Fun Valentines Gifts for Dogs

Valentine's Day is almost here, and if you're a pet owner with an impossible not-to-love puppy, you're probably looking for some ideas for interesting Valentine's gifts for dogs. Not to worry — we've compiled a list of very appropriate and fun Valentine's gifts for dogs!

Did you know that half of the pet owners (with dogs and cats alike) give their pets Valentine's Day gifts?

There's something to be said about considering your pet to be a true family member whose loyal friendship deserves just as much love and attention.

The good news is that nobody aside from yourself will be very picky about Valentine's gifts for dogs, especially not your pooch.

In a way, it's easy to understand what a canine would want: a comfortable, warm place in winter, good health, and tasty food.

So why not spend some time on Valentine's Day with your dog and share the joy of gift-giving with them? Get something that will make both you and your pet happy!

14 Fun Valentine’s Gifts for Dogs infographics

14 Fun Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs

1 Grooming and SPA for Dogs

Get your dog good and ready to spend a full day (or maybe just a part of it) with you with a clean coat, ears, paws, trimmed nails, and the rest of the proper dog grooming shebang.

Schedule a trip to your local groomer, or maybe spend a little extra and find a more luxurious place where your dog will be treated like a queen or king.

Fun Valentine's Gifts for Dogs

After a good hour in a comfortable spa for dogs, your Fido will look cleaner, smell fresher, and feel better.

More importantly, the way they treat dogs in these places, no animal will say no to treats, belly rubs, and everything in between.

Don't forget to ask about the process before booking a reservation, and remind them about the dog breed you have and what needs to be looked at.

If you don't know any local dog grooming services, try the Find The Groomer site. Enter your ZIP code, and you'll be presented with a bunch of options to choose from as one of the best Valentine's gifts for dogs.


2 Red Zack & Zoey Polo Shirt for Dogs

After all, it's still February, and most of the country is cold.

Even with a high tolerance for cold weather and furry coats, most dogs will appreciate you providing them with something that will keep them warm and dapper-looking.

The most popular option among caring dog owners is a tested, proven, cute red dog polo shirt from Zack & Zoey!

Zack & Zoey Cotton Polo Shirt for Dogs, 16" Medium, Tomato Red

These dog hoodies make perfect Valentine's gifts for dogs – they are lightweight, made out of cotton and polyester, and dogs feel comfortable wearing them.

Amazon has them in all kinds of sizes, and if you don't like the red color – there are plenty of other ones. This is a perfect gift for your pet because you can use it on your daily walks while the winter's cold is still biting your pet's belly.



3 Heart Shape Dog ID Tag

Show your love for your dog with this dog ID tag shaped like a heart.

Another fun gift for your dog on Valentine's Day, which is also convenient. Especially if it's time for your dog to switch the old and rusty dog tag, opt-in for something more hearty and “red” (or pink, they have those too!)

LuckyPet Pet ID Tag - Heart Shaped Jewelry Tag - Dog Tag & Cat Tag - Easy to Read Laser Engraving on The Back Side - Size: Small, Color: Pink

Needless to say, it's important for your dog always to carry an ID tag when outside.

Make the request to have this heart engraved in any way you wish and choose their 1-day fast shipping to get it on time.

Lucky Pet provides a lifetime guarantee for their dog ID tags to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. There are two sizes of these hearts, for large and small dogs.



4 GPS Pet Tracker

Here's a very practical Valentine's Day gift for dogs and their owners.

Your pooch might not realize it, but this is quite possibly one of the best presents you can give them on Valentine's Day (or any other day, really).

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker - Dog and Cat Collar Attachment, White

If you haven't already, pick up a decent GPS Pet Tracker for your dog. Currently, Tagg is doing this better than anybody else (which is why they were acquired, too).

This award-winning technology to track your dog anywhere she or he goes is a great gift for obvious reasons.

Nobody wants to lose their pets, and no dog wants to get lost, but unfortunately, this happens way too often.

