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Top 13 Best Dog Boots for Winter


Some pet owners may not consider dog booties as a necessity in most situations. But while senior pets and working dogs need dog shoes for traction and paw protection, most pets in cold weather could benefit from the best dog boots for winter when they spends any amount of time outside during the coldest months of the year.

The Best Dog Boots for WinterDog boots will protect your dog's feet from frozen terrain and ice that could cut the pads of his paws. They will also keep him protected from harsh chemicals that we use to melt ice and snow. Did you know that these chemicals can eat away at the pads of your dog's paws and leech into his system resulting in long term health effects and damage to his paws?

Of course, winter dog boots can also protect your pet from the harsh cold and weather elements. The best dog boots for winter should be waterproof and insulated. This way they'll keep your pooch's paws warm and dry when the snow piles up.

Dog winter boots are also ideal for senior pets that have trouble with traction issues, and many veterinarians advise pet owners of senior dogs to ensure not only to wear dog boots but other winter wear items as well. As dogs age, their muscles weaken. It may benefit your senior dog to wear doggy boots with a good tread on the bottom to prevent sliding on the ice and snow.

In this article we discuss choosing the best dog boots for winter, how to select the right pair for your pet and what features matter the most. Here is a look at our top five picks for the best dog boots for winter, and we'll discuss all 13 options in detail below:

Winter Dog Boots Price Quality Rating
My Busy Dog Water Resistant Shoes $$$ A 5 stars
Muttluks Reflective 4 Boots $$ A 5 stars
Ultra Paws Rugged Boot $$ B 4 half stars
Petacc Dog Boots Water Resistant Shoes $ B 4 half stars
Winsoon Dog Australia Boots $ C 4 stars

* Click on the best dog boots for winter brand for more information and prices, or scroll below for more details.

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Choosing the best dog winter boots for your Fido

We have previously written about the major health benefits that majority of dog shoes provide for dogs and their owners. You can read the article on Choosing Dog Footwear. If you're looking to learn what the best dog boots for winter are, you probably already have a reason to get a set.

best dog boots for winterRemember, traditional boots that are made for aesthetic purposes or waterproof rain boots aren't going to cut it. Dog boots for winter need to be warm. Look for a pair that are insulated and waterproof.

When choosing footwear for a dog, measuring your pet's paws is essential (here's a video on how to measure a dog for boots). Not all dog paws are shaped the same and certainly not all dog shoes will fit. You can't always trust what is written on the Amazon dog boots page.

Just because a pair of boots says it will fit a Saint Bernard doesn't mean they actually will.

Dog boots come in all different sizes and styles, and it's important to find a set that will fit properly and be comfortable for your dog. It's also vital to find dog boots that stay on while walking, and that cannot be said of every available pair.

ADVICE VIDEO: How to Put Boots on a Dog

What Are the Best Dog Boots for Winter?
top 13 best dog winter boots that are warm & durable

1My Busy Dog Water Resistant Shoes

My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog ShoesMy Busy Dog has created these shoes that are made of sturdy fabric and treaded rubber for full-paw protection. It has great traction whether on ice, concrete, or forest ground. The sole is durably stitched, not glued, to the fabric. Reflective Velcro straps keep the boots securely in place and add to the dog’s visibility.

You’d be happy to know that care was given to meticulously produce these boots in different sizes with very small variations. You can find the perfectly-sized pair of My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes for your dog by being extra careful in measuring its paw size. These boots come in eight different sizes from 1.5” to 3.25” in minute increments of 0.2”-0.35”.

Very few dog boots have treads on the soles, and that gives these best dog boots for winter an edge over others. If there’s one thing that we would want improved, it’s the height of the cuff because it’s a tad short. It would be easier to secure the boots with the Velcro if the cuff went higher up the dewclaws. Overall, this is one great product – it sure beats having to wipe your dog’s feet after every walk.


