Have you gone through all the basic dog training and feeling a little adventurous? Want to teach a dog some some fun, advanced and cool tricks to show off to your friends? If so, you're in luck – there's tons of videos and guides on cool dog ticks to get you amazing results anywhere from a few days to a week.

Having your dog perform tricks in front of your friends is not only a way to have fun and bond together with the pet, but also a great way to mentally stimulate your pooch. There are many practical and useful dog tricks you can teach a pupper. Today, we have selected 8 coolest dog tricks that some owners may not yet know about.

1. “Say Your Prayers”

This is a great trick for your dog because it is a unique position and thus provides mental stimulation.

Use treats and reinforcement to teach your pet to put both his front paws on a chair or a box first. Make sure that he is always sitting while you teach him where to put his paws.

Once your dog learns where his paws should be, start withholding treats and reinforcement until he learns to put his head between his front legs. In the end, add the command “say your prayers”.


2. “Go to Bed”

This trick is easy, impressive and extremely practical since it provides dog owners with much-needed control.

To teach your dog this trick, you first have to target your pet to his bed. You can achieve this by placing a treat on his bed so your dog can see it and then take your pooch to the other side of the room. Make sure that he can’t get to the treat unless he climbs the bed.

Then, you let go of his collar to allow your pooch to get to the bed and get the treat. At this point, issue the command “go to bed”. Repeat this action until your dog learns to go to his bed on command without the treat.

To make sure that your dog knows exactly what you mean when you say “bed,” move his bed across the room a few times and issue the command.


3. “Take a Bow”

While this dog trick might be a bit harder to teach, it is a very entertaining and rewarding and it will mentally stimulate your pooch. You can even add this trick to any other routine. For example, when your dog performs another trick, tell him to take a bow to top it off.

To teach your dog this trick, stand in front of him with a treat while he is looking at you. Then, place the treat under your foot to encourage him to sit down and pick the treat up. Release the treat only if your dog’s behind is up in the air.

Otherwise, keep the treat until he gets it right, at which time you should introduce the command “take a bow” and stop putting the treat under your foot – now you can give him the treat directly.  Repeat this process multiple times, then do it without the treat.


4. “Walk Tall”

This is one of the coolest dog tricks to improve your pet's focus, stamina and balance. However, it is physically very challenging and probably not a great choice for older dogs or completely healthy.

To teach your dog this trick, hold a treat above his head to encourage him to get on his back legs. Reinforce this position and give him a treat. Increase the amount of time you let your dog stand on his hind legs by withholding the treat, but do it gradually.

Once your dog learns how to stand on his back legs, ask him to follow the treat with his nose and slowly walk away from him. Give your dog a reward frequently at first to build up his confidence since this is a hard trick to learn. Introduce the command “walk tall” and repeat this process without treats.


5. “Commando”

Teaching a dog to crawl along on his belly might seem like a hard thing, but this is a really easy trick for dogs, actually. You can even teach your dog to crawl under things.

To teach your dog this trick, ask him to lie down and put a treat in front of his nose. Slowly move the treat away to encourage your dog to follow it. Take your time and be patient until your dog learns to crawl with his belly completely on the ground, no matter the distance, and then reward him with the treat. If he stands up, you might be going too fast.

Slowly increase the distance and speed of the crawl and then introduce the command “commando”. Repeat this until your dog learns to crawl without the treat.


6. “Open the Door”

This is an impressive and very practical cool dog trick that requires some time to teach, especially with different types and sizes of door handles.

To teach your dog this trick, start with a low cabinet door. Instead of teaching him to open the door directly with a knob or a handle, give him something to pull at first, like a rope, to build up his confidence. First, encourage your dog to touch the rope and reward him with a treat.

Then, encourage him to pull the rope and reward him with a treat. Issue a command “open the door” and progress gradually to the doorknob or handle. Repeat until your dog learns to open the door without a treat.


7. “Find Keys”

This is one of the most useful dog tricks and you can use it when keys are dropped while walking or lost in your home.

To teach your Fido this trick, start by swapping the keys for a treat while saying “keys” every time your dog gives them back to you. Then, throw your keys and encourage your dog to retrieve them for you. Reward him with a treat when he does.

Then, you can start placing the keys around the house and backyard and ask your dog to bring them to you. Introduce the command “find keys” at this point and reward your dog with a treat each time he brings them to you. In the end, hide the keys out of his sight and issue the command.


8. “Statue”

This is one of the coolest dog tricks to enhance your pup's trust and to have better control, but it is also a very entertaining dog trick that will impress anyone. The goal is to teach your dog to stay still when you get out of his sight.

To teach your canine this trick, ask the pet to stay and then leave the room. Return briefly and reward your pooch with a treat. Gradually increase the length of time that you are out of his sight. If your dog moves during this trick, you need to get back to the “Stay” command and perfect it.

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