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Review: Yeedi Robot Vacuum (Model K650)

Finding the right vacuum cleaner can be a daunting task for pet owners. From shed hair to dander and dirt, the floors of a pet-friendly household are never completely clean. Robot vacuums are becoming popular, but most models aren't equipped to deal with the mess that comes with having pets. The Yeedi Robot Vacuum was designed with pet owners in mind.

Dealing with shed dog hair is one of the few drawbacks to owning a canine companion. Long-time pet owners already know how tough dog hair is to remove once it works its way down into your carpet and gets stuck in the upholstery of the furniture.

Like most busy pet parents, I don't have time to vacuum my floors every day. I've been looking for a robot vacuum that would meet my needs, but haven't had much luck. The models that I've tried didn't offer enough suction to remove pet hair from my carpets.

Most of them also didn't hold very much dirt, so I found myself having to empty the dustbin multiple times in one cleaning. If I didn't empty the bin in time, the vacuum would be moving around the floor without actually collecting anymore dirt. It pretty much defeated the purposes of owning a robot vacuum, because I had to watch it all the time to make sure it was working properly.

The Yeedi Robot Vacuum claims to be designed for homes with pets. It has a number of features that make it stand out from similar products, and I'll give you all the details in this review.

Yeedi Robot Vacuum (Model K650) Review

Yeedi Robot VacuumI have 3 dogs and 6 cats, so I knew that finding a robot vacuum that would stand up to their shed hair would be a challenge. I've tried a few robot vacuums in the past, but none of them really impressed me. One of the things I didn't like about them was that they scared my timid dog, Joey.

I was intrigued by the description of the Yeedi Robot Vacuum, because it claimed to have a quiet running mode. While it's not whisper quiet, it's no louder than a typical microwave. As you will see in my video review above, it doesn't bother my dogs at all. In fact, they are quite curious about the robot and follow it around the living room from time to time.

I've already complained about the size of the dustbin with other models. The dustbin of the Yeedi K650 model is 800 mL. To give you something to compare it to, the latest Roomba model only has a capacity of 600 mL, and many similar products can only hold 400-500 mL of debris.

The company claims that this vacuum is equipped with a silicone tangle-free brush that is ideal for pet hair. It is great for the pet hair in my home, but we don't have any long-haired pets. I will say that my daughters and I have long hair, and long human hair will get tangled around the brush once in a while. However, pet hair has not gotten tangled in the brush at all.

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Full Dustbin with Dog Hair and DirtThis vacuum is 3.1″ high, so it's able to get underneath dining room chairs and other furniture. The top cover is made of anti-scratch tempered glass, and it has smart sensors to prevent falls or collisions.

The Yeedi K650 vacuum runs on your home's Wi-Fi system. It connects to a free app on your phone, and is also equipped with Alexa voice control. In my video review above you can see how easy it is to use the app. You can start and stop the vacuum through the app, and also the stats on how long the vacuum has been running and the area that it has covered.

It has a 130 minute run time, and it will automatically recharge when the battery is running low. The K650 is compatible with magnetic boundary strips, although they don't come included with the device. You can buy boundary strips on Amazon for less than $20, if you'd like to keep the robot vacuum away from certain areas of your home.

My favorite thing about this vacuum is the suction level. As I mentioned, I've tried other robot vacuums that didn't have enough suction to remove stuck pet hair from my carpet. The Yeedi K650 has 3 adjustable suction levels up to 2,000 Pa (pascals).

If you're like me and don't know anything about the suction levels of vacuum cleaners, let me put it in perspective for you. Three of the top selling robot vacuums on the market have the following suction power:

  • Dyson 360 Eye – 1,800-2,000
  • Roomba – 1,600-1,700 Pa
  • iLife – 700-1,000 Pa

The Dyson 360 Eye is currently out of stock in the US, but it sells for well over $1,000 when it is available. The Yeedi Robot Vacuum is selling for $199.99 on Amazon right now. Can you find a higher quality robot vacuum on the market, yes. However, you're going to pay a lot more.

This vacuum comes in at the lower end of the price spectrum for comparable products. It's effective, well designed and keeps up with the pet hair problem in my home. I have a mixture of carpeting and laminate flooring in my home and more pets than most people. I would definitely recommend this robot vacuum as a good value for the price.

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yeedi-robot-vacuum-reviewFrom shed hair to dander and dirt, the floors of a pet-friendly household are never completely clean. The Yeedi Robot Vacuum was designed with pet owners in mind. It is effective, affordable and very easy to use.