Alongside an interactive map for locating your dog, you can also track the exercise levels of your pooch, get messages anytime your pooch leaves the house, and much more.



5 Valentine's Martingale Dog Collar

Want to make your dog look even more Valentine-appropriate?

This is a perfect dog collar to give your pet as a present on Valentine's Day. Country Brook Design has been making collars for dogs for a long time, and their superb quality has been reflected in multiple reviews from many dog owners. Martingale's collar, which is covered in hearts specifically for this day, is no exception.

Country Brook Petz - Puppy Love Martingale Dog Collar and Leash - Affection Collection with 11 Designs You'll Adore (1 Inch, Large)

Made out of good quality hardware, including patterned polyester, these collars will fit almost any neck size (just remember to purchase the appropriate one).

Amazon ships them free and fast, so you can have your dog walking in a fresh and new dog collar by February 14th.



6 Cute IRIS Deluxe Dog Play Pen

Here's something that a lot of dog owners and pets alike will love: a playpen for your dog to consider his or her own.

This cute pink-white colored dog crate or playpen will be useful around the house or in the yard, and you can also take it with you anywhere you travel with your dog. Playpens from IRIS are often very easy to put together or break down, which makes them perfect.

IRIS Wire Dog Crate with Mesh Roof, Pink

Pet owners who decided on these Valentine's gifts for dogs can simply use them as a dog crate most of the time at a time when there's no need to close it. The reason this one from IRIS is good (aside from having it in a pink-white color) is the large sliding door and plenty of room. These dog playpens are pretty big, and you can easily fit a dog bed, your pooch's bowl, and some dog toys in there.



7 Pink Princess Dog Bed

Don't want a playpen? No biggie – here's something else to consider: a dog bed from Pet Bed!

Bothyi Pink Princess Dog Bed, Large Dog Bed Couch, Lovely Pet Supplies House Kennel Sleeping Bed, Lace Cat Bed, for Large Dogs Small Cats Kitten, Pink, S

While we missed them on our list of dog beds, these guys literally created one of the perfect Valentine's gifts for dogs that truly feel very Valentine-y. It's a bed, it's pink, it's comfortable and useful both for you and your dog. What more can a dog and his or her owner want?

The bed itself is good for most small to medium-sized dog breeds; it has a bottom that prevents it from sliding on any floor surface, and it's machine-washable. The already well-regarded Dog Bed brand.



8 Red KONG Classic Dog Toy

You didn't expect this list to avoid dog toys completely, did you?

Coincidentally enough, titled the best dog toy ever, Kong's red classic toy is a very appropriate Valentine's gift for dogs. Not only is it red and represents the fun and loving atmosphere of February 14th, but also because every single dog will love this toy from Kong. There's a reason for its popularity and praise in reviews.

KONG - Classic Dog Toy, Durable Natural Rubber- Fun to Chew, Chase and Fetch - for Large Dogs

Kong can make not only great dog beds but also toys that last forever, and they are currently number #1 in the dog toy industry. This particular one is perfect because you can stuff it with random dog treats and have your pooch enjoy her time while she's at it.

The way this dog toy is made will also make it bounce unpredictably, which is simply an extra level of fun for your dog playing on his own or when you want to play some fetch with your Fido.



9 Milk-Bone Mini’s Valentine’s Day Dog Treats

Just like no list of Valentine's gifts for dogs can go without dog toys, it must also have some tasty dog treats.

Out of hundreds (if not thousands) of options, we decided to go with the most appropriate for Valentine's Day yet still great, tasty, and loved by dogs: Milk-Bone Baked Delights. These “Sweetheart Snacks” dog treats will make your mouth watery!

Milk-Bone Sweetheart Snacks Mini’s Dog Treats, 25 oz. Canister (Pack of 6)

These dog snacks are fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals. Another great reason this is a perfect purchase for Valentine's Day is that you can use the “To” and “From” texts if giving this baked heartful dog treat to your significant other's dog, who's a big dog lover, and will appreciate you caring for the animal.



10 FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs

Were you waiting for the perfect day to finally get your dog a great brush?

