10 Best Dog Magazines of 2020

As dog owners, we must keep up-to-date with new developments in the pet industry. Learning about new pet technology, breakthroughs in the veterinary field, or new pet products that are being released can help us take better care of our canine companions. Subscribing to one of the best dog magazines is a great way to stay in the know.

There are dog magazines that focus on training, specific breeds, and dog news. Maybe you don't own a dog, but you love dogs, period. Or maybe your kids simply love looking at photos of dogs. Fortunately, there are magazines for dog lovers who are just interested in reading heartwarming stories about the amazing bond between humans and canines.

10 Best Dog Magazines

1. Just Labs Magazine

Cost: $23.95/year ($4 per issue)Just Labs Magazine
Publishing: Bi-monthly
Launched: 2001
Based in Michigan, USA

Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed in America, and it's been that way for nearly two decades. Whether you have a black, yellow, or chocolate Lab, the Just Labs magazine caters to all owners and lovers of Labrador Retrievers.

The award-winning and recognized magazine not only celebrates the breed but also covers many aspects of Labradors' lives, from puppies to seniors. It was originally based on the popular book of the same name, but today, they provide more than just appreciation for the breed – nutrition, health, care, and products for Labradors specifically are just some of the topics the magazine covers.

Just Labs is published six times a year (May, July, September, November, January, and March), and they're located in Traverse City, Michigan. The publisher, Village Press Publications, also owns another specialized dog magazine called The Retriever Journal.

Where to subscribe?

You can subscribe to Just Labs either through Amazon or on their official website here.


2. Best Friends Magazine

Best Friends Magazine for Dog OwnersCost: $25/year ($4.10 per issue)
Publishing: Bi-monthly
Launched: 1975
Based in: Utah, USA

Best Friends dog magazine is produced by the Best Friends Animal Society, a national non-profit organization that runs the largest no-kill animal shelter in the U.S. It is one of the oldest dog magazines in the United States, and they generally run uplifting stories of inspirational pets, tips and tricks, perspectives articles and news about the Best Friends organization.

One of their specialties is their amazing photos of pets whose lives have been improved with the help of member donations. They also run ‘Ask the Vet’ articles where you can pick up some great advice on the best ways to keep your dog in top-notch health.

Best Friends Pet magazine is unique in that your subscription cost is in the form of a donation. The organization also highly encourages members to share the magazine as much as possible to inspire more people to help save shelter pets. So, once you’ve enjoyed it, feel free to bring it to your local library or salon or share it with friends.

Where to subscribe?

Donate $25 or more, and as a thank you, you’ll automatically be subscribed to receive Best Friends Magazine delivered to your home every two months. Become a member of Best Friends on their website at BestFriends.org or call 435-644-2001.

3. Gun Dog Magazine

Cost: $24/year ($3.40 per issue)Gun Dog Magazine
Publishing: 7 issues per year
Launched: 2008
Based in: New York, USA

Gun Dog is a unique and specialized magazine for anybody who has made an upland or waterfowl canine a big part of their life. They publish the magazine seven times per year, and each issue provides detailed information on gun dog breeds, the most up-to-date articles on gun dog medicine, nutrition, new tech, and hunting dog supplies.

The magazine always features captivating hunting stories, primarily showing how important a dog’s role in the field is, how hunters and dogs work together, and the value of gun dog breeds in general. There are always tons of dog training articles demonstrating proven techniques utilized by professional and amateur trainers throughout the country.

Where to subscribe?

You can subscribe to Gun Dog magazine either through Amazon or on this publication's official website here.

4. Dogster Magazine (Discontinued)

Cost: $19.95/year ($3.30 per issue)Dogster Magazine
Publishing: Bi-monthly
Launched: 1970
Based in Connecticut, USA

After acquiring Dog Fancy, the Dogster magazine has had a revamp and is now more fresh and modern than ever before. The bi-monthly publication is packed with doggy tips, advice, and news to keep your pooch happy and healthy. They also feature lots of gorgeous photographs and spotlights on different breeds with every issue.

