Training your dog for dog agility competitions is more in fashion today than ever before. Dog agility training takes time and monetary investments, but it comes with many benefits, for both the dog and the owner.

For example, agility training improves your dog's cognition. Even if you're not trying to compete in agility events, several studies have shown that training your dog using agility kits has many positive effects.

The easiest way to start is with a good dog agility equipment kit or a few specific dog agility items for your backyard.

Agility Training With Your Dog

Becoming good at dog agility yourself, and training your dog, is less about the equipment and more about regular practice. Many owners can achieve great results with just a few dog agility items or a small dog agility training starter kit. Moving into advanced dog training kits like the first one on this list are for more experienced dog trainers who are serious about agility competitions.

Aside from dog agility competitions, owners training dogs for hunting, for health benefits, for dog shows and showmanship, or any other extracurricular activities may want to consider purchasing small dog agility equipment kits for dogs to help them achieve their goals and build up dogs' endurance, confidence, cognition and gracefulness.

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In this article we'll discuss what dog agility training equipment usually consists of, and review some of the best dog agility equipment kits for backyards. Remember to consider how much time you'll be able to dedicate to training your dog agility techniques, and if you're going to compete in canine agility events.

DIY Dog Agility Equipment

Because some dog agility training equipment kits are very expensive, pet owners may choose to build their own Do-It-Yourself agility course for training a dog in a backyard. This is possible and many have done it, but it may require a few days' of work and some minimal investments still.

Be careful about how and where you spend, because some pet owners reported that their DIY dog agility equipment ended up costing more than a store bought choice, not accounting the time invested. However, if you're the person that enjoys a weekend DIY projects, this may be the right approach for you still.

Here are some of the DIY guides we've used and liked in the past:

For anybody who'd rather simply buy an already pre-made dog agility course, there's plenty of options to consider, from cheap ($50) to extremely expensive ($10,000+). Depending on your budget, here are the fifteen best dog agility equipment choices we've liked the most in the past.

Top 15 Best Dog Agility Equipment Kits of 2020

1 Expert Dog 9-Piece Agility Course Kit
 from BarkPark

Level: Advanced / ProfessionalExpert 9-Piece Agility Course Kit  from BarkPark
Kit includes: Rover jump over, paws grooming table, doggie crawl, hoop jump, 5 stepping paws, king of the hill, teeter totter, weave posts, dog walk
Rating5 stars

BarkPark Best in Show 7-Piece Dog Agility Course Set kit contains pretty much everything you’d ever need in an agility kit. It's by far our favorite agility equipment for dogs since it contains everything a beginner or experienced trainer or owner needs. It has a doggie crawl, hoop jump, 5 stepping paws, king of the hill, a teeter totter, and more. It is for dog owners who are looking to enter their pooch into agility competitions and do it seriously.

It’s available in two color schemes; red and blue or beige and green. The components are all made of powder-coated steel and the stepping surfaces are coated with thermoplastic coating to prevent slipping. The installation should be done in a space of at least 70 by 70 feet.

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BarkPark Best Dog Agility Course Set is first on the list because it provides the most comprehensive kit in comparison to the others. It also is the widest-ranging and requires the most space to load. For sheer volume and thoroughness, this kit is a good choice.

PROS: We loved the large amount of items that came in the BarkPark Best Dog Agility Course Set as well as the sheer versatility. The space required was definitely worth it when you considered that the items contained in the kit were all usable in competitions. It’s durable as well, so inclement weather won’t collapse the kit.

CONS: Even though we've ranked this as the first rated agility equipment for dogs, bear in mind that this kit was very expensive (list price a little over $10,000 in most stores), but if you’re serious about training your dog to win big at competitions, it’s something to certainly consider putting money down for.


2 Affordable Agility in the Bag
 from Agility Inc.

Level: IntermediateAffordable Agility in the Bag  from Agility Inc.
Kit includes: Adjustable bar jump, 6 Weave Poles, Tire jump, PVC Pause Box and 3 ft tunnel with closed chute.
Rating5 stars

The second best dog agility equipment kit is the Affordable Agility in the Bag kit and it comes in a sturdy carrying bag and contains free-standing bases, a weave-pole set, a hurdle jump, a tunnel, a tire jump, and a chute for training your dog to maneuver through obstacles. It attaches with Velcro and the five poplar-constructed obstacles can be used inside and out.

