Calm. Friendly. Intelligent.

The Basset Hound is a popular dog breed specifically known for their famous droopy face, short legs, and long body.

Be that as it may, they make a great canine pal around the house!

And if you're here reading this article, maybe you're considering getting the breed for yourself.

So, if you’re looking for a cost estimate for owning a Basset Hound, you came to the right place!

In this article, I’ll discuss everything about the Basset Hound Price.

Discover what else you need to know about owning the breed, including the following:

  • The price of owning Basset Hounds
  • The mandatory cost
  • One-time purchases
  • Monthly expenses

I’ll also give you an overview of the Basset Hound’s profile and temperament to help you decide if they fit your preferences and lifestyle.

Without further ado, let’s start!

how much is a basset hound

Basset Hound Price: How Much is a Basset Hound?

Now, let’s talk about the main topic of this blog: How much is a basset hound?

The Basset Hound price can cost you $500 to $2,000 if you buy it from reputable breeders.

But if you want someone with premium lineage, that price can skyrocket to $3,000—sometimes even more!

Here’s a table that details the different Basset Hounds prices:

Basset Hound without Papers $250 to $400
Less Well-bred Basset Hound $500 to $800
Basset Hound from Reputable Breeds with Papers $1,000 to $2,000
Basset Hounds with Papers and Breeding Rights $2,500 to $3,000
Basset Hounds with Champion Bloodline $3,000 or higher

Basset Hounds mixes, meanwhile, are a lot less expensive than the purebreds.

Here’s a table of popular Basset Hounds mixes and their matching prices.

Basset Hound Mixed Breeds Price Range
Bassetoodle (Basset Hound and Poodle) $800 to $1,500
Hush Basset (Basset Hound and Cocker Spaniel) $1,000 to $2,000
Bassador (Basset Hound and Labrador Retriever) $700 to $1,500
Bagle Hound (Basset Hound and Beagle) $800 to $1,800
Basset Shepherd (Basset Hound and German Shepherd) $1,000 to $2,000
Ba-Shar (Basset Hound and Shar Pei) $350 to $1,000

But even if these mixed breeds are less expensive, don’t think they’re less valuable than the purebreds!

Regardless of price, all dog breeds—purebreds or not—can be adorable companions in the house.

Just shower your pet with love and attention, and your dog will reciprocate your efforts with loyalty and affection.

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Adopting Basset Hounds in Dog Shelters

If you want another option on where to get Basset Hound dogs, consider adopting from dog shelters.

Getting the Basset Hound breed from a rescue shelter is less expensive, with the adoption fee only costing about $200 to $400.

And most of the adoption fee you pay circles back to funding the whole shelter’s operation!

But why should you adopt the breed in rescue dog shelters instead?

Well, responsible dog shelters make sure that the rescue dogs will receive up-to-date health care.

So, adopting from one assures you that the breed is complete in health tests, deworming, and vaccines.

Some of the responsible rescues across the country are:

That being said, expect that there would still be doubts about the adopted breed’s pureness and lineage.

Many sheltered dogs were rescued from homelessness, surrendered by their owner, or retrieved from a puppy mill.

So, there’s no certainty that the dogs will be free from hereditary or breed-specific diseases.

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WARNING: Don’t Get Your Basset Hounds from These Sources!

Inquiring, researching, and visiting reputable breeders may seem to overcomplicate what should’ve been an easy task.

At this point, you may ask, “Isn’t it more convenient to get the breed from a pet store branch?”

But it’s not just the convenience that makes buying from commercial pet shops tempting.

The Basset Hound price is also significantly lower in these pet stores than in reputable breeders.

The same goes for getting your dog from a puppy mill or even Craigslist.

So, what’s the catch?

As it turns out, buying the Basset Hound breed from these sources is a bad idea.

Unlike breeders, puppy mills prioritize profit over their dogs’ health.

They focus on quantity over quality, so they breed puppies that are sicker than you get from a reputable breeder.

And when the dog is sicker, they will require more healthcare services and attention.