  • Available in 4 colors and 8 sizes
  • Made of sturdy fabric and treaded rubber
  • Sole is durably stitched, not glued, to the fabric
  • Equipped with a reflective strap

  • As with any of the best dog boots for winter, there are reviews from owners who say that these doggy shoes did not fit their pet well
  • The height of the cuff is shorter than some buyers wanted, and they said it would be easier to secure the boots if they went up higher on the leg

Dog winter boots reviews from pet owners: “I purchased these shoes for my yellow lab Cody, who suffers from a skin condition that makes his skin (especially his paws) extremely sensitive. The skin around his pads will slough off and bleed if I let…”


2Muttluks Reflective 4 Boots

Muttluks Reflective 4 Dog BootsMuttluks makes these reflective dog boots that have soles made of genuine leather, leg cuffs made of stretchable nylon, and inner lining made of fleecy material. The boots are in an attractive black-and-fuchsia color combination with reflective straps and high stretchy cuffs. This high-cuff design adds to the boots’ tight but comfortable fit. There are four sizes starting from XS to XXL. Large sizes can be difficult to find, but Muttluks have them for as big as 4.75” paw size.

These best dog boots for winter have a tight hold on the paw. We’ve come across a lot of shoe brands that are very well made but they usually have one flaw – they come off pretty easily and would often get lost in the snow before your dog has made full use of them. If your dog’s shoes are like that, you’ve got to try Muttluks Reflective 4 Dog Boots. We think that it’s the extra length of the sock-like cuff that makes the Velcro in these boots work so much better.

Since the soles are leather, they take on dog abuse really well. It won’t surprise us if you find them in great shape after several seasons of unending running and playing in the snow. These best dog boots for winter are even machine washable!


  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Soles are made of genuine leather, leg cuffs are made of stretchable nylon and the inner lining is made of fleecy, warm material
  • High-cuff design
  • Equipped with a reflective strap
  • Machine washable

  • Some dog owners who purchased these boots had a hard time getting them onto their dog's paws
  • As with any of the boots on this list, some reviewers complain that these do not stay on well

Dog winter boots reviews from pet owners: “Even though these are expensive, they really work well and do not come off as long as you put them on correctly. I have a miniature poodle who loves to play in the snow, but unfortunately the snow loves…”


3Ultra Paws Rugged Boot

Ultra Paws Rugged Dog BootUltra Paws Rugged Dog Boots are made of 100-denier nylon fabric with PVC material for the toe and recycled tire for the sole. Each boot has two Velcro straps to fasten it securely. There are four sizes and three color combinations to choose from. It’s important to do proper sizing to ensure comfort and protection of your dog’s paws. The sole is anti-skid and is highly suited for rugged conditions.

Pets need a little getting used to with these best dog boots for winter, but once they get the hang of it, we think they’re happier playing outdoors with their paws cushioned by Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boot. You’d be happier, too, knowing that they’re safe from sharp objects, snow salt chemicals, and the like.

The loop at the back of the boot does a lot in keeping this thing snug and securely in place. Other boots don’t have that small detail and it makes a lot of difference. The rubber sole is quite thick and really insulates from extreme heat or cold. We would have preferred the soles to have treads like My Busy Dog, but its absence is not such a huge deal breaker.


  • Available in 4 sizes and 3 colors
  • Made of 100-denier nylon fabric with PVC material for the toe and recycled tire for the sole
  • Equipped with two Velcro straps for secure fastening

  • As with any of the best dog boots for winter, there are reviews from owners who say that these doggy shoes did not fit their pet well
  • Some disappointed consumers say the rigid sole of the boots rubbed on their pet's paw until they were raw

Dog winter boots reviews from pet owners: “My 1-year-old German Shepherd has never worn boots, nor likes anyone touching her feet. So, putting these boots on for the first time took a bit, as I had to treat her after each completion. I allowed her to hop around…”


4Petacc Dog Boots Water Resistant Shoes for Large Dogs

Petacc Dog Boots Water Resistant Dog Shoes for Large DogsThese best dog boots for winter are perfect for pets that are always up and about. The soles of these shoes by Petacc are made of flexible PVC, which is ideal in protecting paws from hot concrete and unkind terrains. The double Velcro straps make fastening and adjusting very easy. They’re also reflective so you’d have no problem spotting your dog at night.

