Choosing the right gift for a person you care for is not always easy. Fortunately, if you are shopping for gifts for dog owners, it's going to be much easier! There are so many interesting dog products to choose from that many people didn't even realize.

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But here's the thing – you don't want to gift them something they will already have. Most lists of presents for dog owners out there will feature those same tired options we've all already heard about – toys, food, treats, blah blah blah… So for this list, we've picked out a whooping 101 unique gifts for dog owners that the receive is unlikely to expect.

Various Dog Themed Women's Ankle Socks

While socks are thought to be a boring gift by some, these Dog Themed Socks ($13.50) for women are a good gift for any dog lovers since they are a stylish way to display one's favorite animal. The package includes 5 pairs of socks suitable for any use, and is a great price for the value offered.

Puppy DIY Embroidered Appliques Patch Patterns

Something they won't likely have is this set of 20 Embroidered Patches ($13.99) with dogs drawn in different styles can be used for jeans, leather, bags and more, and it's one of the more unique presents for dog lovers that's also affordable. It is a great present for your friends, family or neighbors with dogs because they are fashionable and cute at the same time.

The Dogist: Photographic Encounters with 1,000 Dogs

Is there a better gift for a dog lover than something like The Dogist ($16.64), a book with photographs of 1000 dogs? Every photo in the book is unique, artistic and beautiful. Anyone in love with, and obsessed with dogs, will enjoy having this around on a coffee table – whenever they miss seeing dogs, here they are, a whole thousand of them.

RAISEVERN Unisex Doggy Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

This type of Unisex Doggy Sweatshirt ($16.99) is definitely not for everybody. Make sure that your friends love ugly Christmas sweaters before you get them this cute one with a bunch of dogs with glasses. If they do love these silly sweaters, and it's a tradition in their family to wear ugly Christmas sweaters during the holidays, then it could be one of the more appropriate holiday gifts for dog owners.

HAPEE Menpet Pet Holiday Reindeer Dog Sweater

Perhaps your friends or family who like wearing ugly Christmas sweaters during holidays also prefer an ugly Christmas sweater for their dogs like this Hapee Menpet Sweater ($13.90)? Not a problem – this comfortable and charming pet sweater with a cartoon Rudolph design might be just the right gift. However, make sure you know the size for the dog before buying.

Blueberry Pet Fair Isle Pullover Dog Sweater

We chose one ugly Christmas sweater for humans and one for dogs, now it is time to get into the holiday spirit even further – how about matching ugly Christmas sweaters for your lady friend and her dog like the Blueberry Pet ($20.99)? It's a cool idea and will make one of the more original gifts for animal lovers out there.

The Dog Encyclopedia: The Definitive Visual Guide

Any animal lover probably knows a lot about dogs already but not as much as this Dog Encyclopedia ($17.85) can offer! This amazing visual encyclopedia can help them extend their knowledge and enjoy beautiful photos of dogs at the same time. Even if they do know more than enough about canines, they're likely to enjoy reading and re-reading about their favorite animal.

Ohio Wholesale Dog Wall Art

This Dog Wall Art ($7.18) is one of the more sweet gifts for dog owners who also love wall art. The phrase “My windows aren’t dirty…that’s my dog’s nose art” is printed on wood and comes with a wire hanger. It's cheap and affordable yet pretty unique, and anyone you gift this to will likely remember you every time they look at the wall art.

Kikkerland Dog Butts Animal Magnets

Combine magnets and cute dog butts with these Kikkerland Magnets ($10.95) and you get this hilarious 6-piece set that will make the receiver of the gift laugh out loud. The set includes 5 dog butts and one hydrant, just for the laughs. What's a more funny and original gift than this?

Underwater Dog Mouse Pad

A mouse pad like this Underwater Dog ($7.99) might be a rather simple and cheap present, but it is also extremely cute. If your friend is a gamer who loves dogs, or simply spends a lot of time on the computer (and you're on a budget), this unique and funny mouse pad with a photo of an underwater dog will be a nice surprise for him and generally makes one of those simple yet useful gift for dog lovers.

