Top 26 Adorable Dogs Who Failed Hard At Gardening

It’s hard to have a green thumb when you don’t have any thumbs to begin with. But these garden-loving pooches didn’t let that stop them! They were insistent on helping their owners with any and all gardening tasks.

If you enjoy working in the garden and have a pup that has tried to “help” you with your work, you'll appreciate what these owners have gone through!

1. You said we should go green

My golden retriever decided to roll on the freshly mowed lawn. Hulk Dog!

It’s not my fault you didn’t explain what it means.


2. What do you mean I can’t plant myself?

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But you told me I’m your little flower.


3. Your veggies passed the quality inspection

My mom's dog likes to eat tomatoes straight from the garden

You are welcome.


4. I’m an early bloomer

My new ‘dog plant' is coming along nicely

Feel free to fertilize with treats and bacon.


5. This soil has a tasty level of pH

The plants will love it here!


6. My corn brings all the boys in the yard

Awkward Pongo

And they’re like, it’s better than yours.


7. This cage is for plants?

Dad's dog inspecting the new veggie box

The veggies must be contained.


8. They said water the hole before planting

dog gets shit facesd

I don’t understand what are you getting so upset about.


9. And here, we will plant the magic beans

My dog digging a hole

Can’t wait to mark the giant beanstalk with my pee.


10. I was making a bed for veggies…

hole diggity dog!

But it turns out it’s a better fit for me.


11. I got all the weeds out

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It’s nap time now.


12. How do you use these things?!

Dog falls for nine seconds trying to shovel grassy lawn.

I give up, I’ll just use my paws.


13. You said you needed help in the garden

Lawn gnome

You didn’t say what kind of help, human.


14. I wanted to water the tomatoes

Gardener Dog

But the hose finally got its revenge.


15. I have a green paw

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Instead of gardening, I excel at ruining lawns.


16. Oh, my plants are coming along gre…

Viscous cat attacks dog

What the hell, Whiskers?!


17. They put my veggies in prison

I don’t even get visitation rights.


18. It’s time for pruning, but…

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I’d rather sleep.


19. Where did all my onions disappear to?

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I’m going to whack that mole.


20. While I’m over here, fertilizing with organic compost…

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You’re taking selfies and chilling. Thanks for all the help, big human and tiny human.


21. I should have gotten a proper hose for watering

MRW I have morning wood and have to pee

My paws are all sore by now.


22. Gardening is harder than I expected

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It’s not all hose and holes.


23. Garden bed?

My 11 year old dog “helping” me weed the flower beds

By that, you mean outdoor dog bed, right?


24. Why do these peas taste weird?

For my cakeday I present my dog eating a flower

It must have been that fishy fertilizer I used.


25. So, if I plant this chicken, I get nuggets?

My friends dog likes a spot of gardening…

Tell me more about that bacon plant again.


26. The lawn mower is broken

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But I still kick grass.

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The 26 Adorable Dogs Who Failed Hard At Gardening

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