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Whoa! Wait Until You See What This Dog Toy Can Do!

Whoa! Wait Until You See What This Dog Toy Can Do!

There may be thousands of different toys on the market today for dogs, but they aren't all good quality. Dog toys can range from furry, to squeaky, to chewy to rubbery. But there's nothing quite like this new revolutionary, interactive GoBone.

This smart dog toy has the capability to roll, change directions and adapt to your dog's breed, age, weight and play style to engage her all day long. It's perfect for those of us who work long hours. In addition, the GoBone can be switched to work with a free app, so it instantly becomes a play device between you and your dog for games like fetch or hide-n'-seek. You can even add in dry treats for more fun!

The creator of the GoBone, Santiago Gutierrez, CEO and founder of GoBone's parent company PulsePet, was tired of leaving his pooch, Rufus, all alone while he was at work for 60-plus hours a week. So in 2014 he used his engineering degree to create this innovative toy to keep his pooch entertained while he was away. By 2015, he knew he had a hit on his hands and quit his job to work on this toy full time.

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Whoa! Wait Until You See What This Dog Toy Can Do!
Photo: Indiegogo / GoBone

Developers of this electronic toy have even added in software that makes the bone “go to sleep” then come alive when it's time for your dog to get more active. What about all those electronics inside the GoBone? Since the engineer has years of experience making military equipment, all the internal workings of the GoBone are enclosed safely inside with multiple hardware and software guards.

In addition, all the outer rubber parts are 100% FDA eco-friendly and compliant. They have been proven safe for your dog.

Plus, the exterior is machine washable and changeable. If you've got an aggressive chewer, he can tear up the rubber on the outside of the GoBone and you can simply replace it with new pieces when he's chewed through it.

One of the reasons Gutierrez invented the GoBone was to help those dogs left in shelters. In this circumstance, many dogs become depressed due to their isolation, and for this reason are often times deemed unadoptable. With the GoBone, these homeless dogs can get the mental and physical interaction they crave, which gives them a better shot at finding that forever home.

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Whoa! Wait Until You See What This Dog Toy Can Do!
Photo: Indiegogo / GoBone

To ensure its quality, the GoBone was tested on 120 dogs for over a thousand hours of play. The safe and durable parts proved to stand up to some rough play and also to hold a charge for up to eight hours. In addition, you can change out the outer sections of the GoBone with the quick release buttons if it becomes too worn or you just want to create a change for your pooch.

These allow you to remove the shell, wheels, and other parts that come in contact with your dog, so you will never have to buy another complete GoBone again. GoBone launched the fundraising campaign on May 31, and the product now has over 474 backers pledging over $78,000 at the time this article was published.

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