We like the fact that these boots have treads considering their cheaper price point. This traction makes Petacc Dog Boots Water Resistant Dog Shoes for Large Dogs functional for indoor use as well, to prevent pets from skidding on tiled floors and to protect car interiors or home upholstery from sharp paws.

Unlike My Busy Dog boots, Petacc boots are not made of rubber so their traction is significantly less even with the treaded texture. The boots are not so well-lined inside and may cause discomfort to your pet’s paws. Socks can be added to cushion the paws. The size chart has recommended sizes based on breed and paw width and length, but we suggest that you base your order on the measurement of paw width and length.


  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Made of flexible PVC
  • Double Velcro
  • Equipped with reflective straps 
  • Wide split seam top opening makes it easy to put these boots on your pet

  • Traction is significantly less than that of boots with rubber soles
  • Not well lined, so you may need to fit your dog with socks in order to make him comfortable while wearing these best dog boots for winter

Dog winter boots reviews from pet owners: “Got these for my Lab mix. She's about 50lbs. She irritates her paws a lot with allergies from the backyard, and constant licking – so what a lifesaver!!! These are a size 5 and they fit her…”


5Winsoon Dog Australia Boots

Winsoon Dog Australia BootsWinsoon boots are specially-made for small dogs, and we mean really small dogs. The insole for XL, which is the biggest size, measures only 1.85” wide and 2.09” long. The sole is made of rubber, while the outer part is made of a water-resistant material and lined with wooly fabric inside. Your dogs will undoubtedly love these paw-warmers and best dog boots for winter in one.

Sizing is critical for dog footwear, but more so for really small paws. You may find the size guide for Winsoon Dog Australia Boots not very helpful. For instance, how would you distinguish between 1.77” and 1.61” on your tape measure? For practical purposes, you may convert the given measurement from inches to centimeters (multiply by 2.54) and use the side of your tape measure that gives centimeters. The converted numbers would be easier to use, such as: 1.77” = 4.5 cm, 1.61” = 4 cm, 1.26” = 3.2 cm.

You’d find these best dog boots for winter to be the solution to your pup’s winter dilemma, that is, snow can be both fun and frustrating. Too much cold could hurt their paws as much as the scorching concrete road would. If you measured correctly, then you’d find this boot very snug yet very comfortable, too. The strap keeps it tight and safe from falling off. Too bad they don’t make this boot for bigger dogs.


  • Specially made for small small dog's delicate feet
  • Sole is made of rubber and outside is made of water-resistant material
  • Lined with warm, wooly fabric

  • Only made for small breeds – The insole for XL size measures only 1.85” wide and 2.09” long
  • The measurements are very difficult to decipher, as there is such a small difference in the available sizes

Dog winter boots reviews from pet owners: “Taking my furbaby out to do her business in subzero weather in Northern Minnesota was very discouraging when I had to see that, not even a minute later, she was lifting up her paws and tucking them tightly to…”


6HiPaw Breathable Dual Mesh Soft Sole Boots

HiPaw Breathable Dual Mesh Soft Sole Dog BootsHiPaw Breathable Dual Mesh Soft Sole Dog Boots are the best choice if you notice that your dog is visibly uncomfortable with the more rigid types of boots. The soles of these boots are highly flexible. They’re soft, water-resistant, and non-slip. The upper part is made of double-mesh fabric which provides ample cover without compromising ventilation and freedom of movement.

HiPaw Breathable Dual Mesh Soft Sole Dog Boots are obviously designed for dogs that can’t be limited in their high-action adventure whatever the weather. It gains high acceptance and adaptability from these dogs because it does not restrain them so much. The mesh top makes this perfect for hot climate because it prevents the boots from overheating.

These best dog boots for winter have a nice firm stretch to it. The cuff is high, and it’s like a sock that comfortably hugs the dog’s leg. The idea here it seems is that the flexible materials tightly enfold the paws and the part near the dog’s wrist and hock without causing discomfort. In fact, below the cuff and underneath the Velcro is an elastic band that helps keep the shoes firmly on.