Dogster magazine has a focus on your interactions with your canine companion, including ideas for activities, travel and adventure, uplifting lifestyle stories, product features, and a special ‘Body and Mind’ section all about how to care for your dog’s mental and physical health, and a ‘Gotta Know’ feature with lots of useful information for dog owners.

Where to subscribe?

You can subscribe through Amazon or on their website at Dogster.com. A one-year subscription for the print edition is $19.99 or $14.99 for the digital edition.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The print edition of Dogster magazine is no longer in production. Read their statement here.

5. Whole Dog Journal Magazine

Cost: $20/year ($1.60 per issue)Whole Dog Journal Magazine
Publishing: Monthly
Launched: 2001
Based in: Texas, USA

Whole Dog Journal is a holistic dog magazine that focuses on natural remedies for your dog, gentle yet effective dog training tips, articles on understanding your dog’s behavior, the lowdown on the best pure and natural foods and treats, guides to herbs and supplements, healthcare and problem-solving columns.

Whole Dog Journal is a very popular doggy magazine among pet owners as it focuses a lot on accurate advice and care for canines. Their dog experts are always ready to provide helpful and very extensive advice with real-life, actionable tips for dog owners. Whole Dog Journal also has its own active website with plenty of helpful information on dogs.

Where to subscribe?

They also offer international subscriptions for $39 and digital subscriptions for $20 annually. Subscribe to the magazine through Amazon or on the publication's official website at Whole-Dog-Journal.com.


6. Animal Wellness Magazine

Cost: $29.95/year ($4.99 per issue)Animal Wellness Magazine
Publishing: Bi-monthly
Launched: 1999
Based in Ontario, Canada

The Animal Wellness Magazine has been around for over two decades now, providing educational content to dog owners and cat owners, with their content mostly focused on ensuring naturally long, healthy, and happy lives for our pets.

The magazine is strict about avoiding one-sided opinions and aims to provide information in an objective way, so pet parents can make their own decisions on what's best for their dogs, what products to buy, and what health care to seek.

Another great thing about Animal Wellness Magazine is that from the first day of launch, they've been in support of animal shelters and rescue organizations. Not only do they cover these topics in their pet magazine, but they also operate almost like a non-profit organization, helping many rescues and millions of animals to improve their lives.

Where to subscribe?

You can subscribe to Animal Wellness Magazine through Amazon or by visiting their official website here.

7. Family Dog Magazine

Family Dog MagazineCost: $12.95/year ($2.15 per issue)
Publishing: Bi-monthly
Launched: 2012
Based in: New York, USA

This doggy magazine is the American Kennel Club’s official publication, released six times a year. Family Dog is for owners who see their pooch as a true part of the family. They have helpful tips and how-to's on practical training techniques and resolving behavior issues in a fun and friendly format.

Family Dog magazine also runs regular feature stories on inspirational dogs. They feature regular AKC expert columns on nutrition for dogs, wellness, natural therapies, and alternative therapies so you can stay up to date on the latest in canine healthcare.

AKC and its website specifically have been a well-known resource of accurate and up-to-date information on dog training and health for a long time. Most pet parents trust this brand and their publication.

Where to subscribe?

Pet owners can subscribe to Family Dog magazine on American Kennel Club website or call 1-800-490-5675 to get one year (6 issues) of Family Dog magazine for $12.95.


8. Modern Dog Magazine

Modern Dog MagazineCost: $16/year ($4 per issue)
Publishing: Quarterly
Launched: 2002
Based in: Vancouver, Canada

Modern Dog is a lifestyle magazine for dogs and their owners. It features fantastic informative articles on dog behavior, insights into how your dog thinks, top training advice, and wellness tips for keeping your dog healthy. Modern Dog also regularly contains tutorials on great DIY projects for your dog, ideas for doggy-inspired décor for the home, and recipes for yummy homemade doggy treats.

They regularly run contests, competitions, and giveaways so you can win something special for your buddy. One of Modern Dog’s unique features is regular interviews and spotlights on celebrity pet parents. Past issues have included Amanda Seyfried, Katherine Heigl, Martha Stewart, and Zooey Deschanel. At the Modern Dog Magazine, they even have a book club with new dog-related books every season.

Where to subscribe?