Further, with puppy mills, you can’t be sure of your dog’s lineage or its pureness.

Most probably, they don’t have any official documents and proofs to show the ancestry lineage of their dogs.

With these potential risks involved, do you think buying from these questionable pet vendors is still worth it?

Hmm… I don't think so.

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price of basset hound

Factors Affecting the Basset Hound Price

All in all, seven factors affect the Basset Hound Price.

These are:

  • Breeder reputation
  • Amount of training given
  • The demand of the breed
  • Medical history and supporting documents
  • Bloodline and Pedigree
  • Age
  • Coat Color

Just so you know, quality and perceived value drive the price up or down.

That means, for most of the time, the better the quality of these factors, the pricier the dog gets.

Find out how these factors affect the Basset Hound price in the sections below!

Healthcare and Medical Record

When we think about the quality of the dogs, we are referring to the wellness of the puppies.

Reputable breeders bring together two healthy dogs to make a set of healthy offspring.

To ensure that the dog couples will deliver a healthy litter of puppies, breeders check if they’re compatible.

They’ll run some medical tests to know if both dogs are physiologically sound and free from hereditary diseases.

And on its pregnancy, breeders will give the best possible healthcare to the dog, from its impregnation to delivery.

But that’s not all!

Responsible breeders will partner with vets to monitor their growth and health when the pups are born.

They also deworm and vaccinate their dogs to protect them from infections and infestations.

All this medical care poured on the pup drives the Basset Hounds up.

Your reputable source should have medical documents and records to prove the pup’s health information.

Training and Socialization

Training and socializing are two of the important aspects that growing puppies need.

It’s not a surprise that this also drives the Basset Hound price because training puppies also comes at a cost.

After all, breeders need to enroll their pups in dog training sessions, which is already an expense.

And if the breeders know how to train the dogs themselves, you can't expect their efforts to be free.

Most likely, breeders would pass this expense to the buyers as part of the fee to own the dog.

To avoid paying for the training sessions, consider adopting Basset Hound puppies in dog shelters.

These dog shelters train their dogs free of charge to make sure they can adapt to their new home.

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Bloodline and Pedigree

It’s okay to be particular with your dog’s bloodline or pedigree.

Purebred dogs will act and behave as expected by their breed’s standards.

So, when you own a purebred Basset Hound, you’ll know exactly their needs and how they’ll behave around the house.

It’s also for this reason that many people favor purebreds over mixed breeds.

Since mixed-bred dogs come from two breeds or more, they tend to be unpredictable regarding needs, temperament, and sociability.

Some owners are also looking into dogs with champion bloodlines in their pedigree.

A champion bloodline means the dog’s ancestors have won an AKC championship title.

That alone can make the Basset Hound price expensive.

Ultimately, breeders will do everything they can to preserve the breed—if not refine it.

In turn, this makes the price of Basset Hounds higher than their mixed breeds counterparts.

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Coat Color

Some Basset Hound dogs are pricier than others because of their coat color.

This is because some coat colors and patterns are rarer than other coats.

For example, the more common Basset Hound coat comes in a tricolor of brown, black, and white.

However, Lemon Basset Hounds has a white and lemon fur color, which many people consider rare.

But the rarest and most expensive Basset Hounds are the Blue Basset Hounds, which have fur colors of white and blue.


The older the dog is, the cheaper the Basset Hound price is.

Adult dogs are less trainable than pups, so dog trainers advise training dogs at a young age.

They’re also nearer to their life expectancy, meaning fewer years to bond with them.

And with a senior dog, they’re often susceptible to more illnesses than a younger dog.

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The Basset Hound price may be significantly higher when you get it from reputable breeders.

But it has merits when you get your first dog from them.

Firstly, breeders pour a lot of resources and effort into keeping their pups healthy.

That means the dog you’ll receive from them is clear of any unaddressed health problems.

It also helps if you have enough information to find a dog of your choice.

And breeders are not shy about giving you details about their puppies!

They’ll be transparent with you about the pups’ health information and have the supporting documents.

