Dog Booties That Stay On

Stay up to date on these best dog booties we could ever find on the Internet today!

This isn't just a trend that's on the rise, but this pup accessory helps protect their paws from snow, ice, heat, cold, and salt, too.

In fact, many pet owners have chosen to go all-in using dog walking boots daily.

And guess what? Their pets don't seem to mind!

Top Best Dog Booties That Stay OnDid you know? Manufacturers are developing the best dog boot concepts that ensure those cute little paws' safety no matter the weather. And according to research, experts say that dog boots have:

…protective function and reduce the number of paw injuries.

In much colder climates, choosing the pet-friendly ice melt instead of regular ones would be a great option for your pooch. (More options coming!)

Looking for some HOW-TOs in putting these on your dog? Full guide here.

Dog Booties That Stay On

6 Best Dog Booties (That Actually Stay On)

1Ultra Paws Durable Dog Booties

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Paw Protector|Dog Boots|Dog Shoes|Black Light Duty Heat, Water Resistant Dog Booties for hot Pavement for Small Dogs (Size 2) The first on our list is from a popular dog company, Ultra Paws. Made with great traction, these flexible, water-resistant dog shoes prevent skidding and sliding.

Best Feature: These dog boots are especially great for senior dogs and pets with hip conditions.

With its wide-split seam design, these boots are easy to put on and nearly impossible to slide off thanks to their Velcro straps, too!

That said, these are possibly the best dog boots that stay on properly.

Available in black color and various sizes, they sure can fit your dog no matter the breed.

Whether worn inside or out, customers support the company’s claim that these are truly the only best dog boots that stay on for a long time.

Plus, many pet owners who have tried other brands say that Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots is easily the best dog boot they have used.

They also hold up well after being washed in a machine.

Moreover, many customers in the reviews claim that no fights were involved while putting them on to their Fidos.

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Paw Protector|Dog Boots|Dog...
2,535 Reviews
Ultra Paws Durable Dog Paw Protector|Dog Boots|Dog...
  • PATENTED DESIGN: The Ultra...
  • NEED HELP? For best fit,...

These dog shoes are water-resistant, but they are not waterproof.

However, owners have noted that these are still good dog rain boots and seem to work fine to an extent.

As per actual product reviews, the biggest complaint about these dog booties is that they do not fit as expected for some fluffballs.

Thus, be sure to measure your dog’s paws according to the product description, and there should be no issue.

Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots and Paw Protectors for Small, Medium and Large Dogs Red (Size 11) Alternative: The company also has a different version of their doggy boots – Ultra Paws Rugged Pet Boot for hiking or running.


  • Dog boots that stay on no matter what
  • Perfect for senior dogs or hip conditions
  • Slip-resistant and flexible, easy to put on
  • Water-resistant with Velcro straps

  • Don't fit all dogs

Most helpful customer review (read the full review): “My 11 year old Siberian has developed very rough, cracked paw pads and needs protection of his feet when we venture outside. He has limited mobility, so we do not take long walks, we just need to cover his paws as he walks…”


2QUMY Dog Shoes for Large Dogs

QUMY Dog Shoes for Large Dogs, Medium Dog Boots & Paw Protectors for Winter Snowy Day, Summer Hot Pavement, Waterproof in Rainy Weather, Outdoor Walking, Indoor Hardfloors Anti Slip Sole Black Size 4 With such an interesting name, QUMY's version of dog booties makes it on our list today. These waterproof dog boots have a molded rubber bottom, making them non-slip, no matter the weather or the surface being walked on.

This is why many dog owners claim that these are the best dog rain boots by far.

What's more, the reflective tape on QUMY's dog boots is great for nighttime use.

With a variety of sizes and colors available, these booties for dogs gained a lot of pup owners' trust in the reviews below.

QUMY Dog Shoes for Large Dogs, Medium Dog Boots &...
30,249 Reviews
QUMY Dog Shoes for Large Dogs, Medium Dog Boots &...
  • Please be sure to measure the...
  • SECURE and ADJUSTABLE: Easy to...
  • RUGGED: Tough anti-slip sole...
  • QUALITY: The dog boots have a...
  • FASHIONABLE: QUMY dog boots...