  • Available in 5 sizes and 3 colors
  • Highly flexible soles, which are better suited for dogs that don't like traditional boots with rigid rubber soles
  • Equipped with elastic straps to keep them in place

  • A few negative reviews state that the material is not durable and doesn't hold up well
  • As with any of the best dog boots for winter, there are reviews from owners who say that these doggy shoes did not fit their pet well

Dog winter boots reviews from pet owners: “Perfect for hot asphalt and sidewalks and dirt in Tucson in the middle of summer. Not that my dog enjoyed wearing them – he tried his best to get them off, but think he realized it was for the best the…”


7Lonsuneer Paw Protector Boots

Lonsuneer Paw Protector Dog BootsLonsuneer dog boots are made from water-resistant oxford fabric for the upper part, soft material for the inner lining, and flexible material with good traction for the sole. These boots are similar to the HiPaw boots in flexibility. They’re great protective cover for different climates and environment, and they also work as covering for bandaged paws or as deterrent from paw-biting.

These shoes have generous sizing. Measure your dog’s paw carefully while keeping in mind that these shoes run on the big side. If you erred on the sizing and bought a bigger size instead, you can make your dog wear socks before the shoes. Socks, though, would add to the heat and reduce breathability, but that should not be a problem in cold regions. The soles of the Lonsuneer Paw Protector Dog Boots are heat-resistant and waterproof, but don’t let your dog soak this in puddle or slush as the whole shoe is not waterproof.

Dogs tolerate these shoes so well, and the only reason we see could be flexibility – they bend with your dog’s every foot movement. And they don’t get loose easily even after a lengthy, high-adrenalin run. Just make sure to strap the Velcro real tight so they’d stay put.


  • Available in 5 sizes and 3 colors
  • Outside is made from water-resistant oxford fabric
  • Skid-proof and flexible soles
  • Soles are heat-resistant and waterproof

  • Not waterproof
  • Be careful when measuring, as the sizing of these best dog boots for winter runs big
  • Some reviewers were disappointed that the Velcro did not stay tightly closed

Dog winter boots reviews from pet owners: “These boots really proved themselves when my dog had surgery on her toe and couldn't get it wet for several weeks. They are definitely waterproof so you don't want to leave them on too long to…”


8Petacc Dog Shoes Waterproof Boots

Petacc Dog Shoes Waterproof Dog BootsFinally, Petacc came up with high-top style dog boots that reach up to your dog’s wrists and hocks. The extra length provides more coverage and firmer hold of your dog’s feet. It has thick fleecy lining, high knitted cuff, anti-skid rubber soles, and two Velcro straps to fasten the black knitted part and the red lower part. These look like exactly what a dog needs for winter frolicking.

With all these insulating materials, your dog’s feet would be warm and toasty even in freezing temperatures. The sole of the Petacc Dog Shoes Waterproof Dog Boots also has good traction for rugged and rocky trails, and would do well for hiking and climbing. We don’t recommend this for hot climate zones, especially for prolonged use, because the high-top design and the heat-retaining quality of the materials can be too much for your dog.

These best dog boots for winter are very well made and priced reasonably. It goes much farther up the feet than most dog boots do – which is both good and bad. The good is obvious and we’ve belabored that point already. The bad is that dogs seem to be disturbed by the extra height and do their best to pull or kick it off.


  • Available in 3 sizes
  • High-top style reaches over the dog's wrists and hocks
  • Polar fleece lining adds warmth during cold winter months
  • Equipped with reflective straps

  • Not waterproof
  • Some buyers complain that these best dog boots for winter are difficult to put on your dog's feet
  • Be careful while measuring, as some reviewers say the sizing runs small

Dog winter boots reviews from pet owners: “The quality of this boot is notable; the material and seams are durable and resilient in the face of consistent tugging and stretching. However, I don't believe they're well designed. The bottom of the leg…”


9Moolecole Winter Warm Plush Lined Pet Boots

Moolecole Winter Warm Plush Lined Pet BootsThese brown Moolecole winter shoes look like miniature human baby boots and are irresistibly cute. They’re made of sturdy outer material with nice wooden bone detail and solid stitching. They have good-traction soles, thick fleecy lining, and adjustable Velcro straps. There are five sizes and three lovely colors available, but bear in mind that the sizes run on the small side because of the thick plush lining. In fact, this model and brand probably has the smallest boot size which is quite unbelievable at 1.37”x1.06”.

