Many dog owners feel trapped in the house with their pups during colder winter months. You don’t have to be one of these dog owners, though. Spice up your winter routine with some of these fun adventures that are all dog-friendly.

No matter which of these winter adventures you choose to take with your dog, always practice safety first! Make sure that you and your pet are wrapped up warm, that someone always knows where you are heading, and that you have necessary first aid and emergency supplies on hand at all times.

IThe Best Winter Adventures with Your Dogt's also a good idea to call ahead if you're planning to go somewhere that may or may not allow dogs. For example, if you're thinking about going to a drive-in movie, call ahead to make sure that your dog will be allowed in. Also, ask if there are any specific rules that pet owners need to be aware of.

You also have to be aware of your dog's abilities. Think about how long your dog will be comfortable out in the cold. Very small breeds, senior dogs and pets with little to no fur will get cold much easier than other dogs. If you're planning a hike or other strenuous adventure, make sure that Fido is up to the challenge.

When it comes to adventures with your dog, it's always better to be safe than sorry. This is especially important when you're spending time outside in the winter months. The cold weather, snow and ice bring with them a long list of additional outdoor hazards. So make sure to dress up your pooch in proper dog winter clothes and practice safety first.

25 Best Winter Adventures with Your Dog

Winter Adventures with Your Dog

1. Take a Dog Massage Class

You can take a dog massage class online, recruit a local dog masseuse to teach you, or go to a class locally. This will give you an opportunity to bond with your dog but you will also be able to soothe their aches and pains once you finish!

2. Go to a Drive-In Restaurant

Drive-in restaurants like Sonic are in just about every city in the U.S.A. So, hop in the car, buckle up you and your pup and head out for something to eat. Just be sure to pick something dog-friendly for your pup – perhaps a small vanilla ice cream cone or some fresh veggies?

3. Go to a Drive-In Movie

Not interested in a food-oriented adventure? Check and see if your town has a drive-in movie theater. They’re getting harder to find, but if you have one locally, it’s a great way to have an all-out date with your pup! You can even share your popcorn with them!

4. Go Geocaching

If it’s not icy or snowing and you want to get a little outdoor time in, why not try your hand at geocaching? Geocaching is a great opportunity to get out, get fresh air and exercise and do something fun! You might even make a few new friends in the process. For more information and to find local geocaches in your area, check out

5. Hold a Puppy Party

If it’s snowy out or just too cold to play outdoors, why not hold your very own puppy party? Even if it’s no one’s birthday, you can always find a reason for a party. Bake pupcakes, make some doggy bags, clear out the backyard or the living room and invite some four-legged friends over! It’s a great chance to get together with friends and for your pup to interact with other dogs.

6. Have a Winter Photoshoot

Winter Adventures with Your DogIf you’ve always wanted to try your hand at photography or if you’re a professional photographer, why not set up a winter photoshoot? Grab a few props, a lot of treats, find a safe and beautiful location and get shooting!

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7. Try Dog Yoga

Dog yoga has been trending lately and many towns are holding classes for dogs and their owners. It’s an opportunity for you and your dog to get out and get a little exercise and relaxation in. Of course, if your dog is a little energetic or overly social or if you just aren’t as flexible as you think you should be, doing yoga with your dog might not be the best choice for you!

8. Try an Indoor Spa Day

Do you have a laid back or senior pup who just enjoys being pampered? Then arrange a spa day adventure! Hop on Amazon and order dog-friendly nail polish, some dog-friendly shampoo, and make a day of pampering your pooch!

Feeling brave? Why not grab a bath with your pup and lots of bubbles! It’s a great opportunity to scrub that pup clean while giving them plenty of cuddles to make them feel more secure in the tub!

9. Take a Car Ride (But Not in the Snow or Ice!)

Take a Car Ride with Your DogIf the roads are clear and safe and it’s not too cold, hop in the car and head out for a road trip. Just you and your dog, you can stop at roadside attractions, keep driving until you want to stop, or simply find a scenic place to watch the sunset. Taking a car ride with your pooch a great opportunity to make memories with your pup.

Whenever traveling in the car with your dog, make sure to keep them crated or invest in a crash-tested seatbelt harness to keep them safe. Plus, be sure to always carry a fully stocked first aid kit in your car as well as your cell phone just in case.

10. Visit Dog-Friendly Stores

If it’s bitterly cold outside but you really need to get out of the house, try hitting up a dog-friendly store with your pup in tow! Check out this list of 65 dog-friendly stores to get you started! If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even plan your shopping trip around a DIY project such as building your own dog bed or raised feeder.