A one-year subscription to Modern Dog costs $16. You can subscribe on Amazon or through their website at ModernDogMagazine.com.

9. Dog Watch Magazine

Cost: $20/year ($1.60 per issue)Dog Watch Magazine
Publishing: Monthly
Launched: 1995
Based in Connecticut, USA

Dog Watch is a monthly science and health-focused magazine run by the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. They feature articles on all aspects of dog health, including canine diseases, immunizations, the best dog foods, socialization and behavior, and common pooch problems.

Dog Watch magazine is a less popular puppy publication; however, it's one of the best dog magazines on health, with expert advice straight from the University's resources.

Where to subscribe?

Dog Watch is available through Amazon or through the Dog Watch website, and it costs $20 for 12 issues. It doesn't appear that the publication has its own website for subscriptions.

10. Today’s Breeder Magazine

Cost: FreePurina Today Breeder Magazine
Publishing: Quarterly
Launched: 2006
Based in: Missouri, USA

This free dog magazine is run by Nestle's Purina and is exclusively for breeders or those caring for five or more dogs. Purina Pro Club membership includes complimentary print issues of Today’s Breeder magazine delivered to your home, but you can also read all current and past digital issues for free on their website (in PDF).

The magazine runs articles on dog health and welfare and training tips and has a particular focus on purebred dogs and lots of helpful advice for dog breeders.

Where to subscribe?

This publication is free for eligible members of Purina’s Pro Club and publishes free digital issues on the Purina PC website. You cannot subscribe to Today's Breeder Dog magazine without becoming a member of Purina's Pro Club.

Honorable Mentions

The Bark Magazine (discontinued)

The Bark dog magazineCost: n/a
Publishing: Quarterly
Launched: 1997
Based in: New York, USA

The Bark was a fresh, modern dog culture magazine with a strong online presence that ceased their operations in March 2020. They used to offer a traditional publication delivered right to your door. The Bark magazine ran lots of genuinely fun and informative articles with an unusual twist.

Bark had a distinct slant towards articles exploring the latest in science and research in the dog world in a fun and accessible way. The Bark Dog magazine regularly featured articles on canine studies and insights into how dogs and people interact and make each other’s lives richer.

Every issue featured essays and opinion pieces that gave a unique perspective on the way we see our beloved canines. The Bark also had regular columns on wellness, fabulous recipes, art, and reviews.

Dogs Today Magazine (United Kingdom)

Cost: £9.99/year (UK) £79.80/year (Global)Dogs Today Magazine
Publishing: Monthly
Launched: 1990
Based in: United Kingdom

Dogs Today is a UK-based monthly publication founded on the ethical care of dogs. Their focus is on making life better for both dogs and their owners by improving canine health and welfare and teaching positive training methods that involve reward instead of punishment.

This is one of the best dog magazine campaigns and raises awareness to help bring an end to puppy farming. Dogs Today is a friendly and interactive magazine that aims to get lots of great discussion flowing. You can send in questions to other readers or the Dogs Today experts, and you can also offer your advice to others who need help.

This dog magazine also includes fascinating articles alongside stunning illustrations from some of the most respected people working with and caring for dogs. One of their regular writers is Jemima Harrison, the creator of the documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed, which prompted massive improvements to the welfare of pedigree dogs around the world.

Where to subscribe?

You can subscribe to Dogs Today on their website at Dogs Today.

Dog News Magazine

Cost: $150/year ($2.80 per issue)Dog News Magazine
Publishing: Weekly
Launched: 2008
Based in: New York, USA

Dog News magazine is a weekly publication with a particular focus on show dogs and purebreds. They feature lots of interesting articles on top show dogs and beautiful color photos of each exceptional pooch, a ‘Bests of the Week' section, and a ‘Question of the Week' section.

This magazine for dogs and pet parents is perfect for anyone already showing dogs, breeders, and those with an interest in purebreds, or for anyone looking to explore showing their perfect pup as a hobby.

Where to subscribe?

A year’s subscription to Dog News magazine is $150 for 52 weekly issues, available at magazine subscriptions website on DogNews.us, and you can also check out past issues online for free.

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Top 10 Dog Magazines for Pet Owners

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