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How to Put Boots On a Dog (step by step video guide)


Did you know that dog boots can provide benefits to dogs? But how in the world do you get them to stay on your pet's paws? Many dog owners have problems putting dog boots on their dog, especially if you have a squirmy Fido that doesn't like you touching his paws. This quick guide will show you how to put boots on a dog properly, quickly and easily.

There are many reasons that your dog may need dog shoes. He might need protection against hot asphalt, ice or rough terrain. If that's the case, he'll need either a set of good and durable dog booties with a thick base or some type of paw protection wax for dogs.

Find the right type of dog bootiesIf you live in a rainy climate, then maybe you just want waterproof silicone dog boots like I show in my video above. These types of dog booties will keep your dog's feet dry while walking in rain or mud. Your dog may also need pet boots with a rubber grip on the bottom to give him traction on slick flooring.

Finding the right type of dog boots and choosing the right size is the hard part. Just like fitting the proper dog collar, it's important to do some research and take your pup with you when you're shopping. If possible, try the dog booties on your pet before buying.

Remember that following the measuring instructions provided by the company won't always work. Every dog's paws are different – some are round with short toes and others have narrow paws with long toes. The only way to be sure you're buying the right size boots is to bring your pet along while you're shopping.

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How to Put Dog Booties On a Dog

How To Put Boots On A Dog
The first paw may be the easiest or the hardest depending on your dog.

Find the right type of dog booties

As I mentioned, finding the right size dog boots for your dog is the hard part. Once you've got them, it's just a matter of getting them on Fido's feet. As you'll see in my video guide, it's a bit intimidating, but learning how to put boots on a dog isn't as difficult as you may think.

If your dog is as easy going as my Boxer, Chloe, then it won't be difficult to get the dog booties on. However, if your dog is rambunctious or doesn't like you touching his paws, you may want to ask someone to assist you.

If you put the boots on multiple times a day for just a few minutes each time, your dog will begin getting used to the boots quickly and he'll start to feel more calm when you're trying to put them on.

Unfortunately, you'll just have to be patient until he gets to that point.

Use a proper technique

Use a proper technique for putting dog booties onStart slowly in the beginning and give your pooch plenty of time to get used to his new dog shoes . In fact, when you first bring the dog boots home you should lay them out on the floor and give your dog plenty of time to sniff them and get him used to their look.

As I show you in my video, if your dog will let you, it's best to learn how to put boots on a dog when your pet is standing.

With a standing dog, this allows you to set the paw in the dog boot and place it flat on the floor. You'll get the right fit the first time, so there will be no need for more adjustments.

To do this, straddle your dog facing his head. Have both front boots ready. This way you won't have to chance your dog moving around while you're looking for the second boot.

Pick up the paw and place it inside the dog bootie.

Before you fasten the adjustable strap, be sure that your dog's paw is flat on the floor and the boot is adjusted correctly. You'll want to fasten the strap tightly enough that the boot won't fall off, but not so tight that it is uncomfortable for your dog.

Follow the same procedure to put the dog boot on the other front paw.

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How To Put Boots On A Dog
My Chloe cooperating with me while I put on her dog booties on.

Putting dog boots on dog's rear paws

Now you'll need to turn around and straddle your dog so you're facing his back end.

Again, have both dog boots ready in order to get the job done as quickly as possible. Follow the same procedure with each back paw. Be sure that you're placing the paw flat on the floor and the boot is adjusted properly before you fasten the straps.

When you're learning how to put boots on a dog, your dog may not be as cooperative as my Chloe. In this case, you may want to start by putting on one dog boot at a time and allowing him to get used to that one before you put on any more.

Try putting dog boots on a lying or sitting dog

Try putting dog boots on a lying dogYou can also put the dog shoes on when your dog lying down.

I show an example of this in my video guide above. It's a much more simple process, but you need to be sure that after you put the boot on you're pushing the base of the paw against your palm and adjusting the boot properly.

If you learn how to put boots on a dog when he's lying down, you may need to adjust the dog boots after he stands up and places his paws flat on the floor.

Watch how he walks for the first few steps. Do you notice that any of the boots are turned to one side or the other? Are his feet pushed all the way to the end of the boots?

If not, you'll need to try to make the necessary adjustments. That's why it's best if you can put the boots on him while he's standing. That way you know you'll get them on correctly the first time and won't need to keep messing with them.

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