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11. Have Playdates with Local Dogs

If your dog has a favorite neighborhood pup that they play with, why not make a standing playdate throughout the winter months? Alternate between their house and yours and get to know your dog’s friends parent too!

12. Build Your Own Dog Toys

There are tons of great online tutorials for building your own dog toys. They can be as simple as a bottle sewn inside a sock or as intricate as spinning bottles on a dowel rod. You pick the toy that you want to build and your dog gets to enjoy it when you’ve finished!

13. Take a Doggy Class

Most towns have a dog obedience school locally that offers a range of classes. You can undertake basic obedience, advanced obedience, shy dogs class, CGC training, and just about anything else you can imagine! It’s a great opportunity to teach your dog how to behave like a true gentleman.

14. Play Fetch

Play fetch with dogs in the snow

Not every dog or owner likes to play out in the snow, but if you and your dog do, then a game of fetch can be a lot of fun! Find a bright tennis ball and throw it and see if your pup can dig it out of all of that snow. Just don’t be surprised if they throw in the towel and go back inside without you!

15. Give Skijoring a Shot

Skijoring is a sport across between skiing and sled racing. You strap on a pair of skis, hook your pup up to a skijoring harness and off you go. Although it’s probably better to find a local group or class to get you started, learning to go sijoring with your pup can be pretty tricky!

16. Play in the Snow

Sometimes a simple romp in the snow can be fun. Wrap up warm and make sure your pup is wrapped up too and head out to play in the white stuff! You can build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or make snow angels.

17. Teach Your Dog Fun Tricks

You don’t have to enroll in a class to teach your pup tricks. There are plenty of great online sites and Amazon books filled with tricks that you can teach your dog at home. This is a great idea especially if you are snowed in for most of the winter. By the time the snow thaws, your dog will be the smartest one on the block!

18. Put Some Time Into Obedience Training

Winter Adventures with Your DogIf your dog has already been through obedience classes, winter is a great time to practice and reinforce that training. It’s not always an exciting adventure, but if you start teaching your pup new obedience tricks it can be pretty fun!

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19. Teach Your Dog Vocabulary

The dog with the largest vocabulary in the world recognizes and understands over 1,000 words…how many does your dog know? Endeavor to teach your dog more vocabulary words over the winter, you can even use it as an opportunity to teach your dog to put their own toys away!

20. Try Your Hand at Baking Dog Treats!

If you love to bake or just like the smell of baking in the house during winter then try your hand at baking dog treats! Amazon has plenty of dog treat recipe books available, but there are also many free recipes available online!

Don't forget to check our extensive list of dog treat recipes, too! Pick one that’s right for your pup and get baking. Your pup is bound to love the results.

21. Check Out Dog-Friendly Vacation Resorts

IFind a Local Indoor Dog Parkf you really want to take an adventure, get out of town by booking a dog-friendly vacation rental! Just be sure to check the weather forecast before you go so that you’re prepared.

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22. Find a Local Indoor Dog Park

Not all cities offer indoor dog parks, but most have indoor doggy daycare facilities that you can take your dog to instead!

Both of these opportunities give your pup the chance to get out lots of energy and play with friends while you get the chance for a break!

23. Teach Your Dog to Play Hide and Seek or “Find It”

Snowed in? Teach your dog to play hide and seek or “find it” by hiding items in the house and helping your dog find them. It’s a great chance for your dog to exercise their scent work and it’s a rewarding and fun game for you both!

I personally used to have a black Labrador who learned to play “find it” with “warmer” and “colder” clues. It was always so much fun for the both of us to play and he was so proud every time he found the “prize”.

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24. Create an Indoor Agility Course

If you have space indoors and a dog that is interested in agility, set up an indoor agility course for your pup! They don’t even have to be interested in agility! Set up couch cushion obstacles, make tunnels out of tables and sheets, and set up chairs as weave poles. It’s a fun way to see just how agile your dog can be and it’s entertaining for your dog to do something new.

25. Challenge Your Dog’s Nose

There are plenty of ways that you can challenge your dog’s nose (sense of smell). One of my favorite games with my Lab was to take one treat and close both hands. He would then have to guess which hand the treat was in based on his sense of smell. He caught on quickly though, so we would soon progress to more complicated puzzle toys and games instead!

If you are interested in puzzle toys or interactive dog toys for your pup, Amazon has some great toys for sale. I always purchased the Trixie brand wooden puzzle toys for my Lab and they were always very durable and challenging!

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