Affordable Agility in the Bag is second only because compared to the first, it doesn’t have the same high quantity of products attached to it, though the kit is still comprehensive.

No products found.

PROS: Affordable Agility in the Bag kit contains many positive aspects, all of which are reflected in our reviews of the durability and extendable qualities of the kit. We've ranked it as the second choice due to cost-to-value ratio, quality, and our and other pet owners' reviews. We had this kit for a long time and even the Velcro attachments didn’t wear down with time. The poplar construction was sturdy and, if maintained regularly, held up in high-quality conditions.

CONS: While it's one of our recommended choices due to high quality materials and the amount of things included, there are a few drawbacks. In particular, maintenance was required of the popular—polishing, waxing, etc.—so if you’re not someone who wants to deal with that; that could be problematic for you.


3 Tire Jump, Weave Poles, Single Jump & Tunnel
 from Cheering Pet

Level: BeginnerTire Jump, Weave Poles, Single Jump & Tunnel  from Cheering Pet
Kit includes: Tire Jump, Single Jump, Set of 6 Stick in the Ground weave poles with a Pole Placer and 9'x22″ Dog Agility Tunnel.
Rating5 stars

The third rated dog agility equipment kit comes from Cheering Pet. Their Dog Agility Equipment has a single double jump bar, a chute, a weave pole, pole placement, and a tunnel that can be set up in the backyard or in whichever space is necessary for setup to be completed. It is constructed from durable furniture-grade PVC and is long-lasting. The shipping weight is 55 pounds.

This is third because in comparison to the other two, it doesn’t have the amount of obstacles and equipment. The variety offered is still impressive though, and many customers were satisfied with their purchases.

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PROS: A big pro for Cheering Pet is the durability, and for the price, it's easily the third recommended dog agility equipment out there. The materials that it is constructed of are all very expensive and long-lasting, especially the PVC pipe. The variety of the kit is expansive as well, making this a good buy for the price.

CONS: Unlike some of the other best dog agility equipment kits mentioned above, this doesn’t have the amount of equipment that the other two have, so if you’re looking to intensively train your dog, you may want to select one of the others.


4 Mini Travel Teeter (Dog Agility See-saw)
 from Agility Inc.

Level: IntermediateMini Travel Teeter  from Agility Inc.
Kit includes: 2″ high teeter with an 8′ long board that is 10½” wide.
Rating4 half stars

The fourth ranked agility equipment for dogs is from Agility Inc. It is great for pet owners on a budget. This Affordable Agility Mini Travel Teeter will help your dog build up all the balance he or she needs to be successful. It’s weather-proof, meaning you can leave it outside in all weather without worrying bout potential damage. The boards are made of a sturdy material that won’t warp or twist. The measurements are 12” high with a board that is eight feet in length and almost 11” wide. The material is treated so that it is anti-slip.

We chose Affordable Agility Mini Travel Teeter as fourth best option because it’s only one piece of equipment: a teeter totter, and that’s not as expansive as the other selections.

No products found.

PROS: This kit is heavy duty and is an excellent piece of equipment for those looking to specifically train their dog in that area. The slip-proof nature of the equipment makes it safe as well, and the durability means it’s a good investment.

CONS: Again, like some of the above and below mentioned canine agility kits this isn’t for use by someone who wants a complete training experience, but for just a great toy for your dog, this is perfect.


5 Hurdle Set for Dog Fitness and Agility
 from Lord Anson

Level: BeginnerHurdle Set for Fitness and Agility  from Lord Anson
Kit includes: Four 40″ jumping bars, eight highly-visible orange hurdle cones with cut-out holes, eight height-adjustment attachments.
Rating4 half stars

The fifth ranked dog agility equipment kit from Lord Anson is something a little different. This Hurdle Set will make your dog into an expert hurdler. The height of the jumping bar increases in 2” to 30” increments, providing a challenge as your dog completes the maze. It contains four 40” jumping bars and eight cones with cut-out holes for additional bar configurations. There are eight height-adjustment attachments and it comes in a black carrying back for portability and lightweight transport.

