10 Unique Christmas Presents for Dog Owners

Are you tired of getting the same old gifts for the dog owners on your holiday shopping list? Everyone buys their dog-loving friends Christmas treats, fun dog toys, and pet-themed home decor, but these unique Christmas presents for dog owners will add a little flare to your holiday!

Before you start filling your online shopping cart with random pet supplies, take some time to consider what the person and their pup actually enjoy. Do they like to go on adventures together? Does the human-like to take the dog for frequent rides in the car?

Maybe the person's dog is older and spends most of their time resting on the couch. No matter what the person and their pup enjoy, there is a unique gift that will make their holiday a little more merry.

10 Unique Christmas Presents for Dog Owners

unique Christmas gifts for dog owners

1. Dog treat maker

Making your dog homemade treats is a great way to provide a boost of nutrition while giving him a snack. Homemade dog treats aren't difficult to make, but a treat maker will ensure the process is super simple.

There are a few options, like this one from DASH, that bake many treats at once. Similar to a waffle maker, they heat from the top and bottom. This makes the treats cook more quickly than they would in the oven.

You could get paid to be a dog treat maker with a few homemade dog treats, and it would be the perfect unique Christmas present for dog owners.

2. Subscription box

There are subscription boxes that cater to all different kinds of dogs. From puppies to seniors and power chewers to posh pups, there is a subscription box to meet any need.

Subscription boxes can be customized as well. Depending on the products offered, they can be customized to the pet's size, breed, allergies, and personal preferences.

There are also subscription boxes geared toward dog owners. They are filled with pet products, home decor, clothing, and more unique things that will interest any dog lover.

3. Pet camera

Pet cameras are very popular with dog owners. They allow you to keep tabs on what your pup is up to all day while you're away.

There are pet cameras to fit most budgets. From simply allowing you to check in and see what your pooch is doing to including a remote treat dispenser or laser for playtime, there are dozens of models to choose from.

4. Pet massager

Have you ever given your dog a massage with your hands? They love it! It's relaxing and helps to stimulate blood flow and oil production in his coat.

Health benefits aside, massaging your pup is also an excellent way to foster the bond between the two of you. You can purchase many different pet massagers to help reduce hand fatigue and give your pet a comfortable and safe massage.

5. Dog DNA test

If there is a dog owner on your list who has adopted a mutt, you may want to gift them a DNA test for canines. Like human DNA tests, a quick swab in the dog's mouth can provide the owner with lots of beneficial information.

DNA testing can provide information on the breeds the dog is made up of, his genealogy, and even health conditions that may be seen in the dog down the road.

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Christmas gifts for dog owners

6. Pet-related books

Is the pet owner on your shopping list a reader? What better gift than a pet-related book?

From inspirational rescue stories to motivating tales of amazing working dogs, there are many dog-related novels that any pet lover would want to read. If true stories aren't their thing, there are tons of fictional dog stories on the market, too.

Coffee table books, compilations of short stories, or customized books about their own dog may be nice options for owners who aren't so big on reading. Training books may also be a good option if the human likes to do agility, trick training, nose work, or command training with their pet.

7. Dog training classes

If you're looking for a gift for a dog owner who loves to train their pet, a gift certificate for training classes would be a unique gift that they will love. Nose work, agility training, and even trick training classes are available, depending on the area you're located in.

8. Tennis ball selfie stick

Have you ever tried getting a selfie with your pet? It's harder than most people think. You can never get your dog to look at the camera at the right time, so they usually don't come out the way you want them to.

Tennis ball selfie sticks, like this one from Pooch Selfie, help you get your dog's attention to focus on just the right place to look directly into the camera. They make getting adorable selfies with your pup so simple!

9. Robotic vacuum

Every pet owner knows the struggle of keeping a house clean while fighting the never-ending battle of shed hair. A robotic vacuum takes this stress off the pet owner.

Robotic vacuums are a little pricey, but if you're willing to splurge on your favorite pet parent, they would certainly be impressed with a new robot vacuum to help them keep up with the mess their pooch leaves behind.

10. Pet first aid kit

One of the most unique gifts for pet owners is a pet first aid kit. This is something that every pet owner should have, but most do not.

Gifting a pet first aid kit shows that you're not just thinking about the owner but also the pet and his well-being. It's a unique gift that shows how much you care. What could be better than that?

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