USA, and in my opinion are very well made.

Up Country Dog-Themed Accent PillowsAs you can see from my photos and video review, we leave the pillow on our couch. Our dogs lay on it, our children throw it around and it gets a lot of use when family members are resting on the couch. We've had the pillow for about 2 months, and it's not showing any signs of wear yet.

You can purchase this pillow on Amazon for $49.99. Other styles are available on Amazon as well, and you can see all of the available options on the company's website. These dog-themed accent pillows are also a little bit cheaper on the company's website. You can get this one for $44.00 instead of $49.99.

Compared to other throw pillows, these dog-themed accent pillows are quite expensive. However, they would make a unique gift or offer an interesting way to spice up your home's décor. As with any unique product, I would expect these pillows to be more expensive than traditional options. For this reason, I think they are a decent value for the money.

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