Better World Pets Paw Prints Keepsake Photo Frame

This set of Better World Frames ($19.77) is a lovely present for dog owners because it can help them keep the memory of their furry friend alive forever by making a paw print of their dog’s paw. The double picture frame is made from solid wood and clay used to make the paw print is completely safe for dogs, something similar to the one we've tested with glass paw print.

WEWILL Lovely Embroidered Pets Stockings

This list of best presents for dog owners is for any occasion, not just Christmas, and even if the holidays are nowhere near around the corner, at some point every household needs Christmas stockings, and the WEWILL Pet Stockings ($7.99) are perfect. These stockings are funny, whimsical and have a dog print on it to put a smile on any dog lover’s face.

Modern Animal Art Porcelain Gift Coffee Mug

If your friends love to drink coffee, this Modern Animal Art ($12.95) artistic and modern coffee mug with a lovely colored Pit Bull will certainly make them happy. It also has a phrase on it that says: “Beware of Pit Bulls they will steal your heart”. There are other breeds mugs if you're more interested in finding the one that your dog loving friend owns.

Sterling Silver Diamond Dog Paw Pendant Necklace

Jewelry is always a smart choice and makes one of the more standard perfect gifts for people with dogs. However, this Sterling Silver Diamond ($36.75) dog paw diamond necklace is ideal for people in love with canines, especially if you are getting a present for a girl. You can never go wrong with jewelry!

Dogs Selfie Cotton Beach Towel

When the season is right, dog lovers will certainly have more fun going to the beach if they take this Dogs Selfie ($14.99) cute towel full of dog selfies with them. It measures 30″ x 60″ and it is made entirely from cotton. Its vibrant colors and dogs will bring joy to everybody.

My Doggy Place – Microfiber Chenille Dog Dry Towel

Bathing a dog can be hard, but getting them dry is even harder. If you are looking for more useful gifts for dog owners and lovers, this My Doggy Place ($14.99) soft but effective towel might be just the thing they need. It is ultra-absorbent and very convenient because it has hand pockets for ease of use.

Soggy Doggy Doormat

Everybody needs a doormat, especially dog owners. However, some pet owners don't ever consider it and don't know its usefulness until they try it. This Soggy Doggy ($39.99) one has a bone print on it and comes in many different colors and two sizes. It is extremely absorbent, durable and stylish. Give this to your dog owner friends and you'll open a new world for them.

Dog Speak 4 Absorbent Stone Coasters

This Dog Speak ($29.00) set of 4 stone coasters is one of the more ideal surprises for dog lovers and people who like to keep things neat as they are all dog-themed and high quality. The messages on them are full of love and they look extremely attractive on the table, too.

SCOUT Crown Doggy Jewels Cosmetic Bag

If you are shopping for a woman who loves dogs, this SCOUT Crown Jewels ($17.00) small accessory and makeup bag can be a very suitable gift. It has an attractive dog-themed design and it is made of 100% cotton. It may not be the most extensive cosmetic kit, but it's certainly original and has humor to it.

Fred WINER DOGS Dachshund Dog Drink Markers

How many times have you confused your wine glass with someone else’s? If you're like me, then it happens all the time at gatherings or even your own home. These Fred WINER DOGS ($19.62) cute dog drink markers will prevent this from happening to you or your guests, which is why this set of six wiener dogs is one of the more “fine” gifts for pet lovers.

Premium Full Foot Happy Feet Animal Slippers

Slippers are a nice and cozy gift, and slippers like Full Foot Happy Feet ($20.00) that are shaped like dogs are an even better gift for dog lovers. If you're a fan of the TV show, you may remember that these particular slippers appeared on Shark Tank and thus are currently very popular. They are suitable for both genders and extremely comfortable.