Would you rather get your Basset Hound from a trusted source or a cheap and easy deal where your dog’s health could be at risk?

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Location and Demand

The Basset Hound price also depends on the supply and demand for the breed.

It’s the popularity of the breed that makes the price of Basset Hound go more than $1,000.

What’s more, this price can go even higher!

If you live in a rural region with few breeders for Basset Hounds, they tend to charge you more.

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basset hound puppies cost

Basset Hound Price: Cost of Mandatory Requirements

Basset Hound puppy price aside, some federal and state laws will require you to provide these additional yet mandatory requirements.

So, of course, these mandatory requirements entail expenses on your end.

Here's a table that shows further mandatory expenses that add to your Basset Hound price.

Mandatory Dog Requirement Price
Collar ID and Tag $15 to $30
Microchip $15 to $45
Spay and Neuter $75 to $400

Note that these requirements are not mandated in some countries outside the US or states inside the country.

basset hound puppy price

Basset Hound Price: One-Time Expenses to Consider

Your initial year comes with large initial expenses.

But don’t worry; most expenses are just purchases of essential items you need before bringing your dog home.

Most of them are for long-term use.

Here’s a table showing an overview of the one-time expenses that add to the overall Basset Hound costs.

Dog Items Cost
Dog Bed $30 to $200
Food Bowls $10 to $20
Leash $10 to $15
Grooming Tools $40 to $100
Enrichment Toys $20 to $50
Litter Box $25 to $40
Carrier Cage $75 to $150

Dog Bed

Which is better for your Basset Hound pet: a dog crate or a bed?

You can go with dog beds instead for a wise breed like them.

Basset Hounds are intelligent creatures with a calm temperament. They see crates as confinements.

Basset Hounds also don’t resort to destructive chewing behaviors when bored.

You can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to replace its bed every now and then.

Here’s a dog bed that I would recommend to you:

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Food and Water Bowls

I often recommend dog owners buy metal types because they're durable and safe for the environment.

Even if Basset Hounds are not known chewers, it always helps if your items are strong and durable.

What I don’t recommend, though, is buying low-quality metal food bowls that are not stainless.

They’re susceptible to rusting, which slowly eats the bowl away.

Here is a food bowl that I can recommend for you:

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As mentioned, Basset Hounds are calm breeds.

It’s unlikely that this breed would resort to pulling tendencies when you take it out on a walk.

But the thing about Basset Hounds is that they’re chunky dogs.

So, on the rare occasions that they pull, they pull hard.

With that, I recommend a stronger and bigger standard leash to hold against their strength.

Alternatively, a martingale leash helps to control their pulling tendencies.

Here are some of the leashes that we will recommend to you:

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Grooming Tools

Basset Hounds are moderate shedders but easy to groom.

You only need to brush its coat to remove its excess fur.

For that, you only need a simple pinbrush to do the job.

Here’s a dog brush that I can recommend:

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What I suggest adding to your grooming kit is nail clippers.

I recommend plier-type clippers because they make strong and precise cuts on your dog’s nails.

What’s more, this clipper type is beginner-friendly!

You’ll easily get the hang of using the clipper after a few tries.

You can check the Amazon link below for a recommended nail clipper product.

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Chew toys are great for any dog breeds, but you can do better than that!

Since Basset Hounds rarely chew objects, an enrichment toy may be a more fitting option.

Like chew toys, enrichment toys stimulate your dog and keep them entertained.

They also provide a challenge that keeps the dog mentally engaged in the activity.

Puzzle toys are the most common enrichment toys for a smart breed like Basset Hounds.

Here’s a puzzle toy product that you may be interested in:

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Litter Box

Basset Hounds are intelligent breeds, so housebreaking them should be easy.

You can start the training by using a pad as a temporary space for your dog’s potty breaks.

Eventually, through positive reinforcement, you can guide your dog to transition to a litter box that fits its size.

cost of basset hound

Basset Hound Price: Recurring Cost

Dog ownership means you are responsible for your dog’s well-being.

