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How to Measure A Dog for Boots – A Step By Step Guide


A lot of pet owners think dog boots are just a cute fashion statement. Did you know that they are actually very beneficial for protecting the sensitive pads of your pooch's feet? Dog boots are also a great aid for pets that need help gaining traction on slippery surfaces. Learning how to measure a dog for boots is a must in order to get the correct size.

If you've been under the impression that your dog's feet are tough enough to withstand almost anything, you're sadly mistaken. While this also has a lot to do with the region that you live in, there are lots of opportunities for your dog's feet to get hurt when he's playing outdoors.

Rough terrain, ice and snow, rocks, sticks and other debris can all cut into the pads of a dog's feet. Hot asphalt could also burn the pads, resulting in a lot of pain and costly veterinary care. How about the chemicals that we use to melt ice and snow in the winter months? Those chemicals can not only damage the pads of the foot, they could also be licked off and ingested by your canine companion.

how to measure a dog for bootsIf you have a quality pair of dog boots for your Fido, you won't need to worry about any of this!

However, getting your dog used to his footwear may be a bit of a challenge, whether it's dog booties, dog socks or anything else you put on his paws.

The best you thing you can do is to learn how to measure a dog for boots properly. This will ensure the proper dog booties fit, which will make Fido's transition much easier.

Boots that are too loose will slip out of place or may even fall off. Think of how you would feel if your boots were sliding around while you were walking. Pretty uncomfortable, right?

Of course, if the boots are too tight that won't be very comfortable either. It may reduce circulation to the paws or cause chaffing and skin irritation. Buying boots that fit your dog properly will make the adjustment period much shorter. Your dog will be comfortable, which means he'll warm up to the idea of wearing boots a lot more quickly.

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How To Measure A Dog for Boots

How To Measure A Dog for Boots

Learning how to measure a dog for boots is very simple. With just two quick measurements you'll be able to find the perfect pair of kicks for your pup.

First, you'll need to measure the circumference of the paw. This can be easily done with a fabric tape measure. You'll need to measure the widest part of the paw. As I demonstrate in my video guide above, you don't want to measure down by the toes or up by the ankle.

At the widest point of the paw, wrap the fabric tape measure around to get your reading. This is the circumference of the paw, which is how wide the boots will need to be.

You're also going to need to know the length of the boots. This will depend on your own personal preferences and what the boots will be used for. Will your dog be wading through deep snow? Is he going to be walking through deep puddles or trudging through mud?

how to measure a dog for bootsSome owners prefer boots that come half-way up the leg or higher. If you're just trying to protect the pads of the feet from hot asphalt or ice melting chemicals, they won't need to be that long. In this case, you'll be able to get away with boots that come just above the ankle, like the rain boots that I have for my dog (which you can see in the picture to the right).

Measure from the tip of your dog's toes up his leg to the desired height of the boots. While you may not be able to find boots that are exactly this height, it will give you an idea of the length that you're looking for. Having this information will make it easier to choose the proper length when you're looking at the available products in the pet store or online.

One more quick tip that I want to share – bring your dog with you while shopping if it's possible. This is a great tip no matter what type of doggy attire you're shopping for, but it's especially important when it comes to boots.

Because every dog is different and all paws are shaped a bit differently, it's impossible for manufacturers to make boots that will meet the needs of every dog. It may take some shopping around to find a style that fits your dog well and is comfortable for him to wear during a long walk or hike.

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How to Measure A Dog for Boots – A Step By Step Guide


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