Corki Wine and Beverage Bottle Stopper and Preserver

This Corki Wine Stopper ($10.99) is one of the most perfect presents for canine owners who are also into wine. It is a simple cork in the shape of a dog used to seal wine and other standard bottles. It might be simple (which makes it affordable) but it is also a cute, unique, practical and a useful present.

CollageOrama Dog In a Space Helmet Illustration

This CollageOrama Dog In a Space Helmet ($9.99) cute printed image of a space Corgi called Lieutenant Waffles will certainly bring a smile to the face of any dog lover. The photo approximately 8.5 x 11 in size and it is printed on a recycled paper. You can also go with a Space Pug if you like it better.

Frankie Paquin Custom Dog Portrait

Giving a friend a custom portrait of his dog, like the Frankie Paquin ($95.00), is probably the most personal gift you can give to a dog lover. The portrait comes on an 11×14-inches big suede mat board and is done with soft pastel colors. It's one of the more expensive gifts for dog owners on this list, but it will definitely surprise the receiver.

Basic Spirit Dog Paw Print Trinket Bowl

This Basic Spirit Trinket Bowl ($14.79), a simple but elegant trinket bowl with a paw print in the middle is enough to showcase the love for dogs. It is one of the better cheap gifts for pet owners because everybody needs a trinket bowl and it comes in a unique gift box as well.

I Really Really Really Really Love My Dog Pillow Case

Everyone sleeps, and everyone has pillows, so you can't go wrong with this Love My Dog Pillowcase ($8.99), a great present for any dog owner who can't get enough dogs. The cotton pillowcase is a sound gift for people who really, really, really, really love their dogs. It is cute and stylish and measures 18 x 18 inches.

Dog is Good Unisex Never Walk Alone T-Shirts

A T-shirt like this Never Walk Alone ($24.99) may be a simple and well known presents but for a good reason – it's a good present for any occasion, any season. A shirt with a funny catchphrase like this one and a dog print is an ideal gift for dog lovers. You can choose from different sizes and give it to both male and female friends.

Cuteboom Canvas Laundry Bag

This Cuteboom Canvas Laundry Bag ($7.99), which is multi-purpose bag, can be used as a laundry bag, travel bag, storage bag or even a beach bag. It is made from natural, eco-friendly material and is very stylish since it comes with a dog print that will make any dog lover smile.

Dog Print Apron

Is your friend a foodie that spends a lot of time in the kitchen and also loves dogs? If so, then this Dog Print ($14.95) goofy apron with various dogs on it will certainly make him or her happy. Moreover, if you're friends or family are into making homemade dog food on a regular basis, then it's probably one of the most appropriate gifts.

Handheld Pet Hair Vacuum

Cleaning after a dog can be a tiresome and difficult task, but this Handheld Vacuum ($58.99) can help. Usually, getting all the pet hair out of the carpets and furniture is especially hard. That is why this cordless, handheld pet hair vacuum is a much-needed item for dog owners and an ideal gift for them as well.

Premium Elevated Dog Feeder

Dog food bowls are the utmost necessity for every household with a dog, which makes them a perfect present for any occasion, especially if they are as stylish as this Premium Feeder ($29.95), an elevated dog food bowl with an attractive and practical design.

Dog Obsessed: The Honest Kitchen's Book

If your friends love dogs and reading alike, this Dog Obsessed ($19.49) book is a good choice for a gift. The book is a great guide to help dog owners keep their dogs healthy and happy with proper diet and exercise based on the beliefs and expert advice from the team at The Honest Kitchen.

Cool Pug Papillon Print Running Shoes

Finding a gift for a runner and a dog lover is easy – dog themed running shoes like the Cool Pup Print ($35.99) are the obvious choice. These synthetic, elastic and casual running shoes can be a good gift for both men and women, as long as they love dogs.

Harry Barker Dog Spa Day Gift Set

Dog owners love to spoil their furry friends and that is exactly the effect this Harry Barker ($49.60) dog spa gift set will achieve. It comes in a steel bucket and includes 100% cotton terry cloth robe, Shea butter shampoo and a bamboo brush.