It’s not just a one-time commitment; you need consistency to keep your dog healthy and happy.

And along with it comes the monthly expenses you must anticipate when caring for your dog.

Here’s a quick overview of the expected dog-related costs to pay every month.

Monthly Expense Price Range
Dog Food $45 to $80
Grooming Session $40 to $60
Veterinary Check-Up $150
Pet Insurance $60 to $100


If you opt to feed your Basset Hound with commercial dog food, I recommend feeding them with high-quality kibble.

Ideally, you want to feed it a maximum of two cups of dry dog food daily.

Additionally, you can remove or add 10% to 25% food to your dog’s diet, depending on if it is underweight or overweight.

Just be careful not to overfeed them, as Basset Hounds are highly susceptible to becoming obese.


As mentioned, Basset Hounds require little to no grooming since they’re low-maintenance types.

But there are still cases where you would need the services of a professional pet groomer.

Especially when you are inexperienced with grooming dogs.

There are body areas of your dog that remain neglected even when you groom them clean.

It could be their untrimmed nail, untreated paws, and even dirty teeth.

And for Basset Hounds, many dog owners forget to clean their pet’s large floppy ears.

Pet groomers step in to take care of these hygienic practices that your dog needs to stay clean.

A once-a-month visit to a groomer is enough to make your Basset Hound look clean and pristine.

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Veterinary Check-Up

Every dog needs to visit a veterinarian at least once a month.

Vets treat your dog’s illnesses and give medical advice to improve your dog’s condition.

Even if your dog isn’t sick, vets detect health problems that you otherwise won’t be able to see.

That’s why it’s crucial to make it a habit to bring your Basset Hound dog to the vet every month.

This breed is prone to many hereditary health problems, so spotting them immediately helps address the issue.

Pet Insurance

Don’t be afraid to invest in a pet insurance program! You never know when you need it.

A pet insurance program can be another helpful tool in addressing most of your Basset Hound’s health concerns.

Depending on the insurance policy, it acts as a safety net that pays for your dog’s healthcare needs during unfortunate circumstances.

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basset hound profile

Basset Hound Breed Profile Overview

The Basset Hound is a scent hound from France.

Before their popularity in the US, they worked alongside hunters to track deer, bears, and rabbits.

This hunting dog breed is a medium-sized breed that can reach a maximum height of 15 inches and weighs up to 65 pounds.

Basset Hounds have a longer body and short legs.

As for its fur, Basset Hounds are covered with rough, short hair that comes in colors and combinations of:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Tan
  • Mahogany
  • Blue
  • Lemon
  • Brown

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In terms of temperament, the Basset Hound is a calm, friendly, and intelligent breed.

Because of their temperament, they are great companion dogs for a family with small kids.

They’re loyal to their owners but not susceptible to becoming Velcro dogs.

In fact, some Basset hounds can also be aloof in their training and would much rather have some time alone.

As for its physical activity, since Basset Hounds are calm breeds, they don’t tend to get jumpy around the house.

But make no mistake!

Basset Hounds have great stamina reserves that they can exhaust on entertaining activities.

basset hound dog

Basset Hound Price: Should You Get One?

Summing it all up, should you get the Basset Hound breed for yourself?

Well, if you are looking for a loyal and friendly pet companion in your house, the answer should be yes!

Remember that being a fur parent entails some costs if you ever want to be one.

From the adoption fees to the monthly expenses for your dog’s needs, these are the price to pay should you wish to own the breed.

Talk to a reputable breeder to get the Basset Hound puppies in their best and healthiest condition possible.

Alternatively, you can also adopt the breed from dog rescue organizations.

Like breeders, dog shelters ensure the dogs are ready for their new parents and next forever home.

By adopting this way, you’re giving a dog a chance to get the care and love that it deserves.

What’s not to love about that, right?

But what do you think? Is the Basset Hound breed the right dog for you?

Can you shoulder the price of owning this wonderful breed?

If not, you may want to check other articles below about the price of owning other dog breeds!