How to Tire a Puppy Out Before Bed Featured Image

How to Tire a Puppy Out Before Bed: 5 Proven Tips!

Have you recently adopted a new puppy? Let me guess; you're here because that adorable puppy makes it impossible for you to have a...
Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Price

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Price: The Cost to Own This Breed

Bulldog-type dogs are ever-popular in the dog world, with the English and French bulldogs being the most popular breeds. Their temperament is what makes the...
Is Peanut Butter Healthy for Dogs

Is Peanut Butter Healthy for Dogs?

I’ve heard how crazy dogs are for peanut butter and decided to try it with my group. They’re generally not picky about what they eat...
Ways to Clean and Maintain Outdoor Dog Kennels

How to Clean and Maintain Outdoor Dog Kennels

Outdoor dog kennels are great. They give your dog the chance to get some fresh air while also providing a space where your Fido...

16 Best Deaf Dog Accessories

CARING FOR DEAF DOGS is surely a challenging feat. Good thing that there are deaf dog accessories you can use to make life comfortable and...
hacks for puppy behavior problems

Housebreaking Puppy: Grass Litter Boxes vs. Housebreaking Training Pads

Housebreaking puppy—the favorite part of every new pet parent. No, not really. If you have ever tried housebreaking a puppy, you'll know that most dog owners...
How I Give My Dog Essential Pet Supplements She Do Not Like

How I Give My Dog Essential Pet Supplements She Doesn’t Like

Much like humans, dogs’ bodies often need help to function to their best abilities. Whether you have a German shepherd that needs extra hip and...
Waterproof Dog Products That Are Proven to Work

Waterproof Dog Products That Are Proven to Work

When you're buying any kind of waterproof product, naturally, you'd expect that it will work seamlessly, and you won’t be scrambling to buy a...
Do Automatic Dog Feeders Actually Work

Do Automatic Dog Feeders Actually Work?

A s technology advances and the popularity of pet ownership continues to grow, it is no wonder that the two fields are combining. As the worlds collide,...
Best Professional Dog Clippers for Grooming Dogs in 2020

35 Best Professional Dog Clippers for Grooming Dogs in 2024

KEY TAKEAWAYS: - Professional dog clippers are much more expensive but have more advantages than regular ones. - Choose from our top 5 selection of the...
Health Benefits of Honey for Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Honey? 6 Health Benefits of Honey for Dogs

Many humans love honey for a number of reasons, including its natural sweetening properties and its many uses for health and diet. But, can...
How to Use Pet Treats to Keep Your Dogs Happy

How to Use Pet Treats to Keep Your Dogs Happy

It can be incredibly difficult to keep your dog happy if you work outside of your home or don't have a lot of time...


Sasha the dog running on the beach

4 Tips & Tricks for Navigating Peak Flea and Tick Season

Here it comes... the dreaded peak flea and tick season. For us pet owners, while we love those sunny beach trips and walking in the...
Can I Afford A Dog

Can I Afford A Dog?

Owning a pet is expensive. It’s more than just planning for food and toys. If you’ve been asking yourself, can I afford a dog, here is everything you need to know. A big part of being a responsible pet owner is preparing for the endeavor financially. Creating a consistent budget can help you plan for routine expenses like food, treats and toys, as well as unexpected expenses like vet visits in the event of an emergency. Asking the question can I afford a dog is a very responsible thing to do. Many pet owners don’t plan a budget before adopting a dog, and that can get you into a lot of trouble.
how to get rid of a dog

How to Get Rid of a Dog: The Right Way

Are you faced with the challenging decision of how to let go of your furry companion? We understand that circumstances change. And even...
Why Are Dogs So Loyal?

Why Are Dogs So Loyal?

One of the best qualities of our canine companions is their unwavering loyalty. Why are dogs so loyal? There are amazing stories about the unmatched loyalty of dogs - dogs that have sat on their owner’s graves, waited patiently for months for their owners to return from war and even stories of dogs walking thousands of miles to reunite with their masters.
Why Do Pets Make Us Happy?

Why Do Pets Make Us Happy?

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a happy dog or friendly cat come running over to you looking for a pat on the head or a scratch behind the ears. Why do pets make us happy? Pets do a lot more than just keep us company. The unconditional love that they provide us with is priceless and incomparable to any love that we get other humans.

Dog Names Starting With Z

Are you looking for dog names starting with Z? Well, you're in the right place! Getting a new pup would mean preparing for a new set...
How many dogs are too many featured image

How Many Dogs Are Too Many?

We've all been there. Pet owners of one dog think, "Maybe I should get one more." Then, once you get the second dog, you'll...
Can dogs get sick from humans featured image

Can Dogs Get Sick From Humans?

If you have been caring for dogs for quite a while now, you must have known we can get sick from them. Rabies, giardia—name...
Dandie Dinmont Terrier Breed profile

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Breed Profile

Not a lot of people know about this breed, but the Dandie Dinmont Terrier is not something you should ignore when you chance upon...
dog names starting with y

Dog Names Starting With Y

Do you plan on getting a pup? Do you have a new furry addition to your family? If you do, you're probably pondering what would...