Doggy Themed Water Bottle

Something as simple as a Doggy Themed ($19.97) water bottle can be a great gift for dog owners since it has a dog motif on it. You can choose one of the three dog designs that you like the most and get this kid-friendly water battle with a built-in straw to help your friend stay hydrated with style.

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher

This PetSafe Ball Launcher ($125.95) is a favorite dog owner gift that's a bit pricey, but it is a perfect present for people who own high-energy dogs. After all, you can throw the ball only so many times before your hand goes numb. This automatic ball launcher lets people play catch until the dog gets tired, not the other way around.

HARBO Portable Small Dog Carrier

If you are looking for perfect gifts for dog owners of small breeds, this Harbo Portable ($33.99) dog carrier might be just what they need. It will keep the dog comfortable and confined safely while your friend goes around shopping.

Outward Hound Tornado Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

You can help your dog-loving friends exercise their dog’s mind and body with this Outward Hound Puzzle ($19.99) treat-dispensing interactive dog toy. The dog will be stimulated and have fun and your friends will be able to rest comfortably while their pooch plays with this toy.

Labrador Retriever Blueprint

If you are looking for an artistic and funny gift for dog lovers, this Labrador Retriever Blueprint ($49.99) is a good choice. The blueprint is 20×16 inches big and printed on a high-quality photo paper. Of course, you can find other breeds here if the recipient has some other type of dog.

PetWell Dog Massager

A calm dog is the best dog; any dog lover will tell you that. This Petwell Dog Massager ($14.98) is a specialize pet massage tool that can soothe pain, alleviate muscle tension or stiffness and calm down any frenzied dog. It is a great gift for both the dog owner and the dog.

Overland Dog Gear Dog Travel Bag

Every dog owner should have a dog travel bag, especially those that often enjoy traveling with their dogs, or hiking, or camping. This Overland Dog Gear Bag ($29.99), a cool, black and stylish travel bag is big enough to fit all the dog’s necessities, making it a perfect gift for dog lovers.

TeeStars – Animal Lover Dog Paw Print Women Hoodie

Get your female friend a sweet hoodie with a paw print on it like this TeeStars Hoodie ($27.90) and she will tell you that it's one of the most sweet gifts for a dog owner to receive. You can even choose one of four different colors when it comes to this hoodie suitable for any occasion.

Accent Throw Pillow All You Need Is Love… and a Dog

You've seen the dog themed pillow case, but if you want to take it a step further (or combine the two), then these Accent Throw Pillows ($45.42) are one of the more useful gifts for friends with canines (albeit not cheap). A good pillow is always a welcomed gift for anyone. For dog lovers in particular, this pillow with the phrase “All you need is love…and a dog” will certainly become a cherished memory.

Pet Grooming Gloves

If you are looking for a more practical gift for a dog owner, these Pet Grooming Gloves ($24.90) are an amazingly useful tool and a smart choice. They improve the grooming experience for both the dog and the owner thanks to their uniquely effective design.

The Dog's Balls Premium Quality Dog Tennis Balls

Dogs really love tennis balls, but they are made from abrasive felt that can hurt their teeth. This The Dog's Balls ($15.95) set of 12 special tennis balls is a good gift for dog owners because they are made from non-abrasive felt and safe for dogs.

Interway Trading Personalized Dog Necklace

This Interway Trading ($24.99) dog necklace, or rather a dog tag, is a great gift for dog owners because it allows you to engrave anything you want on both sides of the tag. It is a very personal and unique gift with an attractive design that is also made of high-quality materials.

Canines of New York

I've mentioned several dog books already, but they're all different and unique in their own right. If your friends or family already have similar ones to those mentioned above, then for all the dog lovers who also love New York, this Canines of New York ($15.53) book will be a unique visual and emotional experience and a fantastic gift; it's a throwback to “Humans of New York” super famous book.