Well, that day is finally here. Not only will this benefit you as a dog owner to get rid of all that shedding hair, but you know fully well how much dogs love to be brushed, especially around the belly and their bottoms!

FURminator Medium Dog Undercoat deShedding Tool, Short Hair, Reduces Loose Hair from Shedding

If you do this right and with the right dog brush, the process can only get better.

FURminator is known as the best dog brush manufacturer, and their more expensive and luxurious items are truly worth it. Take this opportunity to purchase one of the best Valentine's gifts for dogs and get two birds with one stone. You'll reduce shedding in your pooch by about 90% and spend some bonding time with him while your dog enjoys the process to a great extent.



11 Loving Pets Hearts Bella Bowl for Dogs

A somewhat cliche day deserves some cliche Valentine's gifts for dogs, so let's not disappoint and enjoy this once-a-year fun time with your significant-other dog.

If you still haven't decided which present to get, or if you're slightly low on cash these days, a very red-looking and covered-in-hearts dog bowl from Loving Pets might be exactly what you need.Loving Pets Bella Bowl Designer & Expressions Dog Bowl, Medium, Hearts, Valentine Red

It's a cheap purchase yet useful and convenient, and it will make you feel better for not leaving out your pooch on this special occasion. Dogs love new things, but they don't care about the price, which makes this dog bowl a perfect option. Provide some fun and flair with this particular one, which, by the way, also uses a vet-recommended stainless steel interior to resist bacteria.



12 Pink Plastic Dog House with Food Bowls

Now, if the dog bowl seems a little too cheap for you as a loving dog owner, then how about an upgrade to a dog house?

This one has a very cute, practical, good-quality, and pink dog house for your pooch that comes in pink. As a bonus, it also comes with two food bowls on the side.

VATO Dog Kennel, Waterproof Plastic Doghouse for Small Pets, Durable Puppy House with Two Food Bowls, 22.8x20.9x22 Inches, Indoor and Outdoor, Up to 30 LBS (Pink)

However, don't be fooled: while this dog house truly looks Valentine-esque, it's actually a truly good purchase, and their other colored version was included in our best dog house list. It's good for either inside or outside because it's weather-resistant and is lifted off the ground to make it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The durable design is lightweight, so you can carry it wherever and whenever you want.



13 Comfy Chico Reversible Dog Sling Carrier

Here is something that every dog owner with small dog breeds or toy dog breeds will love to have.

A stylish dog sling carrier where your pet will stay comfortable, safe and always close to you (whereas using backpack carrier feels different).

Alfie Pet - Chico Reversible Pet Sling Carrier - Color: Pink

If you get it in pink, this will surely represent a true Valentine's Day gift for your dog. But you can also purchase these dog slings in many other colors.

This one from Alfie (Petoga Couture) is very popular among dog owners mostly because it features a safety collar hook for extra safety, it's reversible, and it is absolutely perfect for hands-free time with your dog. When you need to run errands, be constantly on the move, and don't want to worry about your pooch – use this dog sling and have her or him right next to you at all times.



14 Your Time

Finally, if you're a dog owner who doesn't like gift-giving to pets, dislikes Valentine's Day for whatever reason, or simply cannot afford to purchase any Valentine's gifts for dogs this year, do not worry.

The biggest and best gift that you can give your dog on Valentine's Day is your time.

Fun Valentine's Gifts for Dogs

Dog lovers with significant others, find at least a few hours to spend with your pooch, or maybe reschedule for a full day in the upcoming weekend. Those without significant others, how about having a great, fun, and love-fueled day with your loyal friend? Your pet will love this day and love you for dedicating your time to them.

Even if it's a little cold, get your dog outside and let them roam a little longer, run around, and spend their time doing what they love to do. Make those outside walks on Valentine's Day a little longer so that your dog can enjoy them. Play some games with your Fido, pet them, brush them, and love them. Let all other things go, and focus on your furry companion, who's always there for you when you need them. Your dog will love you for it, and you will feel much better because of it, too!

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