However, these second-best dog boots have their fair share of drawbacks, including the inaccurate size chart.

So, be sure to check the reviews for hands-on size recommendations from verified customers.


  • Affordable
  • Non-slip and waterproof dog boots
  • Feel comfortable for dogs
  • No rotation or sliding inside the dog boot

  • Size issues

Most helpful customer review (read the full review + PHOTO): “These are great. Sturdy, stay on, don't rotate. My dog who broke a toe almost 3 months ago, and although it's mostly healed, we sometimes want to slow him down a little or give him some extra protection. He's very good…”

3Pawz Red Water-Proof Booties

PawZ Rubber Dog Boots for Paws up to 2 1/2", 12 Pack - All-Weather Dog Booties for Hot Pavement, Snow, Mud, and Rain - Waterproof, Anti Slip Dog Socks - Small, Red The third option on our list of best dog booties is a rather different one. Looking more like dog socks, its price and convenience make it an excellent option for many dog owners.

Plus, these are made by a company we all know, Pawz.

These dog boots are available in the widest variety of colors, such as the following:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Orange

What's more, these make a perfect fashion must-have despite their affordability.

And proudly, Pawz dog boots are made in the USA. They use all-natural materials and are both disposable and reusable.

Additional Feature: Pawz boots for dogs are waterproof, thanks to their unique rubber material!

They're one of the best dog boots for winter, summer, rain, or snow.

As always, we recommend reading others' opinions on all kinds of puppy boots and Pawz dog boots reviews.

Of course, we cannot blow past Pawz's negatives, and there are quite some.

A few pet owners said that these booties are essentially a thicker version of a simple balloon.

That said, the material used may be easily ripped by sharp dog claws or when a dog steps on something sharp.

PawZ Rubber Dog Boots for Paws to 2 1/2' -...
16,673 Reviews
PawZ Rubber Dog Boots for Paws to 2 1/2" -...
  • All-Weather Protection: Keep...
  • Perfect Fit for Small Paws:...
  • Great Grip and Traction: Our...
  • Waterproof Shoes for Dogs:...
  • Breed-Specific Sizing Chart:...

  • Cheap
  • #1 Most popular among dog owners
  • Simple and easy to put on and use
  • Great for winter, snow, ice, rain, etc.
  • All-natural materials made in the USA

  • Lower quality
  • Sizing problems
  • Easy to rip apart

Most helpful customer review (read the full review): “I have a 2 year old collie x lab mix. He's got webbed lab toes with long hair in between the toes. It's been a nightmare in the winter with him, especially since we love to go to deep snow areas with no trails. He'd end up with snow…”


4 Pawz Large Pet Booties

PawZ Rubber Dog Boots for Paws up to 4", 24 Total (2 Packs of 12) - All-Weather Dog Booties for Hot Pavement, Snow, Mud, and Rain - Waterproof, Anti Slip Dog Socks - Large, Purple As we come closer to the end of the list, our 4th best dog booties pick is from a company called Protex Pawz. These purple dog walking boots are extremely similar to Pawz dog boots (above) in concept.

But they're made for large dogs with paws measuring around 3” from the bottom of the heel pad to the longest toenail.

Protex Pawz dog boots are made from 100% rubber, so they're waterproof. They're disposable and reusable, too.

According to reviews, most dog owners say that these doggie booties provide great protection.

Another great thing is that dogs seem to feel comfortable with these booties on.

Additional Feature: These are great for keeping a dog's paws clean after surgery or an operation, as several pet owners have noted.

PawZ Rubber Dog Boots for Paws up to 4", 24 Total (2 Packs of 12) - All-Weather Dog Booties for Hot Pavement, Snow, Mud, and Rain - Waterproof, Anti Slip Dog Socks - Large, Purple However, some verified customers noted that the fitting is quite tight at the opening. Some pet owners are concerned about their pet’s blood circulation being cut off if used for longer periods.