Zaihe Pet Teepee Dog Bed

If you have some extra cash to spend on more useful gifts for dog owners, then this Zaihe Pet Teepee ($65.99) uniquely designed pet bed will make a fantastic present for dog owners who love tents because it looks like a tent due to the sturdy cotton canvas that comes with the bed.

Mini Handbag Dog Waste Bag Holder

Dog owners know how unpleasant the situation can be when you pick up your dog’s poo and there is no trash can in sight. Well, this Dog Waste Holder ($21.00), essentially a mini handbag for dog poop can make the situation much more comfortable.

Doodle Dogs Coloring Book for Adults

This Doodle Dogs ($6.81) adult coloring book with doodles of dogs can awake the inner child in anybody, especially in dog lovers. It is a wonderful and sweet gift that will make the recipient happy and busy with coloring.

Mud Pie Dog Toy Baskets

These Mud Pie Dog ($31.85) baskets are a perfect gift for dog owners that have too many dog toys. They are stylish and cute and come in different designs. They also provide plenty of space since they measure 10×17 inches.

WITHit French Bull Yoga Mat

This WITHit French Bull Mat ($19.99) is one of the more apt presents for dog owners who are also into yoga. It is latex-free, has a non-slip bottom and a bunch of colorful silhouettes of Frenchies to brighten anybody’s day. You can get two of them for pet owners who are also into Doga and prefer to train with their canines by their side.

InterestPrint Custom PAW Dog Stretchy Leggings

Like the yoga mat above, these InterestPrint Yoga Leggings ($25.99) for women are also a good gift choice for dog lovers who find themselves doing yoga on a regular occasion. They are black but they have colorful paw prints that make them look incredibly appealing and display one's affection for dogs.

TrueZoo Weiner Dog Cheeseboard

If you have a classy, dog-loving friend who likes to throw cheese-eating parties, this TrueZoo Weiner ($16.19) cheeseboard shaped like a Weiner dog can be a truly wonderful present. For a more cool gift, combine it with the above mentioned dog themed cork.

The Other End of the Leash

This The Other End of the Leash ($12.50) is a revolutionary book that focuses on humans and how they behave around dogs. All dog lovers should read this book, especially if they ever wondered why they talk in baby voice around dogs and other similarly curious things.

Dog Statue Buddha Meditation Figurine

This Buddha Meditation Figurine ($15.99), an amazingly chill dog statue is an absolutely quirky gift for any dog lover that also enjoys meditation or Asian culture. After all, what dog lover wouldn’t enjoy a resin figurine of a meditating Zen dog?

Enchanted Home Pet Sofa Bed

For dog owners with small or toy breeds, this Enchanted Home Bed ($55.99), essentially an adorable little sofa can be a very thoughtful gift. It is suitable for dogs that weigh up to 10 lbs. and it will certainly fit any décor because it is really classy and stylish.

Disney Parks Romantic Heart Ceramic Mug Set

Even if your friends are not hardcore dog lovers, they probably love Lady and the Tramp. The Disney Parks Romantic Heart ($39.93) is a set of 2 ceramic mugs which is a good gift for dog owners, or anybody else. It is sweet and brings back childhood memories.

My Dog Memory Book

This My Dog Memory ($17.99) is a very thoughtful gift for scrapbook enthusiasts who want to preserve the memory of their furry friends in a unique way. The scrapbook itself is very appealing thanks to the amazing design of its wooden cover.

Pooch Selfie: The Original Dog Selfie Stick

This Pooch Selfie ($9.99) the original selfie stick for dogs is a very useful gift for dog lovers since it allows them to create wonderful memories of their dogs. It comes with a squeaker ball designed to keep the dog’s attention and works with most smartphone cases.

Friends Forever Dog Collar with Pattern

Every dog owner wants their dog to look pretty when he takes him out for a walk. That is why this Friends Forever ($8.99) stylish dog collar with various patterns is a very useful gift. However, you will also need a matching leash, which you can find here.

