Dog socks can be used to protect your pet's paws from cold, heat, weather conditions and dangerous surfaces. The non-slip variety also keeps senior pets from losing their footing. Some owners find this to be a frivolous expense, but socks for dogs actually have a good reason to exist.

Socks should not be used in place of dog boots. Dog booties are typically made of a thicker, more durable material and are the best choice for going outdoors in bad weather or on rough terrain. Socks, on the other hand, can be worn indoors and outside. They can be worn for longer periods of times, as they are designed for the dog's comfort.

When it comes to dog socks, there are many different types out there, so you'll need to choose the ones that will best meet your pup's needs, are comfy enough and for a specific purpose. Below we've ranked some of the best socks for dogs for you to consider.

Protection for dogs' paws is a must, says Dr. Louise Murray, DVM, ASPCA Director of Medicine. This is especially true if there are any chemicals, toxins or other harmful agents your dog may attract to his paws. For additional protection, you can also use paw balms to soothe the dog's paw skin and avoid further complications.

“Check your dog’s paws for ice around the pads and for irritation from sidewalk and road salt, which can lead to cracked paws, discomfort, and possible infection. It’s a good idea to wash the paw pads with room temperature water and smooth petroleum jelly on pads.” – NC State University Vets

When you're shopping for the best socks for dogs, there are a few things to keep in mind. Taking your dog with you to the store is not necessary, since it's unlikely you'll be able to “test” the socks out there. Simply measuring the dog and ordering online will do it. In terms of what to look for, it's only things: comfy material all-around that stays on your pet's feet, and the non-slip pads so your dog has no trouble walking in socks.

Top 5 Best Socks for Dogs

1EXPAWLORER Socks Traction Control Anti-Slip

Socks are an essential part of your pets’ garb, and EXPAWLORER has done great in providing protective and fashionable socks with traction control and anti-slip soles. These are designed especially for dogs that are not comfortable wearing shoes or boots.

EXPAWLORER Dog Socks Traction Control Anti-Slip...
1,054 Reviews
EXPAWLORER Dog Socks Traction Control Anti-Slip...
  • Size Information: XS - Paw...
  • Measure Instruction: Please...
  • Paws Protection: Our socks can...
  • Non-slip Function: Anti-slip...
  • Keep Clean: These indoor socks...

A silicone material is used around the paw area providing superior grip on slick surfaces, like tile and hardwood floors. There’s a wide range of sizes available – from the smallest at XXS (1.3” x 1.1”) to XXL (3.1” x 2.6”) – so it’s not difficult to find the perfect fit. The socks keep the paws warm during cold weather and do not restrict movement.

Each sock comes with a Velcro strap for fastening. Pet owners say that they feel more at ease sending their fur babies wearing these socks out in the snow.  They trust the socks for stability, good traction, and water resistance.

EXPAWLORER Dog Socks are especially functional for winter fun activities. However, many dog owners also use them as regular foot covering. They say they work well for their dogs to ward off insects, dirt, thorns, and other things that their pup may step on during their daily romp – whether indoor or outdoor.

Pets were naturally hesitant to try these best socks for dogs at first, but they got used to them in no time. Pet owners say that these are easy to clean and are machine-washable. For owners of hyperactive dogs, they say that nothing beats sewing the Velcro on the sock to keep it in place. Some buyers did note that these socks have a strong chemical odor when first taken out of the packaging. Others also complained about the return policy, noting that it was pricey to send these back if they do not fit.


  • Designed for dogs that are not comfortable wearing shoes or boots
  • Silicone material is used around the paw area for added grip
  • Equipped with Velcro straps for fastening
  • Does not restrict movement
  • Machine washable

  • Some dogs will be hesitant to try these
  • Have a chemical odor when first taken out of the packaging


2 RC Pet Products Sport Paws Dog Socks

Dog paws, like human feet, need ample protection from all kinds of environmental hazards to keep them safe and healthy. These indoor and outdoor dog socks from RC Pet Products may just be what you’ve been looking for. Each sock covers the paw, while its anti-slip sole provides added traction and comfort.

RC Pet Products Sport PAWks Dog Socks,...
2,091 Reviews
RC Pet Products Sport PAWks Dog Socks,...
  • Indoor/Outdoor dog socks
  • Improve your dog's traction on...
  • Anti-slip coating maximizes...
  • Fun and functional
  • Medium sock length is 4 3/4...

This product could greatly improve the quality of life of aged or weak-limbed pooches and prevent accidents on wet or slippery surfaces. There are a variety of elegant colors and sizes that you can choose from to match your dog’s personality, breed and size. Owners of dogs that have seen better days and are already shaky on their hips, greatly admire these socks’ anti-slip sole and full silicone coverage.

Unlike inferior socks that just twist around the feet, RC Pet Products Sport Paws Dog Socks stay in place and help dogs move around more confidently. As a paw cover, the socks have really proven useful. Dogs with allergies had less contact with irritants from the ground, hence, were less likely to lick or chew on their paws.

Some dogs just don’t take on shoes very well; they can’t handle the rigidity that limits their movement. These socks are definitely the more comfortable option because they protect without being overly restrictive. Sadly, one reviewer said that they received a pair of used, dirty dog socks that were covered with dog hair. Many buyers also say that these socks don't fit well, so be sure to measure your pup's paws carefully.