Furthermore, these dog walking boots are not insulated.

So, if your canine having cold feet is the issue you are trying to address, another dog boots brand may be a better option.

PawZ Rubber Dog Boots for Paws up to 4', 24 Total...
132 Reviews
PawZ Rubber Dog Boots for Paws up to 4", 24 Total...
  • All-Weather Protection: Keep...
  • Perfect Fit for Large Paws:...
  • Great Grip and Traction: Our...
  • Waterproof Shoes for Dogs:...
  • Breed-Specific Sizing Chart:...

    • Easy to put, simple design
    • 100% Rubber
    • Protect from rain, salt, cold, and ice

  • Low quality
  • Too tight
  • Sizing problems

Most helpful customer review (read the full review): “Ok, I will admit our dog does not particularly enjoy having these put on. (I have tried singing songs from “Cinderella” to her, but she is unimpressed.) However, she is very happy to HAVE them on, and they stay on very…”

5 URBEST®Brown Nonslip Rubber Sole Winter Shoes

URBEST Dog Shoes with Hook Loop Closure Booties Pet Dog Chihuahua Shoes Boots, 4Pcs (3#, Brown) Finally, the last option on the list of best dog booties comes from a company called Urbest. These dog walking boots look similar to snow boots for humans, and many pet owners find them super attractive.

Urbest dog boots are padded and insulated for extra warmth, making this one of the best dog boots for winter.

They are available in sizes — extra-extra-small through medium — making them a decent option for smaller pooches.

Unfortunately, the company doesn't make these for large dogs.

Urbest dog boots for winter aren't only attractive looking, but each pack comes in 2 cute pairs!

URBEST Dog Shoes with Hook Loop Closure Booties Pet Dog Chihuahua Shoes Boots, 4Pcs (3#, Brown) According to reviews, pet owners were thrilled with both the style and functionality of these booties. Unlike most shoes for dogs out there, URBEST Detachable Closure Puppy Dog Shoes keep dogs’ paws warm and cozy during potty sessions in colder temperatures.

On the other hand, a few drawbacks were noted by owners.

Small dog breeds like Chihuahuas have an issue keeping these on because there's nothing to hold them up.

Therefore, be sure to measure your pet's foot carefully as per the product description.

URBEST Dog Shoes with Hook Loop Closure Booties...
5,517 Reviews
URBEST Dog Shoes with Hook Loop Closure Booties...
  • Material: Plush, Rubber.
  • Durable and non-slip.
  • Notice: Before making your...
  • This dog shoes size is small,...
  • Please choose 1-2in larger...

  • Very cheap
  • Extremely good looking
  • Can order one dog boot at a time
  • Best dog boots for winter months

  • Slippery
  • Don't fit many dogs
  • Sizing issues

Most helpful customer review (read the full review + PHOTOS): “These boots are awesome! I measured my pup's foot according to their directions, and picked the appropriate size. They fit well and stay on, unless he tries to pull them off, which was only an issue the first time he wore…”

6Expensive AlternativeRuffwear Grip Trex Doggy Booties

Ruffwear, Grip Trex Dog Boots, Outdoor Booties with Rubber Soles for Hiking and Running, Red Sumac, 2.00" To round this list of the five best dog booties, we decided to add another option as a bonus. These are Ruffwear dog boots, and there's a wide range of boots made by this popular company.

To cut to the chase, these boots are simply a little too expensive.

And truth be told, Ultra Paws can fulfill the same requirements most pet parents are looking for.

However, we highly recommend exploring the option of Ruffwear dog boots for the following reasons:

  • Coming from a reputable company
  • With a high-quality and reliable dog product line
  • Majority of pet owners absolutely love everything from this brand

Moreover, these boots are considered the best dog hiking boots or dog running shoes due to their design.

They're tightly woven with mesh for optimal comfort and breathability.

Plus, they have an adjustable strap for a perfect fit and low-light visibility with reflective trim.

Again, this is a more expensive option, and it's not necessary to pay that much for dog paw protectors.