Zoo Snoods Panda Bear Dog Costume

What’s cuter than a dog? A dog wearing a panda costume, of course! This Zoo Snoods Panda ($14.99) is actually a head and neck protector, not a full-body costume and it is a perfect gift for the upcoming winter months. It will keep the pooch warm and make him look irresistibly cute.

Dog is Good Signature Hats

This Dog is Good Signature Hat ($23.99) is one of the most ideal gifts for dog owners who like wearing hats more than usual. There's a whole bunch of different designs available so you can choose one of many dog-themed hats that will be more apt for the receiver. They are all low-profile and made from quality bull denim cotton.

WonderWoof Bowtie Activity Monitor

Dog owners know how important it is to keep their dogs in shape with regular exercise and other activities. This WonderWoof Bowtie ($34.99) which is a cute and more unique type of bowtie activity monitor can help them do it better which is why it is a very practical gift.

Texts from Dog 2020 Day-to-Day Calendar

Some might say that calendars are not in anymore, but this Texts from Dog ($13.49) unique 2020 calendar is actually a wonderful gift for dog lovers. It is full of funny text messages from dogs that will make your friends laugh every day when they look at the date.

Dogs – Book

Simply named Dogs ($34.84) this amazing book depicts the history of our furry friends and their transformation from vicious wolfs into the cuddly creatures we know today. It’s a perfect gift for dog lovers and bookworms.

Malden International Designs Woof Photo Album

A photo album like the Malden International Designs ($10.70) is always a suitable and thoughtful gifts for dogs who like to remember a time spent with their canines. A photo album for dogs is pretty much the perfect gift for dog lovers. It can hold 80 photos and it has really beautiful covers.

KOJIMA Cute Color Shark Round House Puppy Bed

This KOJIMA Shark Bed ($16.99) is a great present for dog owners, especially if their dog doesn’t already have a bed. It is a very comfortable and soft bed with an appealing and interesting design. After all, all dogs love to sleep in shark’s mouth, right?

Pet Odor Exterminator Candle Jar

Dogs often smell bad, that’s no secret. Even regularly bathed dogs can pick up odors since they go everywhere. So, if you are looking for a present for a dog owner, this Pet Odor Exterminator ($12.18) cheap scented candle might be just what the doctor ordered.

Jess Rona's Groomed

Dog lovers are probably aware of Jess Rona and her work in the dog grooming industry, which is why this Jess Rona's Groomer ($18.83) book can be a great gift for those who follow her work. It is full of touching and funny stories that will make the reader love dogs even more.

PetSafe Twist ‘n Treat Dog Toy

If you are good friends with a person’s dog, you will be even better friends with the owner. That’s why this PetSafe Twist n Treat ($13.95) treat dispensing dog toy can be a perfect gift for any dog owner. It is a simple toy that will make the pooch work for his food and keep his brain active.

Dog Tales: In-the-Moment Memories with your Beloved Pet

The Dog Tales ($12.48) is an amazing memory book is a perfect gift for dog owners since all of them love to cherish all the moments they spend with their furry friends. This memory book is fun, engaging and has 144 pages of memories.

Dogeared Women’s Lil' Zip

This Dogeared Lil' Zip ($24.00) is a cute tote bag with a wise message that says: “Be the person your dog thinks you are” is a lovely gift for dog lovers. This bag is handcrafted out of high-quality canvas and has a very stylish appearance.

You Had Me at Woof! Clip Frame

There's one option I've mentioned above that's twice as cheap, but if you can afford a little more on your presents for dogs, then they will certainly appreciate this more unique wall art. You Had Me at Woof ($28.99) is a simple yet elegant wooden sign with an engraved phrase that all of us can relate to – “You had me at woof!”.

