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Top Five Best Dog Backpack Carriers

If you're a big dog person that is constantly on the move… if your days are always busy but you wish to spend more time with your cute puppy, then dragging them on the leash or using dog collars all the time can get tiresome very quickly. Fortunately for you and me (I also love my dog too much), there is one good solution — it comes from the list of best dog backpack carries available for a cheaper price online.

Fairly recently we talked about the benefits of such best dog backpack carriers; make sure to check it out if you still need a reason to buy one. If you don't, then let's start this off right. Here are three things you want in a good backpack carrier:

1. Sturdiness
2. Comfort
3. Design

At this site we have done the research, and based on all these three criteria above, as well as customers' reviews (and obviously the price, too), I present you the list of…

Top 5 Best Dog Backpack Carriers

1. Pet Gear I-GO2 Plus Traveler

Best Dog Backpack Carriers

Protected with a fleece pad on the inside, Pet Gear I-GO2 is the top contender on the best dog backpack carriers list.

The reason it's on our best dog backpack carriers list is its perfect size, awesome handles, extra safety measures and other interesting perks earned this backpack a five-in-one title for a good reason. Amazon reviewers seem to love it (4/5 stars), and it's reasonably priced.

The five-in-one I-GO2 Plus Traveler has telescoping handle with wheels, to function as a rolling case. Can be used as a backpack, tote, carrier, or car seat. Comes with removable plush pad for easy washing, tether to secure animal, and wheel cover.

Provided your pet fits into the dimensions of the product comfortably when fully assembled, this item will support the weight of your pet. For small pets only – read sizing dimensions of product carefully.

Customer's review (read full Amazon review): There are side pockets in case you need to carry any forms with you or toys. My cat went in the carrier without protesting for once. He usually makes a huge fuss about going in ANY carrier. He fit in there so comfortably that he fell asleep at the vet next to 2 big dogs. There is plenty of headroom which adds a lot of comfort. All in all this is a great buy for someone who is small and has a hard time carrying a heavy animal. Highly recommended!


2. Flex Height Pet Carrier

Best Dog Backpack Carriers

While not a backpack per se, rated 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon by almost 200 people, this dog carrier is one of the most comfortable and safest on the market.

You can still use this Flex Height Pet Carrier as a backpack with no problem, and you can fit absolutely any small or medium dog in there.

Flex Height Pet Carrier will keep your pet comfortable and safe whether you travel by car or by plane. Made of durable 600 denier polyester, the feather light construction flexes downward without collapsing.

Features include an adjustable 4-point padded shoulder strap and leather hand grip, retractable privacy flaps on all mesh windows, seatbelt safety straps, interior fleece pad secured by Velcro, and Zipper Security Clips which is a tether for safety and security.

Customer's review (read full Amazon review): All-in-all, this is an extremely well-built carrier with all the features you need (plus some), and the only one I've found large enough for my Miniature schnauzer that still conforms to airline standards.


3. Snoozer's Wheel Around Carrier

Best Dog Backpack Carriers

Third on the list of best dog backpack carriers is another 4.5 out of 5 stars rating from 150 people on Amazon. Snoozer's Carrier has been given the title of “wheel around”, however, it can also be easily used as a backpack, too.

Equipped with more pockets than you can image, it's durable micro fiber will also survive the heaviest trips out there.

The only time we had to lay the bag down horizontally was during the flight. The bag is light and easy to roll around and much better than having to carry it the whole time. But it has backpack handles and a top handle if you do want to carry it. It also has a leash inside to hook his collar to so you don't have to worry when the top is open. You can also open the sides when its laying down flat.

It also has large pockets on both sides for treats, food, leash, water bowl, etc. I ordered a couple different ones to compare and this one was the best quality and most spacious. I would definitely recommend!

Customer's review (read full Amazon review): Our dog doesn't like to be enclosed in any sort of crate so it was good that he was able to sit upright the whole time and pop his head out.


4. Sherpa-on-wheels Carrier

Best Dog Backpack Carriers

I could not resist putting this carrier on the list, too. Another one that isn't exactly a backpack but can still be used as one, Sherpa-on-wheels dog carrier is yet another dog bag that rolls on wheels but which you can still carry on your back.

Great ventilation, lots of big pockets and is best when travelling in cars or trains.

Takes the weight off your shoulders. Sherpa-on-wheels utilizes easy-glide recessed wheels for smooth, quiet, steady motion. Detachable handle with padded grip for extra comfort, can also be used as a shoulder strap.

Carry it or pull it. It's great either way. Sherpa Pet Carriers on Wheels Feature: Stylish light-weight design. Fashioned from black quilted nylon. New travel bed tray slides in and out and includes a soft, cozy, washable faux lambskin liner.

Customer's review (read full Amazon review): I have never had a dog come out of the bag in pain, or looking like a pretzel. After years of travel with many corgis, I noticed that the bottom has started to wear and the wheels are now misshapen. I'm sure thats from lot's of hard use, so after probably ten or so years of using this bag, I'm buying my second one. I really recommend this bag if you have a heavy pet you want to fly with.

Best Dog Backpack Carriers

5. Petego Lenis Backpack

Best Dog Backpack Carriers

Last but definitely not least of best dog backpack carriers is the Petego Lenis Dog Backpack. At 4 stars out of 5 by Amazon reviewers, this stylish carrier is almost twice cheaper than any other bag of best dog backpack carriers list.

It's durable, it's soft, it has a few pockets and can be carried either in front or the back. Your dog will love one of these!

The Lenis Pack is designed by Emanuele Bianchi for pet owners who like to keep their small pet close. The signature checked stitching on Mocha micro-fiber suede is lined with a soft and stylish orange nylon fabric.

Easy Velcro closure top keeps your pet secure and safe. Straps can be adjusted to carry on front or back. Lenis Pack also makes a comfortable spot for your pet to relax where ever you go.

Customer's review (read full Amazon review): I have a side carrier which doesn't seem to be good for my back as all the weight pulls to one side so not good for very long walk. So if you are looking for a front carrier especially for walking or hiking this is your best bet. I find it to be comfortable as well. Just remember there are two sizes. The large is perfect for my 8 lbs chihuahua.


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