We picked this Hurdle Set as fifth choice because it provided only hurdles, which made it a more specific type of agility set when compared to the kits that occupied the first and second spots.

No products found.

PROS: The hurdles of Lord Anson Dog Hurdle Set have enough height variation to them that they’re able to train your dog thoroughly. They’re heavy duty as well, so they’re able to with stand long-term usage and hard training.

CONS: For some with bigger breeds, we found that the height ratio (which expanded over a two-foot length) could have been longer. This isn't an the top choice for all pet owners because it doesn't contain many of the things that an aspiring trainer may wish for, but it's good for a very specific purpose.


6 Red 24″ Competition Tire Jump
from Agility Inc.

Level: BeginnerRed 24" Competition Tire Jump from Agility Inc.
Kit includes: 24″ round tire jump with height adjustment.
Rating4 half stars

The sixth reviewed dog agility equipment is another offering from Agility Inc. Affordable Agility Competition Tire Jump has set positions that are congruent with the positions you’ll find in any major training competition out there today. The tire size is 24 inches round and the chain is adjustable, meaning you can use it for different heights. The red frame is made of furniture grade materials and the PVC pipe is sturdy. It all collapses for easy storage as well.

Affordable Agility Competition Tire Jump is sixth because the tire jump isn’t the only piece of agility equipment necessary, so judging on a quantity-basis, this fell after the others.

No products found.

PROS: For a tire-jump, Affordable Agility kit is pretty regulatory and will give you and your pet a good idea of what contests will give you as tire lengths. You won’t have to guess—the variability and versatility of the height makes it a good buy that will prepare your dog well.

CONS: Though this is good for setup in all weather, we were concerned about the metal chain rusting. We suggest spraying with anti-rust serum before usage, but generally, this is a good dog agility equipment course for those not looking for a complete setup and rather would start small.


7 Dog Agility Equipment Complete Package
from Dog Agility Shop

Level: Beginner – IntermediateEquipment Complete Package from Agility Shop
Kit includes: Single Bar Jump, Octagon Hoop Jump, 6 Weave Poles with Spacer.
Rating5 stars

The seventh best dog agility equipment kit from Dog Agility Shop is great for trainers who are serious about agility training but don't want to splurge too much yet. This package contains a full kit for beginners and intermediate dog agility trainers, including weave poles, a high jump, a tunnel, and a pause box. There is also an instruction manual for owners to peruse and it provides both physical and mental workouts for your pup. It is good to use with kids as well, providing fun for the whole family.

Dog Agility Shop's Starter Kit is seventh on the list because the kit is durable, though it isn’t necessarily constructed with the idea of professional, real training in mind. It’s not for serious event-pursuers. This is more just for fun in the yard.

No products found.

PROS: Dog Agility Shop Starter Kit is very easy to set up and comes with instructions that make it easy to use and maneuver. This kit is also very portable and easy to collapse too, meaning you can set it up anywhere.

CONS: As aforementioned, unlike the first rated agility equipment for dogs, this wasn’t mean to be a highly professional piece of equipment. It was more for having fun and playing around in the yard with your kids, and we found that the durability level was only matched for that level.


8 The Klimb – Dog Training Agility Platform
 from Blue-9 Pet Products

Level: BeginnerThe Klimb - Training Agility Platform  from Blue-9 Pet Products
Kit includes: One platform.
Rating4 half stars

As the eight top choice, this is again something a little different for the sake of variety for you and your dog. The Klimb Dog Agility Training Platform contains PawGrip soft-touch coating that allows your dog to get a solid grip on the equipment. It is weather-resistant and durable. The legs store for easy portability. This training platform makes it easy to train your dog and prevent problematic behaviors by providing them a space to pause and calm themselves down.

Though The Klimb Dog Agility Training Platform is a great piece of equipment, it serves only one small aspect of agility training: the climbing part.

No products found.

PROS: Owners looking to train their dogs to climb and stay in one place get their money’s worth with The Klimb Dog Agility Training Platform. As our eight review of agility equipment for dogs and for what it is, this kit is very durable, and the adjustable legs mean that you have a variety of heights you can work with.