  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Equipped with an anti-slip sole
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors

  • Measurements are off


3 RC Pet Products Paws Dog Socks

Do you still worry about your dog slipping on tile or hardwood floors, or leaving paw marks on your furniture? Then fret no more, because RC Pet Products have the answer to your woes. These best socks for dogs each have an anti-slip paw print decal that maximizes grip.

RC Pet Products PAWks Dog Socks, Paw Protection,...
4,205 Reviews
RC Pet Products PAWks Dog Socks, Paw Protection,...
  • Improve your dogs traction on...
  • Anti-slip paw print decal...
  • Protects sensitive paws and...
  • Great for protecting indoor...
  • Medium sock length is 4 3/8...

The decals also improve traction on slick surfaces, protect tender paws, and help cushion movements made by dogs with frail joints and timeworn hips. Made from durable soft cotton material, these boots will make paw marks on furniture a thing of the past. The downside is that cotton tends to shrink a bit after several washes. So, dog owners found a way around it by getting a size bigger than their dog’s usual fit, and they worked just fine.

The material is so soft, you can barely hear your dog having a blast playing around or happily bouncing on the bed. Pet owners love RC Pet Products Paws Dog Socks because they’re soft, warm, and they provide the much-needed traction especially for dogs that have difficulty moving over slippery surfaces. These socks are wonderfully crafted, too, and dogs seem very comfortable wearing them.

Some reviewers did note that these best socks for dogs were shorter than they anticipated. They didn't come up as far on the dog's legs as they were expecting. A few negative reviews claim that these socks slide around on the dog's paws, which renders the anti-slip grip on the bottom useless.


  • Each sock is equipped with an anti-slip paw print decal
  • Made from a durable, soft cotton material

  • Cotton tends to shrink after washing (need to buy a size larger)
  • Shorter than anticipated
  • Slide around a bit on the dog's paws


4Dog Quality Grippers Non Slip Dog Socks

Each paw area of these socks from Dog Quality is coated with soft rubber. This feature ensures optimum wrap-around traction and provides grip on slippery surfaces even if the socks twist.

Grippers Non Slip Dog Socks | Traction Control for...
1,541 Reviews
Grippers Non Slip Dog Socks | Traction Control for...
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE – Your...

Grippers Non Slip Dog Socks are made of high-quality material and was thoughtfully designed to keep your pooches warm and safe, whether he's indoor or outdoor. Sizes are available from XXS to Large, for dogs weighing from 5 lb to 50 lb. Each set of socks also comes with four Velcro straps.

Dogs that had been unwell or those that suffered from mobility issues have shown significant improvement with these protective socks. They found it easier to walk or were encouraged to move with the added traction and stability that the socks provide.

Pet owners also appreciate not only the Dog Quality Grippers Non Slip Dog Socks but also the suppliers for being responsive and for providing superior customer service. They even assist in ensuring that your dog gets the size that perfectly fits them. Don’t think these socks are only for dogs with walking conditions, though. They’re even better for healthy and agile dogs that are constantly speeding around the house. These socks will give them the proper grip when they need it most, such as avoiding accidents on slippery laminated floors or wet surface.

Some buyers did say the Velcro straps chaffed their dog's legs causing irritation and even raw spots in rare cases. As with most of the best socks for dogs, you'll also find a few reviewers that were unhappy with the traction provided by this product. They were disappointed and said the socks did not live up to the claims made by the company.


  • Coated with soft rubber
  • Made of high-quality material that is durable and comfortable
  • Available in sizes XXS to Large
  • Comes with 4 Velcro straps to secure the socks to your dog's paws

  • Velcro straps chaffed a dog's legs causing some irritation
  • Not the best for traction


5 Petego Traction Control Socks for Dogs

Elderly or ailing pet dogs need utmost attention, and what better way to do this than by protecting them against slippery surfaces. The Petego Traction Control Socks for dogs will help make wobbly steps more stable and, thus, keep weak dogs from harm’s way.

Petego Traction Control Indoor Socks for Dogs,...
673 Reviews
Petego Traction Control Indoor Socks for Dogs,...
  • Non-slip traction indoor dog...
  • Durable knit fabric is...
  • Keeps dogs from sliding on...
  • Protects floors from scratches
  • Measures 2 inches;PLEASE REFR...

These socks are made from durable knit fabric which is very comfortable, easy to put on, and stylish. The paw print decals are not just for fashion, they’re actually for traction. More and more owners think this product looks exactly like baby socks!

They’re cute and functional, although we observe that they’re much shorter in length than the others on our list. Ailing dogs that have long wasted their life in a corner have somehow found the strength and grace to stand and move about again.

With socks of such unbelievable grip, dogs are now more confident that they will not fall with every step. Pet owners especially appreciate how a set of Petego Traction COntrol Socks for Dogs has significantly improved their dog’s quality of life. It must be mentioned that these socks work two-way – they protect the dog from slipping while also protecting floor surfaces and furniture from getting scratched or smeared.

The socks may look small, but they stretch and fit perfectly if correctly sized. However, some buyers said they were not suitable for very large dogs. Reviewers also stated that pets with long nails could easily rip holes in the ends of these socks.


  • Made from durable knit fabric
  • Paw print decals on the bottom of each sock provide traction
  • May look small, but they stretch and fit perfectly if correctly sized

  • Much shorter in length than the other socks for dogs on this list
  • Not suitable for large dogs
  • Pets with long nails could easily rip holes in the ends of these socks

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