Figuring out the correct size for your dog can be quite tricky, especially with the given decimal measurements in inches. Granting that you’ve got the decimals figured out, make sure that you measure for Moolecole Winter Warm Plush Lined Pet Boots including the nails.

These shoes are not the flexible type, so there won’t be any give on the toe part. If in doubt, get the next bigger size. The size increments are so minute that it’s almost impossible to detect the difference between two adjacent sizes just by looking at them. Apart from that difficulty, this is a great set of dog shoes which your dog would find comfort and warmth in.


  • Available in 5 sizes and 3 colors
  • Thick plush lining keeps the paws warm
  • Anti-slip sole
  • Adjustable Velcro strap

  • Thick plush lining makes the sizing run small
  • Sizing can be quite tricky, because the measurements are listed in inches with decimals and the gap in sizes is very small
  • Some buyers complain that these best dog boots for winter are difficult to put on your dog's feet

Dog winter boots reviews from pet owners: “SO hard to get on my dogs feet. She also believed they were toys and chewed the little wooden bone off the front….”


10Paw4D Waterproof Wear-resisting Shoes

Paw4D Waterproof Wear-resisting Dog ShoesThe material used for Paw4D dog shoes is the same as those used in wetsuits, so you can expect these dog shoes to be soft, slick, flexible, water-repelling, and heat-retaining. They have a unique slanted-opening design that allows the upper part to fold down. With this design, getting your dog’s paws inside the shoes becomes less of a struggle. That slanted part also integrates the two Velcro straps that fasten from the inner diagonal flap and around.

The flexibility of the upper material and the high-traction of the rubber soles make these boots really versatile. Paw4D Waterproof Wear-resisting Dog Shoes look like they’ll last a while, and since they are the all-weather type, you’d get your money’s worth before the year begins another round of the seasons.

As with the other best dog boots for winter, you’d have to spend some time in taking meticulous measurements and picking the correct size. The paw tip part flexes slightly for comfort but you still need to have the correct size to start with because the sole, which is sturdy, extends to the front. The double wraparound Velcro secures the boot and also adds visibility because of its reflective quality.


  • Made withe the same material as wet suits, making them water-repellent and heat-retaining
  • Equipped with 2 Velcro straps for secure fastening
  • High traction rubber soles

  • As with any of the best dog boots for winter, there are reviews from owners who say that these doggy shoes did not fit their pet well
  • Some buyers claim the sizing runs small, so they encourage you to measure precisely before ordering

Dog winter boots reviews from pet owners: “I would imagine that dog boots are somewhat like human boots for proper fit. These boots did not fit my dog and fell off after she ran 250 yards. They were sized properly according to the…”


11Colorfulhouse Dog Australia Winter Warm Boots

Colorfulhouse Dog Australia Winter Warm BootsThese best dog boots for winter are made for warming and protecting small paws. The smallest size is 1.57”Lx1.18”W, while the largest is 2.36”Lx1.97”W. The sole of these boots from Colorfulhouse is made of rubber and has nice treads.

The furry inner material lines the whole interior and does a great job of providing warmth and softness to tired paws. The instep and the upper surface are of the same continuous material which opens at the heel part of the boots. This makes wearing the boots a non-task. This opening and the whole boot are secured by a Velcro strap.

These shoes stay on nicely and securely, just make sure to fasten the Velcro tightly at the heel first before securing at the front. The Velcro at the back loosens when fastened tight only at the front, and this has usually been the culprit for lost boots. Overall, pet owners have been very happy with Colorfulhouse Dog Australia Winter Warm Dog Boots.