CONS: If you're looking for an all-inclusive best dog agility equipment kit that has common agility training items, this isn't the choice for you. Also, we found the legs got rusty and weren’t as easy to adjust as they could have been.


9 Starter Package
 from Sowsun

Level: BeginnerStarter Package with Tippy Board  from Sowsun
Kit includes: Tippy Board, Training Jump, Training Weave Poles and Pause Box.
Rating4 stars

At the ninth kit on the list is Sowsun's offering. This starter kit is a must have and contains training jump, weave poles, and a pause box (where your dog can stop and rest for a moment before going onto the next event).

There are no tools required for the assembly and it can be assembled and taken down easily for storage. The construction is made of durable materials such as a 40 PVC, plywood, and flat paint. This is considered a starter package for beginner-level agility training.

No products found.

Sowsun dog agility kit is ninth because it’s really only considered a starter package—it’s not meant to be anything heavy-duty, the way some of the aforementioned products are. It’s meant to be more of a laid-back approach to training to see if your dog likes it or not.

PROS: The durability of this kit is a majorly attractive selling point, and considering its price this is what makes it one of well-rated dog agility equipment kits. Also, it is easy to construct and put together and the kit is fairly comprehensive, especially for beginners.

CONS: We were concerned about the durability of this, however. One item had a breakage issue that we believed was manufacturer error—something to keep on the lookout for.


10 Travel Jump Set (4 Jumps and Carry Bag)
 from Affordable Agility

Level: Beginner – IntermediateTravel Jump Set (4 Jumps and Carry Bag)  from Affordable Agility
Kit includes: 4 Portable and adjustable jumps.
Rating5 stars

As tenth review ranking, there's another affordable option for pet owners on the budget. Travel Jump Set contains four portable adjustable jumps that weigh fourteen pounds altogether. The jumps are three feet wide and range in height from four inches to two feet. The bases work indoors and outdoors and there is a vinyl carrying bag for the jumpers for easy transport. They are made of furniture-grade PVC.

Travel Jump Set is tenth choice among good agility courses because it really only concerns itself with jumping. Also, we were disappointed in how easily the jumps fell over if brushed by the dog.

No products found.

PROS: Travel Jump Set were easy to set up and the directions were simple, making for a quick configuration by the owner. The height range was also a pretty expansive scope, especially when it came to their length.

CONS: We were unimpressed with how easily the jumps could get knocked over if their dog missed and hit them too hard. This got annoying after a while, especially during training. If you're looking for a solid canine agility equipment for backyard, this may be a good started option but not for someone looking to get seriously into agility training.


11 Agility Weave Poles Adjustable 6 Pole Set with Case
 from Cool Runners

Level: Beginner – IntermediateAgility Weave Poles Adjustable 6 Pole Set with Case  from Cool Runners
Kit includes: 6 poles with foot centers.
Rating4 half stars

As the eleventh choice, there's an item that most pet owners enjoy starting with. Cool Runners Agility Weave Poles is easy to assemble (the label says it comes together in seconds) and contains six poles for weaving. The poles are adjustable and can have a straight or offset configuration depending on what you need from them. It meets competition guidelines and there are centers that come with the kit measuring two feet.

Cool Runners Agility Weave Poles is eleventh best because it has weave poles and that’s it. Also, the weave poles’ durability was called into question by our testers who found that they were knocked over way too easily.

No products found.

PROS: The weave poles of Cool Runners Agility give you a wide range of distance and are great for this particular set of the agility training, no matter what the size of your dog. When it came to this particular section of training, this kit performed well.

CONS: A con was that they were knocked over easily by bigger dogs who couldn’t physically maneuver the small space. This isn't the most well rounded kit for large dog breeds that can easily move the poles, but it's good for small dogs.


12 18 Ft Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel
 from HDP

Level: Beginner18 Ft Agility Training Open Tunnel  from HDP
Kit includes: One tunnel with stakes.
Rating4 stars

Here's a new comer to the agility training equipment. Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel works well for tunnel training. It is an eighteen foot tunnel that is open at both ends. The material is very durable and the opening is 24” in diameter. The length is 18 feet and the stakes are seven inches long. It’s a very durable tunnel that will help your dog through this stage of agility training and maneuvering.

Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel is near the bottom of our list because although it is of high-quality, it only contains one piece: a tunnel, so the lack of variation wouldn’t allow it to be ranked too highly.

No products found.

PROS: Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel does exactly what it’s supposed to do and works in training your dog to be as agile as possible in this part of the training section. The tunnel is constructed durably and is large in size, so that you’re able to use it for any breed of dog.

CONS: Again, if you're looking for an all-inclusive best dog agility equipment kit that will provide a variety of items – this isn't the right choice, since the tunnel is the only piece of equipment. If you’re looking for something more expansive in terms of your training kit, you should consider this an addendum—not the whole thing.


13 Zip Zoom Indoor Dog Agility Starter Kit
 from Outward Hound

Level: BeginnerZip Zoom Indoor Starter Kit  from Outward Hound
Kit includes: 1 high jump, square tunnel, 4 weave poles, setup and training tips booklet, storage bag.
Rating4 stars

Thirteenth best dog agility equipment kit from Outward Hound is perfect for pet owners on a budget. Outward Hound Agility Kit contains one high jump, one square tunnel, four weave poles, one setup and training booklet for the owner’s perusal, and one storage bag. The obstacles are multicolored for easy visibility and the dog’s high jump is easily adjustable for usage. It’s a very standard beginning case for dogs that are just learning the ins and outs (no pun intended) of agility training.

Though Outward Hound Agility Kit is ranked as thirteenth because it's comprehensive, but will only be good for beginners. Also, some of our testers expressed doubts about how durable the tunnel was (there were some issues with tearing).

No products found.

PROS: For a beginning kit, Outward Hound Agility Kit is great and is probably one of the most cost-effective canine agility courses for newbies. It allows your dog to start training without making the commitment of heavy-duty working out just yet. For a basic kit, it works well.

CONS: The tunnel proved problematic for some of our testers who found that the tunnel tore quite disappointingly easily when subjected to wear and tear.


14 Training Jump
 from Pawise

Level: Beginner Training Jump  from Pawise
Kit includes: One 32 inch jump.
Rating4 half stars

Fourteenth ranked kit is a single item from the previously mentioned Agility Gear kit. This Pawise Training Jump contains a 32 inch jump that works for smaller dogs. It fits the American Kennel Club standard and will prepare your dog adequately for whatever jump they have to make. The jump can be adjusted from four to thirty inches, depending on what you need. The kit is assembled with PVC pipes and is easy to put together. There are no sharp edges because the construction is molded.

Pawise Agility Gear Training Jump is ranked here because it only focuses on one part of the training. Also, we were less-than-thrilled by how easily the jump came disassembled.

No products found.

PROS: Pawise Training Jump is definitely regulation size and will make sure your pet is well-prepared for any challenges ahead that may arise. The adjustable size also gives you a wide range of options when training your dog to jump—the height varies widely.

CONS: We found that the jump got knocked down easily and caused them problems in that area.


15 Jump Hoop Dog Agility Starter Equipment
 from Pawise

Level: BeginnerJump Hoop Agility Starter Equipment  from Pawise
Kit includes: One heavy duty hoop.
Rating4 stars

The last top dog agility equipment kit on the list is from Pawise again. Jump Hoop Dog Agility Starter Equipment contains six hoops with adjustable height positions that are easy to change. There are spikes included to hold them upright that are constructed from a heavy-duty material. The hoops are 20” and there is a carry bag included. It’s great for medium-sized dogs looking to train in this particular agility session.

We chose to put this Jump Hoop Dog Agility Starter Equipment as last because it was limited in scope and, when compared to other training materials that included the same equipment, we found that this was less-sturdy.

No products found.

PROS: As a starter kit, Pawise Jump Hoop Dog Agility Starter Equipment is one of the best though, and it's also affordable. It has just the base materials. Even for out-in-the-yard play time with your dog and kids, this works well. It has all the materials needed for basic use and training, and it won’t break the bank either.

CONS: Even though this is one of the most affordable dog agility kits, you get what you pay for and since this is a starter kit, it doesn’t have the durability of heavier piece of machinery. We experienced breakage with the hoops, though that experience wasn’t widely-documented.

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