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Never Worry About Losing Dog Boots Again

Never Worry About Losing Dog Boots Again

Dogs wear boots for a number of reasons. Sometimes the issue is due to rough terrain, hot sand, snow and ice, or some other environmental issue, and other times it is because of a medical condition with their paws. If your pooch has ever been made to wear boots you probably know all too well how easy it is to lose a dog boot in your travels.

Canine Care Products’ innovative new device, The Snuggly Boot Suspender System, is the only paw protection system of its kind on the dog product market. It all started because of a very special Sheltie named Snickers. Sadly Snickers was paralyzed due to the effects of a toxic topical tick medication that has since been taken off pet store shelves.

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After three weeks of round the clock medical care from veterinarians at the University of Florida’s Small Animal Veterinary Hospital, Snickers was alive but he had lost the use of his back legs. His doctors recommended frequent walks to help rebuild the muscles in his hind end. This posed one problem; dragging his back legs on the ground peeled the two pads off of Snickers’ hind legs, exposing the bare flesh.

Never Worry About Losing Dog Boots Again
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Dragging his legs also tore his toe nails off, and, due to the blood thinners he was on, they bled profusely and would not heal. His owners didn’t know what to do. Snickers’ back legs couldn’t heal without multiple daily walks, but his paws would never heal if he went for those frequent walks.

His owners could not find any dog products on the market that would give Snickers the help he needed, so they decided to invent it. His dad used a pair of men’s suspenders to fashion a device with clips on all four ends of the elastic straps and one additional strap that attached to Snickers’ collar.

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The four ends with clips held the socks in place that were covering the dog’s paws. It worked! After some trial and error with different socks and dog boots he finally found a combination that worked. The system kept Snickers’ paws covered for three weeks.

The bandages stayed in place, Snickers couldn’t lick or chew his paws, and eventually they healed completely. Now the product has been developed into a suspender system that is custom made to fit the canine body and be comfortable for long term use.

Not only can this product be used on dogs with mobility issues like paralysis and arthritis, but it’s also great for dogs that are having health issues with their paws and need to keep them covered. The Snuggly Boot Suspender System protects your dog’s paws and supports their joints at the same time.

SOURCECanine Care Products
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