Dog Charm Bracelet – Paw Print Jewelry

Like I've said before, jewelry like this Dog Charm Bracelet ($16.50) is always a good gift for dog owners, especially if you are buying it for a lady with a strong love for dogs. If she's extremely into her own pet, or canines in general, then this paw print bracelet will be a sure hit and won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Kurgo Gourd Travel Dog Water Bottle & Dispenser

Dog owners know that traveling with a dog means that you have to be well-prepared for the journey. This Kurgo Gourd ($15.00) dog water battle and water dispenser ensures that dogs are always well-hydrated, and makes it one of the more useful presents for owners who enjoy hiking.

Don't Judge My Dog Tote Bag

This Don't Judge My Dog ($35.99) cute tote bag is a perfectly appropriate gift for dog owners, especially those who like to stand out because it has a bit of a provoking message. For anyone with a small breed who's constantly out and wishes to bring their pet with them, this will be super useful.

Older Girls Pajamas French Bulldog Designer

The Older Girls Pajamas ($18.00) is a perfect gift for teenage girls, especially if they love dogs, which is all of them probably. These pajamas are cute, pink and have Frenchies with a bow tie on them – everything that a teenage girl needs.

Set of Two Doggie Treat Silicone Trays

Making homemade treats for dogs is the ultimate way to show your pooch that you love him. That is why these Two Silicone Trays ($19.99) are a great gift for dog lovers. One makes treats shaped like bones, other produces paw-printed treats.

Norbert's Little Lessons for a Big Life

If you are a dog lover, you should definitely know about Norbert, the cutest Internet celebrity and therapy dog. Giving this Norbert's Little Lessons ($8.76) book as a gift to dog owners will certainly bring joy to the recipient, whether he is a big dog lover or not.

Malden International Designs Woof Memory Stick

This Malden International Designs ($25.95) simple memory stick is very elegant and comes with 4 spots for dog images. It also has silver lettering, which looks amazing on the black wood frame. It's slightly more expensive than a similar option mentioned above, but also more unique looking.

Tough Cookie's Namastay Women's Tank Top

Once again, for any yoga enthusiasts that are also dog lovers, this Tough Cookie's Tank Top ($15.50) present hits the spot. This yoga burnout that says “Namast’ay home with my dog” is stylish, modern and funny, the perfect combo, and these are very apt yet cheap gifts for owners who enjoy yoga.

Dogster Print Magazine Subscription

Most dog lovers like reading about dogs, more than your average person. Or, if they have kids, the little ones are likely to enjoy skimming through cute doggy pictures. So, why not get them a one-year subscription for one of the best dog magazines out there, the Dogster ($19.99)? This is a gift that will keep on giving year round.

Doodling for Dog People

This Doodling for Dog People ($15.25) doodle book is one of more affordable presents for canine lovers who love to draw for fun. It is full of doodling exercises, dog facts and inspirational quotes. This is appropriate for both kids and adults, or dog owners with children so they can share.

DII Indoor/Outdoor Doormat

If you think that your friend agrees with the quote: “Home is where someone runs to greet you”, then this DII Indoor/Outdoor ($32.39) dog themed doormat is an ideal gift for pet lovers. It is made of natural fiber and fits under the door perfectly.

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Dog Water Fountain

It is very important for dogs to always be well hydrated, so this PetSafe Water Fountain ($47.95) might be just one of the best gifts for dog owners that's also very useful. It has 168 oz. water capacity and features a free-falling stream that encourages dogs to drink more water.

The Original – Did You Feed The Dog?

This The Original ($9.95) simple slider is a great present for dog owners who often forget whether they fed the dog. It is easy to use and very helpful in helping track of a dog’s feeding schedule. It's extremely cheap yet I see it as one of the more useful presents for owners.

Reading Eye Dogs: 10 Assorted Note Cards

Get this Reading Eye Dogs ($9.98) set of 10 note cards with images of dogs “reading” for your dog-loving friends because it is the cutest gift you can give them. They are great for any occasion since they come blank to allow the addition of any type of personal message.