Still, many dog owners have enjoyed using these Ruffwear dog boots with their pets, and they quickly become one of the most popular doggie booties on the market.

Ruffwear, Grip Trex Dog Boots, Outdoor Booties...
1,100 Reviews
Ruffwear, Grip Trex Dog Boots, Outdoor Booties...
  • Trail-ready boots: Protect...
  • Rugged outsole: Vibram...
  • Breathable mesh: Made with...
  • Secure fit: Designed with a...
  • Reflective trim: Low-light...

Most helpful customer review (read the full review): “I purchased these boots, a collar and matching leash along with a float coat for my dog, all the items fit great and are very good quality. My springer appreciates the finer things in life and he loves to look good in his Ruffwear on the street…”

Need Help Measuring Your Dog's Boots?

For some pet owners, putting on boots on a dog may become a hassle if your dog really dislikes the idea of wearing dog shoes and will protest even once they're on. The key is buying the right type of dog shoes to stay on and be comfortable for the dog.

Here's a quick guide on how to measure your dog for boots and do it right.

How to Choose the Best Dog Booties That Stay on From Our List

While these accessories are great for your pups, remember that each dog booty below is curated uniquely and priced differently, too.

So, take note of the following factors as you browse our list for your dog's optimal comfort:


Always choose a durable and breathable material that will work well in the environment you plan to use. That's because your dog sweats through his paws. 


Make sure you get your dog booties in the right size. Otherwise, they won’t stay on, or they may be uncomfortable. Most booties have sizing charts to help with this. 


You can decide if you would prefer dog booties shaped like human boots or sandals or those that look more like socks. There isn’t a big functional difference, so this is just personal preference. 

Putting them on

You should look for booties that seem fairly easy to take on and off, as you want to minimize struggles with your pup. 


There are several main types of dog boots, so make sure you get a set designed to work with your needs.

These include dog boots for cold or hot weather, multi-purpose outdoor dog boots, indoor dog boots, and waterproof dog boots.

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Dog Booties That Stay On

Common Questions About the Best Dog Booties That Stay On

Do you still have some lingering questions about the best dog booties that stay on? Or you prefer to read a concise question and answer instead of the above format. No matter the reason, the following FAQs should help. 

How Do I Get My Dog’s Booties to Stay On?

The first step to getting your dog’s booties to stay on is to buy the right size. You want it to fit snugly. You should also consider a set of booties with velcro, as that helps you secure them better. 

Can Dogs Wear Boots All the Time?

Your dog doesn’t need to wear boots all the time. Remember that your dog and its ancestors adapted to deal with cold and heat.

In most cases, your dog’s high body temperature is enough to keep paws warm.

That being said, booties are still helpful at times, especially when there’s salt on the ground, or the pavement is very hot. 

What to Put on a Dog’s Paws to Stop Slipping?

If your dog’s paws are slipping, try a set of dog booties that adds extra traction. You can also apply musher’s wax to the bottom of your dog’s foot. 

Are Dog Booties Worth It?

Depending on where you live, yes, dog booties are 100% worth it.

Remember that booties can protect your dog from extremely cold or extremely hot ground, rocks, glass, and other debris, and salt on ice in the winter. 

When Should You Put Booties on Your Dog?

Anytime your long-haired dog gets snow on its paws, your dog should be wearing booties the next time he goes outside.

You also want to put booties on your pup when it gets cold and there’s a lot of snow (unless your dog is a husky or another snow-loving breed). 

Will Snow Hurt Your Dog’s Paws?

While snow may make your dog’s feet too cold in some situations, the biggest concern is the salt we use for melting ice.

If your pup’s feet have too much exposure to this ice, he can develop chemical burns. There’s also a risk that he’ll lick his paws and ingest the salt.

Best Dog Booties: Before You Go…

Choosing the best dog booties may be a paw-shion accessory for some pup owners.

But this trend is skyrocketing for a good reason, too.

Not only will your Fidos look elegant and fancy, but their toe beans have guaranteed protection as well.

So, if you found this blog helpful, go ahead and check out our recommendations below!

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