We found the furry lining material attracting snow, like a dog’s fur does, but the outer material is snow-proof and water-proof. This is a good product overall, and your dog sure would have a great outdoor time wearing it. Just be sure to allow at least 0.5” size variance instead of just 0.1”.


  • Available in 5 sizes and 4 colors
  • Rubber soles with tread to prevent slipping
  • V-shaped opening in the back makes it easy to put these boots on your pet

  • Some pet owners say that the Velcro on these boots does not stay fastened like it should
  • Buyers say they are not suitable for large breed dogs, as the biggest size only measures 2.36 inches long and 1.97 inches long

Dog winter boots reviews from pet owners: “These are the best boots. They actually stay on! They also have hoed up for two years. My poodle does not seem to mind them. They function and look like people boots. They are definitely…”


12Urbest Detachable Closure Puppy Shoes

Urbest Detachable Closure Puppy Dog ShoesThe Urbest dog shoes are small boots and, for once, they’ve got the sizes in centimeters. That should make measuring easier because the decimals are actually represented in the centimeter tape measure by fine line markings. In the inches tape measure, the fine line markings don’t represent the decimal value so you end up guesstimating.

The measuring instructions are also very clear. These shoes are lightweight and are made of rubber and plush material. A Velcro strap fastens each shoe securely.

The first thing that you’ll notice in these boots is its price – compared to other dog shoes, it’s quite inexpensive. Dogs wearing shoes for the first time would take probably one day to get used to these best dog boots for winter, but dogs that have worn shoes before visibly take to Urbest Detachable Closure Puppy Dog Shoes fairly quick. We attribute that to the relative lightness of these shoes. They won’t weigh your dogs down in their high-action fun, and dogs notice that.

The front flap has a way of folding down over the Velcro, obviously due to the soft quality of the material, but it doesn’t cause any problem. If properly worn and fastened, the shoes stay on very well. These shoes are available from size 3.8 cm x 3.2 cm to size 5.9 cm x 5 cm.


  • Available in 5 sizes and 3 colors
  • Made of a warm plush material with a rubber sole
  • Velcro strap for secure fastening

  • Due to the soft material of the boots, the top tends to fold down over the Velcro fasteners
  • Multiple reviewers say that the sizing of these boots runs small, so they recommend ordering one size larger than you think you need

Dog winter boots reviews from pet owners: “My 6.5lbs toy puddle started to dislike going outside do do her business in a sub zero weather here in Wisconsin, only after 1 or 2 minutes her feet would get so cold she would stop walking and stand on…”


13Tzou Puppy Cotton Winter Snow Warm Walking Boots

Tzou Puppy Cotton Blend Winter Snow Warm Walking BootsTzou Puppy winter boots curiously look very similar to the Urbest shoes, but they’re in different sizes. The smallest measures 4 cm x 3.5 cm while the largest size measures 6.2 cm x 5.3 cm with three other sizes in between. These shoes are lightweight, soft, and protective. They fasten with Velcro straps which keep them from falling off and getting lost.

It’s normal for your dog to take awkward steps with these boots at first, but give him or her time to get the hang of it. As soon as dogs realize that the cold snow doesn’t hurt their paw pads anymore, or that the hard concrete road doesn’t burn as it used to, they’d start looking at Tzou Puppy Cotton Blend Winter Snow Warm Walking Boots differently.

The outer material isn’t really waterproof, although it repels some snow. Nevertheless, it’s adequate for keeping the cold, as well as chemical salts, off your dog’s paws. There’s a cottony lining inside but not overly warm, the type your dog would want to wear during summer or in warmers zones.


  • Lightweight
  • Treads on the soles help to prevent slipping
  • Soft liner keeps paws comfortable and warm

  • Only available in one size – Length 3.5cm and Width 2.5cm
  • Not waterproof
  • Not suitable for medium or large-sized dogs

Dog winter boots reviews from pet owners: “Received them earlier than expected! These are great for 5 pound chihuahuas!…”

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