The Secret Language of Dogs

Help your friends learn all about the secret language of dogs by giving them this The Secret Language ($12.23) wonderful book as a gift. It will help them understand their dogs better and allow them to modify their dog’s behavior if necessary.

Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0

This Might Paw Smart Bell ($33.99) is among the best and more practical gifts for dog owners. The smart bell allows dogs to ring it when they want to get in, which they can do easily since the bell requires just 0.75 lbs. of pressure to ring. It is waterproof and allows you to choose your own melody.

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor

This Whistle 3 ($99.99) is another very useful gift for dog owners, although it is a bit pricey. This GPS tracker will let the owner know where their dog is at all times. It also serves as an activity monitor, keeping track of a dog’s activity level so the owner knows if his dog needs to be more active.

Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System

Bathing a dog can often be an extremely difficult task. That is why this Bissell Portable Dog Bath System ($79.99) is a very convenient and extremely practical gift for dog owners. It makes bathing easier and more thorough since it comes with nozzles that can get under the dog’s fur.

Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification Dog DNA Test Kit

Every dog owner likes to know the history of his dog and that’s exactly what this Wisdom Panel 3.0 ($76.18) DNA test kit provides. It can tell you everything about the dog’s breed and ancestry. It is also a very good way to discover any genetic issues a dog might have. So if you have some extra cash, this may be one of the more useful gifts for dog lovers.

Mountain Dog Chews Whole Elk Antler Dog Chew

Chewing on elk antlers like these Mountain Dog Chews ($34.50) will make any pooch calm for a long while. The health benefits of this activity, like the many nutrients they have and oral health improvement, also make this a very thoughtful gift for dog owners.

Shake Photo Book

If you ever saw a photo of a dog mid-shake, then you are probably aware how hilarious they can be. Well, this Shake Photo Book ($16.19) is a collection of many dogs caught in that exact moment, which means that it is a guaranteed laugh inductor.

Doggles – Originalz Black Frame with Smoke Lens

If you thought that dogs don’t wear goggles, think again. These Original Doggles ($18.90) are cute but effective goggles for dogs will protect dog’s eyes from the wind, debris, and the elements, which makes them a very considerate gifts.

Dyson Groom Tool

Help your friends keep their dogs groomed with this Dyson Groom Tool ($69.99), a uniquely amazing grooming tool suitable for medium and long-haired dogs. This tool allows you to adjust the bristle length and also keeps the hair inside so you don’t have to clean it afterward.

Large Size Personalized Dog Treat Jar

This Large Personalized Treat Jar ($49.99) can be a great gift for dog owners who often spoil their pets, buy dog treats in bulk and need to store them somewhere. It is thoughtful, practical and appealing. You can add the dog’s name on it or any other thing as long as fits the maximum 30 characters.

Umbrella Seamless Pattern With Dog Breeds

With this Seamless Pattern ($24.99) umbrella, dog lovers can be protected from the elements by their favorite furry animals. It is a seamless and stylish umbrella made from quality materials. A classic but always welcomed gift for a dog lover.

HROOME Cute Dog Adjustable Wooden Table Lamp

This Hroome Cute Dog Lamp ($49.90) is a unique and modern type of table lamp made entirely from wood. It is an artistic but also a practical present for dog owner. The lamp has three different gears to provide the best reading experience.

Pangea Brands 2-Slice Pet Emblazing Toaster

You might not think that a two-slice toaster is an especially good gift for a dog person, but this particular Pangea Brands ($34.99) toaster toasts the bread with a Labrador silhouette. So, it’s a high-quality toaster but with a funny twist, making it among original gifts.

The Big New Yorker Book of Dogs

This The Big New Yorker ($33.92) book is an amazing collection of poems, fiction, feature articles, humor, cartoons, cover art and drawings that appeared in New Yorker magazine over the years. And all of them are on the subject of dogs, which makes it one of the better and unique gifts for dog lovers and it's likely that your dog-loving friends will enjoy it.

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101 Best Gifts for Dog Owners in 2020