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Review: The Book of Everyone Wise(ish) Words for Dog Owners

What do you get for the dog owner who has everything? If you're looking for something creative and unique, this personalized book from The Book of Everyone would make a nice addition to any dog lovers' library. This would also make a nice coffee table book for anyone who loves dogs or has a pup of their own.

With the holidays right around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to check out this book and see if it offered a good value for the price. When I'm shopping for pet owners, I think about all of the things that I use with our dogs. I also think about the long list of doggy related products that I would like to have.

This gives me some good ideas, but all of the affordable items seem too impersonal. I mean, who wants to give dog poop bags or grooming supplies to someone as a gift? I always like to have a few unique gifts up my sleeve, and this book is definitely unique.

The Book of Everyone Wise(ish) Words for Dog Owners Review

The Book of Everyone Wish(ish) Words for Dog Owners ReviewAs you will see in my video review above, you can write your own personalized dedication page. You can also write an end note at the back of the book. The Book of Everyone offers advice that they've written or you can create a 100% customized book with your own advice.

This book is different than other similar products, because it allows you to completely customize every page if you choose to.

If you'd rather use the words written by the company, you can just use the dog owners' name and the names of their dog(s). I've purchased other personalized dog books that also allow you to customize the illustrations by choosing breeds and colors.

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The Book of Everyone Wish(ish) Words for Dog Owners ReviewThat was only downside of this book for me. It would certainly make it more personal if the dogs in the illustrations actually looked similar to our dogs.

The Book of Everyone also offers personalized books with advice for kids, new parents, graduates, etc… You can peruse the company's website to see all of the different books they offer and the options available to customize each one.

You can get this book in a paperback, like the one featured in my video review, for $34.95. It's also available in hardback for $44.95 and you can get a Deluxe Edition for $64.95. Obviously, this is much more expensive than most small picture books.

While these books won't fit into every budget, but I do think it's a good value for the money. You have to pay more for personalized items, and I don't think this is an unreasonable price for a book that allows you to customize every word.

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the-book-of-everyone-reviewThis personalized book from The Book of Everyone allows you to customize advice for your favorite dog owner. You can personalize each page with your own advice or use the tidbits written by the company. You can also personalize the book with the pet owners name and the name(s) of their dog(s).